18 Fun Word Games Like Wordle to Play When You’re Bored

Word games have seen a huge resurgence in popularity lately, thanks in large part to the viral success of Wordle. The simple yet addictive daily word puzzle has inspired many fans to seek out similar word-based games to enjoy.

If you love Wordle but want to mix up your daily word game routine, there are plenty of fun and engaging options to choose from. From creative spin-offs of Wordle itself to entirely different takes on word puzzling, these games provide a mental challenge while keeping gameplay fun and lighthearted.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 18 of the best word games like Wordle that you can play when bored or looking for a quick brain teaser.

An Overview of Wordle and Its Appeal

For those unfamiliar, Wordle is a web-based word puzzle game created by software engineer Josh Wardle. Players are presented with a five-letter word to guess within six tries. After each guess, the letters change color to indicate if they are correct and in the right spot (green), correct but in the wrong spot (yellow), or not in the word at all (gray).

The appeal of Wordle lies in its simplicity mixed with just the right amount of strategy required. There is only one puzzle per day, so everyone is solving the same word. This facilitates easy sharing of results without spoilers. The gameplay mechanics are easy to grasp but still challenge users to flex their vocabulary muscles.

Wordle exploded in popularity in early 2022 and was eventually purchased by The New York Times. It continues to be a daily habit for many word puzzle enthusiasts.

Now let’s explore some games that can provide a similar mental challenge and enjoyment for word lovers:

1. Dordle

Dordle puts a fresh spin on the Wordle format by having users guess two five-letter words at the same time. Instead of six guesses, there are seven, but the catch is that guesses have to work for both words.

This exciting twist amps up the challenge factor significantly. It forces you to consider multiple solution paths and adds more deductive logic and reasoning into the solving process. Like Wordle, there is only one puzzle per day, and the level of difficulty adjusts based on your performance.


  • Doubles the challenge and brain power required
  • Provides a new puzzle daily like Wordle
  • Difficulty adjusts based on player’s skill level


  • Increased difficulty may frustrate some players
  • Require more time to complete each day

Best for: People who find regular Wordle too easy or want an additional challenge in their daily word puzzle routine.

2. Quordle

Quordle presents users with four five-letter words to guess instead of just one. You get nine guesses to work out all four words. Each guess applies to all four words, with the letters changing color across four mini grids.

This quadruples the Wordle format in a fun way! Coming up with guesses that help narrow down multiple words at once involves next-level strategizing. From process of elimination to using clues from identified letters, Quordle keeps your brain actively engaged.


  • A bigger challenge than standard Wordle
  • Daily puzzles increase replay value
  • Provides a mental workout with four words to juggle


  • Can be time consuming to complete each day
  • Increased difficulty from managing four words

Best for: Word game enthusiasts looking for a more intense daily challenge.

3. Octordle

As you may have guessed, Octordle takes the Wordle format up another notch by having users guess eight five-letter words simultaneously. You get 13 guesses to work out all eight words. Just like Quordle, each guess applies across all eight word grids.

If tackling four words was hard enough, eight words is hardcore! Octordle requires next-level deducing, inductive reasoning, and strategic guessing. How you approach guessing becomes extremely important with so many solutions to uncover. Those looking for a serious test of vocabulary skills will love these brain-busting puzzles.


  • The ultimate challenge for hardcore Wordle lovers
  • Daily puzzles keep the game interesting
  • Eight grids require intense focus and mental dexterity


  • Very time consuming to play each day
  • Extreme difficulty may not suit casual players

Best for: Die-hard word puzzle enthusiasts seeking an intense daily challenge.

4. Hello Wordl

For those who don’t love time pressure or guess limits, check out Hello Wordl. Each puzzle still involves deducing a five-letter word. However, there are unlimited guesses and no time restrictions.

This relaxed approach allows you to take as long as needed to work through the word logically. For each guess, you’ll see a percentage match indicating how many letters are correct and in the right spot. Over time and guesses, you methodically narrow down possibilities.


  • Unlimited guesses reduce time pressure
  • Percentage match hints encourage logic-based deducing
  • Daily puzzle availability


  • May not appeal to fans of timed challenges
  • Less competitive without guess limits

Best for: Players who prefer a calm, methodical approach to word puzzles without constraints.

5. Absurdle

For a completely different spin, try out the unique Absurdle. Instead of selecting a word for you to uncover, Absurdle dynamically chooses its “solution” word after each of your guesses – specifically selecting the word that will be hardest for you to get based on your previous guesses.

This means you are up against a computer opponent that is actively trying to outsmart you! Absurdle challenges you to think through all of the possibilities to logically deduct the solution. With endless guesses, you battle the app as it keeps changing the word to stay one step ahead of you.


  • Adds competitive element against the app itself
  • Novel twist makes gameplay unpredictable
  • Endless guesses allow you to go at your own pace


  • Lack of a defined solution can get tedious
  • Difficulty depends entirely on the app’s countermoves

Best for: Puzzle lovers who want a true battle of wits against an AI opponent.

