6 tips to create a Successful online business

What do these examples have in common? Who knew how to get ahead of others and use new technologies to their advantage. Today we are not going to talk about how to be the next Amazon – because it is very difficult and perhaps we do not know it – but what you must take into account to break it on digital platforms.

The first thing: add value

You will achieve nothing if your business – be it physical or online – does not add value to the market. What is your level of differentiation? Why would someone choose your product or brand? How would life change for them? Before the channels, there is what you sell. Do not forget this.

Become a master on the Internet

According to Hotmart, one of the keys is for the entrepreneur to use the Internet like a fish in water. In this sense, it is key that you are a regular user of social networks, that you are an influencer of your own product or service, that you have an online store and that you generate content for these new platforms. Keep in mind that Instagram and TikTok are key now, so you will surely have to be present to generate a community that – in the short or medium term – will become your main ally.

Know your audience and your market

According to Deloitte, 70% of digital businesses that fail do so because they are unaware of the market or public they are targeting. If your audience is adults over 80 in Colombia, internet penetration is likely to be minimal. That’s what we’re talking about: you have to know your buyer person: who will buy from you? How will he buy you? yes you are an internet user? What social networks do you frequent? This sounds obvious, but many entrepreneurs rely on their own tastes and habits to define the entire company strategy (and this is a serious mistake!)

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be digital

It is useless to have an online business if the payment platform requires a physical consignment or if the address takes months. Digital is fast and simple: make your business (and its user experience) unique.

Aim for omnichannel

When you have an online business, it is not enough to have a website or an Instagram account. You should think of different channels that may be of value to your user: WhatsApp Business? chatbots? LinkedIn? Twitter? Each social network or platform has its advantages. Think about your target audience and review which ones can be useful.

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Now, it is useless to have several channels disconnected from each other. Omnichannel ( having the channels connected under the same language and experience) is the present and the future. At KB: We are experts in this .

start today

Do you have an idea to apply dropshipping ? Or do you already have products or services to offer? Start today, do not delay the matter. It is likely that you have identified a market niche that needs to be exploited. Jump into the water, measure your efforts and investments and you will surely have very good results in the short or medium term.

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