ADP Workforce Now Review: Pros, Cons and Features for 2023

ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based human resources information system (HRIS) designed for mid-sized and large businesses. This comprehensive software aims to help companies manage payroll, benefits, talent, time and attendance.

With over 850,000 clients worldwide, ADP is a leading global provider of HCM solutions. Workforce Now is their flagship product integrating HR, payroll, benefits, recruiting, and more on a unified platform.

In this extensive review, we will examine the key features, modules, integrations, implementation, pricing, pros and cons of ADP Workforce Now. Let’s dive in.

Overview of ADP Workforce Now

Workforce Now is an end-to-end HCM solution combining HR, payroll, time, talent, and benefits administration on a single platform.

Key features include:

  • Payroll – Process payroll across multiple states and countries. Includes tax filing and payments.
  • Time & Attendance – Automate time tracking with schedule management and geofencing.
  • Benefits Administration – Manage, enroll and administer employee health and welfare benefits.
  • Talent Management – Recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning and succession planning.
  • HR Management – Maintain employee records, org charts, compliance and analytics.
  • Mobile Access – HR apps for employees and managers to access data.
  • Analytics – Real-time reports and dashboards for data-driven decisions.

The cloud software aims to simplify HR processes, improve compliance, engage employees and contain costs. It suits mid-market and enterprise companies with at least 50 employees.

Industries served include healthcare, financial services, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, professional services, education, government and non-profits.

Next, let’s examine the key modules and features of ADP Workforce Now.

Key Modules and Features of ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now has over 30 modules supporting end-to-end HR processes. Let’s overview the key components:

Payroll Management

The payroll module handles pay calculation, tax payments, direct deposits, garnishments and reporting. Key features include:

  • Payroll processing – Flexible pay frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly). Supports multiple pay types – hourly, salary, commissions, bonuses.
  • Tax management – Automates federal, state and local tax payments and filings. Supports tax levies, wage garnishments and attachments.
  • Global capabilities – Manages payroll across 60+ countries. Complies with local regulations and bank requirements.
  • Pay options – Supports direct deposit, paper checks, pay cards, electronic wallets.
  • Deductions – Manages voluntary and involuntary deductions like 401k, healthcare, union dues etc.
  • Reporting – Provides payroll analysis reports, wage statements, W-2s, 940s and 941s.

Benefits Administration

The benefits module helps companies manage, enroll and administer health insurance and voluntary benefits. Key features:

  • Benefits setup – Configure and manage multiple plan types like medical, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, 401k etc.
  • Open enrollment – Automates annual enrollment with online selection of plans.
  • Life events – Allow changes to benefits due to life events like marriage, divorce, childbirth.
  • Billing and payments – Generates premium invoices and automates payments to carriers.
  • COBRA – Simplifies compliance with COBRA for continuation of healthcare coverage.
  • HSA/FSA – Supports integration with Health Savings and Flexible Savings Accounts.
  • Reporting – Provides benefits analysis reports and ACA compliance reporting.

Talent Management

ADP helps organizations attract, develop and retain top talent. Talent management capabilities include:

  • Applicant tracking – Manage job requisitions, post openings online, screen and track candidates.
  • Onboarding – Automate new hire onboarding with electronic forms, workflows and checklists.
  • Performance management – Align employee goals, provide continuous feedback, conduct performance reviews.
  • Compensation planning – Make equitable pay decisions based on performance ratings and budget.
  • Succession planning – Identify and develop high potential employees for advancement.
  • Learning management – Assign, track and administer online training programs.
  • Surveys – Conduct custom employee or team engagement surveys.

Time and Attendance

ADP Workforce Now automates time tracking and supports flexible work arrangements with these features:

  • Time tracking – Employees can clock in/out via web portal, mobile or biometric devices.
  • Geofencing – Uses GPS to automatically record time when employees enter or leave job sites.
  • Schedules – Create varied schedules and assign to employees. Enforce schedule adherence.
  • Accruals – Tracks paid time off accruals and usage.
  • Labor cost tracking – Monitor labor distribution, overtime, productive hours by job, project or location.
  • Leave management – Administer sick leaves, FMLA, ADA accommodations and workers compensation.