6. Lewdle

If you enjoy raunchy humor, Lewdle offers an adult-themed spin on Wordle. The gameplay is the same, but all of the solutions are explicit words not suitable for polite company. There are unlimited daily puzzles to complete.

Beyond providing laughs, Lewdle also serves as an entertaining vocabulary challenge. Most people don’t utter these solutions out loud regularly, so guessing them successfully requires diving deep into your knowledge of “bad” words. Give your brain a dirty workout!


  • Unlimited number of adult word puzzles
  • Provides a humorous word challenge
  • Expands raunchy vocabulary knowledge


  • Adult content may offend some players
  • Less family friendly for group play

Best for: Those who appreciate raunchy humor and want a laugh while flexing their naughty vocabulary skills.

7. Sweardle

Along the same lines as Lewdle, Sweardle specifically focuses on guessing five-letter cuss words. The gameplay works just like Wordle with six guesses for each puzzle. The “solutions” are all vulgar words and phrases.

For people who appreciate cursing and vulgarity, Sweardle provides a fun humorous opportunity to laugh while testing out blue vocabulary skills. Share the naughty puzzle results with like-minded friends for extra laughs.


  • Daily vulgar word puzzles deliver laughs
  • Tests knowledge of curse words specifically
  • Easy sharing of funny results with friends


  • Adult content unsuitable for children
  • Smaller solution word bank

Best for: Adults who want some vulgar humor and blue vocabulary practice in their word gaming.

8. Crosswordle

Crosswordle combines aspects of Wordle and daily crossword puzzles for a fun mix. Each six-guess word puzzle is presented in the shape of a small crossword. Guesses fill in across and down just like a standard crossword.

Letter colors change after each guess just like in Wordle to help narrow down which words belong where. Logic and reasoning are required to deduce the intersecting words that fit the pattern. Crossword and Wordle fans will appreciate this creative mash-up.


  • Merges aspects of crosswords and Wordle
  • Only one daily puzzle
  • Logical reasoning required to complete hybrid word game


  • Small daily puzzle may leave some wanting more
  • Less competitiveness than standard Wordle

Best for: Fans of both Wordle and crosswords who want the best of both worlds.

9. Heardle

For music lovers, Heardle puts an audio spin on the Wordle formula. Instead of guessing words, you try to name a song based on its intro. You hear just the first second at first, then more clips as you get more guesses.

Think of it as Name That Tune combined with Wordle guessing mechanics. Music knowledge gets tested across genres in these fun timed audio challenges. Popular songs keep the guesses accessible but still competitive.


  • Innovative audio-based twist on Wordle
  • Appeals to music lovers
  • One new song puzzle daily
  • Tests music recognition skills


  • Lack of visual clues harder for some
  • Difficulty recognizing more obscure songs

Best for: Music enthusiasts wanting to flex their audible song knowledge.

10. Movieardle

In the same vein as Heardle, Movieardle challenges people to name a movie based on an audio clip of its soundtrack. The clips progressively get longer with each failed guess, revealing more of the distinctive music.

This tests just how quickly you can recognize iconic movie themes and scores. Cinephiles will love feeling their passion for films validated by guessing briskly. Even casual movie watchers will enjoy playing this unique trivia game.


  • Caters to movie lovers
  • Familiar film scores keep gameplay accessible
  • Provides fresh spin on Wordle formula
  • Daily new movie puzzles


  • More difficult with obscure movie soundtracks
  • Lack of visuals harder for some players

Best for: Movie buffs wanting a cool audio-based challenge.

11. Taylordle

Super fans of Taylor Swift will delight in Taylordle, a Wordle variant using Swift’s extensive discography. The lyrics you guess come from her catalog of hits dating back to 2006.

This special theme gives Swifties a personalized Wordle-style experience catered to their fandom. Casual listeners can play too, testing their knowledge of her iconic lyrics. It’s perfect for fans to geek out over Taylor trivia together!


  • Ideal for Taylor Swift fans
  • Lets players showcase Swift lyric knowledge
  • New lyric puzzle daily
  • Fosters fan community engagement


  • Niche appeal beyond Swift followers
  • Small solution word bank

Best for: Taylor Swift stans seeking a fandom-focused word guessing challenge.

12. Mathler

Mathler injects math into the classic Wordle format for a brainy twist. Instead of guessing words, you try to deduce the correct five digit number.

After each guess, numbers change color to indicate they are part of the solution but in the wrong place (yellow) or correctly placed (green). Math and number pattern lovers will eat up this battle of wits and numeracy. No language skills required!


  • Substitutes math for language
  • Highlights deductive reasoning abilities
  • Features new numeric puzzles daily
  • Engaging for math and logic fans


  • Not ideal for word lovers
  • Discourages less math-inclined players

Best for: Mathletes seeking to test their logic skills outside of a spelling context.