HR Management

As a full-suite HCM, Workforce Now centralizes employee records, org charts, compliance and HR analytics:

  • Core HR – Maintains employee profiles, job history, skills, education, emergency contacts etc.
  • Org charts – Visualize company structure and reporting lines.
  • Document storage – Store employee docs like handbooks, offer letters, credentials securely online.
  • HR compliance – Helps meet regulations like FLSA, FMLA, ADA, EEO, I-9 verification, ACA reporting etc.
  • Analytics – 150+ HR metrics and reports for strategic planning. Analytics Dashboard provides real-time visualization.
  • Employee self-service – Allows employees to update their profile, request time off, enroll in benefits.

Payroll Tax Administration

ADP offers comprehensive payroll tax services to handle all tax payments and filings:

  • Tax filing – Files federal, state and local payroll tax returns.
  • Tax payments – Remits payroll taxes from company’s bank account on their behalf. Provides liability protection.
  • New hire reporting – Reports new hires to state agencies as required.
  • W-2s, 1099s – Prepares and distributes annual earnings statements.
  • Garnishments – Manages court ordered wage garnishments.
  • Audits – Represents company in case of IRS audits for added protection.

Recruiting and Onboarding

ADP provides advanced recruiting and onboarding capabilities:

  • Job posting – Posts openings to top job boards and ADP talent community with one click.
  • Candidate assessment – Administers online pre-employment tests for skills, personality etc.
  • Background checks – Integrates with third-party services for criminal history and identity checks.
  • Offer management – Automates job offer process with personalized templates.
  • Onboarding portal – New hires complete paperwork digitally via online portal.
  • Task workflows – Automates onboarding tasks like equipment setup, training, compliance steps.
  • Offboarding – Automates exit interviews, data archiving, asset return.

Analytics and Reporting

ADP offers extensive reporting and analytics capabilities:

  • Standard reports – 150+ reports on payroll, benefits, time, HR, talent, workforce cost etc. Exportable in multiple formats.
  • Custom reports – Create reports tailored to company’s needs.
  • Metrics – Key HR metrics like cost per hire, turnover, absenteeism, overtime, tenure.
  • Benchmarks – Anonymous benchmarks to compare workforce metrics vs. industry averages.
  • Dashboards – Real-time graphical dashboards to monitor key HR KPIs.
  • Data feeds – Provides data feeds to populate external data warehouses and business intelligence tools.

Mobile Access

ADP offers mobile apps for employees, managers and administrators:

  • ADP Mobile – Employees can request time off, view schedules, pay info and more.
  • ADP Time – Allows clocking in/out, entering overtime reasons via mobile.
  • ADP Enterprise HR – Managers can approve requests, manage timecards, conduct performance reviews remotely.
  • ADP HR News – HR can view announcements, activities, urgent requests on the go.

Platform and Security

Workforce Now is built on a secure, robust and scalable platform:

  • Cloud technology – Built on for enterprise-grade performance and reliability.
  • Access controls – Sophisticated permissions model to control data access.
  • SOC compliance – Audited for SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and SOC 3 security standards.
  • PCI compliant – Meets rigorous Payment Card Industry data security standards.
  • Disaster recovery – Resilient infrastructure with geographically diverse data centers.
  • HR Desk – Provides 24/7 technical support via phone, chat or web.

Global Capabilities

ADP Workforce Now can manage payroll and HR globally:

  • 60+ countries – Supports localized payroll in over 60 countries across Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
  • Languages – Available in 17 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese etc.
  • Currencies – Supports over 130 currencies for international operations.
  • Multinational HR – Standardizes HR processes across borders while supporting local regulations.
  • Global support – Assistance with international payroll, benefits and compliance.

Implementation of ADP Workforce Now

Deploying ADP Workforce Now involves getting set up on the system initially as well as ongoing support:

Initial Implementation

  • Kickoff – Dedicated implementation specialist is assigned. They review project scope, configure system.
  • Conversion – Existing payroll and HR data is converted and validated for accuracy.
  • Testing – HR administrators and managers test configured system and provide feedback.
  • Training – HR team is trained on how to use each module via virtual instructor-led sessions.
  • Go-live – System goes live on a predetermined date. Launch team assists any issues first month.
  • Post-live review – Project manager examines results, identifies any additional needs.

Ongoing Support

ADP provides ongoing assistance and training:

  • Client services – Dedicated account manager acts as a single point-of-contact for issues and advice.
  • HR Desk – Provides 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, online case management.
  • Education center – Offers complimentary live and recorded virtual training webinars.
  • Knowledgebase – Searchable portal containing setup guides, user manuals, video tutorials.
  • Office hours – Weekly open Q&A sessions with product experts.
  • User community – Online forums to connect with other customers.
  • Surveys – Periodic surveys measure customer satisfaction and future enhancements.


ADP offers personalized training to learn the system:

  • Virtual workshops – Live interactive sessions led by training specialists.
  • On-demand videos – Recorded demos and tutorials available 24/7.
  • Job aids – Quick reference guides on specific tasks.
  • Sandbox – Test environment to practice real-world scenarios without impacting live data.
  • Regional events – Multi-day conferences with workshops led by product managers.

Integrations with ADP Workforce Now

ADP integrates with hundreds of HR apps and systems via cloud connectors:

HR Software Integrations

  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Background check services
  • Benefits brokers
  • Compensation management
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • HR service delivery platforms
  • Learning management systems
  • Payroll funding accounts
  • Performance management
  • Recruiting platforms
  • Tax filing services
  • Timeclock systems

Business System Integrations

  • Accounting systems
  • ERP platforms
  • HCM platforms
  • Point of sale systems
  • Procurement systems
  • Productivity suites
  • CRM software
  • Financial systems

This enables bidirectional data flows between Workforce Now and other core business systems. Key features include:

  • 200+ integrations – Pre-built connectors for leading apps.
  • Configurable integration – Connect to any solution using APIs.
  • SSO – Allows single sign-on between Workforce Now and integrated apps.
  • Platform integration – Built on Salesforce architecture for seamless interoperability.
  • Data sharing – Syncs data between systems in real-time via APIs.
  • Automated workflows – Triggers workflows when data is created or updated in connected systems.

Top benefits of ADP integrations include increased data accuracy, improved productivity, streamlined workflows and enhanced user experience.

Overall, ADP’s open platform strategy makes it easy to integrate Workforce Now with the rest of the HR and business tech stack.

Pricing of ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now pricing depends on number of employees, modules and services used. Exact costs are customized for each company during the sales process.

Below is an overview of how ADP typically prices Workforce Now:

  • Per employee per month – Cost structure based on total number of employees. Minimum 50 employees required.
  • Module-based – Additional fees for each module like payroll, time, benefits, recruiting etc.
  • Service-based – Premium services like tax filing, pay cards, HR desks incur extra fees.
  • Set-up/implementation – One-time fee for initial configuration, data migration, training etc.
  • Contract term – Discounts offered for signing 1, 2 or 3 year contracts.

Ballpark Range: $100 to $200+ per employee per year for a fully loaded system with all key modules.

Larger enterprises get better economies of scale with volume discounts and preferential pricing. Smaller mid-market firms pay higher rates due to smaller employee count.

Factors impacting pricing:

  • Number of employees
  • Number of modules and features
  • Level of service and support
  • Contract term length
  • Add-on services like tax filing
  • Industry and company size
  • Geographic locations

To get a custom quote, contact ADP sales by phone or visit their website to schedule a demo. Discounts may be offered for signing multi-year contracts or bundling with other ADP solutions.

Overall, ADP Workforce Now offers good value given the breadth and depth of included capabilities. Competitor solutions often charge extra for add-ons like tax filing, time clocks, advanced analytics etc.

Pros and Cons of ADP Workforce Now

Below we summarize the key benefits and potential drawbacks of Workforce Now:

Pros of ADP Workforce Now

  • Unified platform – Integrates HR, payroll, time, talent, and benefits on a single system.
  • Configurability – Highly customizable to unique needs of each business.
  • Global capabilities – Manages international workforce in over 60 countries.
  • Rich functionality – Comprehensive features for end-to-end HCM.
  • Automation – Digitizes and automates manual processes for efficiency.
  • Analytics – Provides key workforce insights for data-driven decisions.
  • Mobile access – HR apps allow employee self-service from anywhere.
  • Implementation support – Dedicated resources guide successful deployment.
  • Ongoing support – 24/7 technical support plus account management.
  • ADP brand – Industry leader with over 70 years of HR experience.