13. Survivle

Survivle combines Wordle gameplay with survival-based themes. Instead of generic five-letter words, all the solutions are related to survival, wilderness, and outdoors topics.

This special themed twist adds an element of gamification, as guessing each word earns you virtual tools and supplies to aid in wilderness survival. For outdoor enthusiasts or anyone into survival topics, these puzzles add an extra engaging layer.


  • Fun survival theme
  • Earns virtual tools for correct guesses
  • Specialized solution word bank
  • Daily new word puzzles


  • Niche topic doesn’t appeal to all
  • Small solution word bank

Best for: Nature and outdoor lovers seeking a themed Wordle spin.

14. Word Guess

Word Guess offers a pared down Wordle-inspired mobile game without bells and whistles. The simple interface lets you focus just on deducing the word itself.

With unlimited free guesses and no timing pressure, Word Guess offers a stress-free environment to flex vocabulary and logic muscles. Stats track your win rate as you go to add that competitive hook.


  • Unlimited free guesses
  • Stats tracking for motivation
  • Clean, simple interface
  • Ad-free mobile gameplay


  • Lacks features some may expect
  • Daily word reset costs money

Best for: Players who want a streamlined mobile Wordle variant they can play endlessly.

15. Word Master

Similar to Word Guess, Word Master delivers a straightforward Wordle-like mobile experience. Six rows for guessing eliminate endless scroll on a small screen.

Easy share features let you exchange results with friends. Consonant and vowel analysis after each guess helps strategize the next one. No frills or timers – just a pleasant daily five-letter word challenge.


  • Daily word puzzle play
  • Letter analysis aids deductive guessing
  • Share feature facilitates competition
  • Ad-free mobile gameplay


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  • No customizations or stats tracking
  • Limited word list

Best for: Mobile users desiring a simple daily Wordle fix with helpful letter analysis.

16. Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited lives up to its name by providing unlimited Wordle-style puzzles in a sleek app. Instead of one word per day, you get infinite games to hone your skills.

The difficulty selector lets you start out easy and work up to harder vocabulary. Clean design and helpful color coding make deciphering each word puzzle intuitive and engaging.


  • Unlimited word puzzles
  • Difficulty levels accommodate all skill levels
  • User-friendly mobile design
  • Ad-free gameplay


  • Daily word not included
  • Overwhelming for some users

Best for: Mobile fans who want endless on-demand Wordle gameplay with adjustable difficulty.

17. Knotwords

For a completely different type of word challenge, try daily puzzle game Knotwords. Instead of guessing a word itself, you gradually reconstruct scrambled words letter by letter.

The strategic crossword-style gameplay has you deducing which letters go in which positions across a grid. Hints help you narrow down letter placements without just guessing randomly. If you like untangling knotty words, these tough but entertaining puzzles deliver.


  • Gradual word deducting gameplay
  • Hints guide strategic letter placing
  • New knotty word daily
  • Adaptable difficulty levels


  • Learning curve to understand gameplay
  • Daily puzzle timing requirement

Best for: Patient puzzlers who enjoy deciphering and reconstructing words for a knotty challenge.

18. SpellTower

Lastly, SpellTower provides WORDle-style fun in a totally different mobile gaming package. Letters rise from the bottom as you swipe to form words, eliminating tiles before they reach the top.

With multiple gameplay modes, over 75,000 word puzzles, and adaptive difficulty, SpellTower delivers word game goodness in bite-sized daily challenges. The fast-paced races against the clock provide mental stimulation in an engaging arcade-style format.


  • Quick daily word challenges
  • Adapts difficulty to player skill
  • 75,000+ word puzzles
  • Engaging arcade-style mobile gameplay


  • Daily puzzles must be completed within allotted time
  • Less social sharing of results

Best for: Mobile fans wanting fast-paced daily word game excitement.

Give These Wordle Alternatives a Spin for More Word Gaming Fun

Part of Wordle’s appeal is its simplicity combined with one new puzzle per day format. However, even Wordle devotees need to mix up the routine sometimes.

The word game options covered here provide fresh takes on deductive word puzzles that can enhance vocabulary, increase knowledge on specialized topics, and deliver hearty helpings of fun.

From multi-Wordles to entirely different gameplay formats, these Wordle alternatives offer:

  • More challenge: Up the ante mentally by tackling multiple Wordles or entirely different approaches.
  • Special themes: Tailor puzzles to your interests with options like music, movies, survival, and more.
  • Humor: Seek laughs andvocabulary skills with adult-themed word puzzles full of vulgar solutions.
  • Quick bursts: Mobile options like SpellTower deliver word gaming in fast bite-sized gameplay.

No matter your preferred platform, skill level, or interests, these Wordle alternatives provide engaging new ways to embrace word gaming daily. Break out of the Wordle rut by taking something fresh for a spin today!

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