Potential Cons of Workforce Now

  • Complexity – Steep learning curve given extensive configurability and features.
  • Cost – Can be expensive for smaller companies with under 1,000 employees.
  • Vendor lock-in – High switching costs make it difficult to change later.
  • Change management – Adoption challenges getting workforce to embrace new systems.
  • Technical issues – Possible bugs, downtime and performance lags.
  • Legacy technology – Platform is not as modern as some competitors.

To maximize benefits, it’s important to carefully evaluate needs, budget resources for training and change management, and take advantage of all included capabilities.

Overall, Workforce Now provides one of the most complete HRMS platforms for mid-sized and large enterprises. For companies looking to consolidate systems onto a unified HCM, it warrants strong consideration.

FAQs about ADP Workforce Now

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about ADP Workforce Now:

Q: Does ADP Workforce Now integrate with other software?

A: Yes, Workforce Now provides pre-built integrations to 200+ apps including leading HCM, ERP, accounting, POS, and CRM systems. It also allows custom integration via APIs.

Q: What is the implementation process like?

A: ADP assigns an implementation manager who oversees system configuration, data migration, testing, training and launch. Dedicated support provides guidance for a smooth implementation.

Q: Does ADP host the software or is it on-premise?

A: Workforce Now is a SaaS platform hosted on ADP’s own cloud infrastructure. This removes the need for companies to maintain local servers.

Q: How customizable is the system?

A: Workforce Now is highly configurable to tailor the platform to each company’s unique processes, org structure, pay rules, compliance needs etc.

Q: Does ADP offer mobile access?

A: Yes, it provides mobile apps for employees, managers and HR administrators to access payroll, timecards, requests, notifications and other HR data on the go.

Q: How does ADP support multinational companies?

A: Workforce Now handles localized payroll across over 60 countries. It complies with in-country tax laws, bank requirements and languages.

Q: Does ADP provide ongoing support?


  • Dedicated account management team
  • 24/7 technical support via phone, online, chat
  • Complimentary live and recorded training webinars
  • Online knowledge base and video tutorials
  • HR forums to connect with other customers
  • Scheduled office hours with ADP product experts
  • Surveys to measure satisfaction and enhancements

This helps customers maximize value from the system long after implementation.

Q: Does ADP offer any guarantees on system uptime?

A: ADP offers a 99.7% uptime guarantee as part of the service agreement. This ensures almost no downtime for customers.

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Q: What type of data security does Workforce Now provide?

A: The platform is SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and SOC 3 audited. It meets rigorous security standards including encryption, access controls, data centers with biometric entry etc.

Q: Can the system process payroll for unionized workforces?

A: Yes, Workforce Now handles complex union pay rules including contracts, job-based pay rates, seniority calculations, jurisdictions, reciprocity and automated dues collection.

Q: Does ADP handle all tax filing and payments on behalf of employers?

A: Yes, their payroll tax administration services remit all federal, state and local payroll taxes from the employer’s bank account and handle all required filings and deposits.

Q: What type of support does ADP provide for ACA compliance?

A: Workforce Now automates ACA compliance by tracking employee hours, sending eligibility notices, managing enrollment, and generating 1094/1095 reporting.

Q: Can employees access the system from their personal mobile devices?

A: Yes, ADP offers mobile apps for iOS and Android to provide convenient mobile access on personal smartphones and tablets. This increases employee engagement.


ADP Workforce Now is a robust, unified human capital management platform suitable for mid-market and large enterprises. It provides a single solution for payroll, time, HR, benefits, and talent management.

Key strengths include global capabilities, advanced analytics, extensive functionality, and award-winning implementation support. While costs may be higher for smaller firms, larger companies benefit from volume discounts.

For organizations seeking an integrated HRMS able to manage the entire employee lifecycle, Workforce Now is a leading choice. The system helps HR and payroll teams boost efficiency, improve compliance, contain costs and better support business objectives.

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