Black Friday 2022 – Predictions for the Biggest Sale of the Year

Black Friday is just around the corner. As the biggest shopping day of the year, it’s a highly anticipated event for bargain hunters looking to score major deals.

With Black Friday 2022 coming up on November 25, expectations are high for retailers to deliver big savings. This year presents unique circumstances with high inflation, excess inventory, and shifting consumer behaviors influencing Black Friday sales strategies.

In this comprehensive guide, we analyze all the factors that will shape Black Friday 2022. Discover predictions on deals, shopping trends, retailer approaches, and tips to maximize savings this Black Friday.

Black Friday 2022 Key Predictions

Here are the key predictions for Black Friday 2022:

  • Earlier than ever deals and extended Black Friday sales periods
  • Deep discounts on excess inventory across categories
  • Continued growth in online sales over brick-and-mortar stores
  • Cautious consumer spending with focus on necessities over luxuries
  • Retailers competing aggressively with expanded price matching
  • Shortages for popular gifts like gaming consoles and toys
  • Payment and supply chain issues causing delivery delays

These predictions indicate Black Friday 2022 will offer abundant deals but shopping may require more effort. With the right preparation, savvy shoppers can still save big this Black Friday.

When Will Black Friday Sales Start in 2022?

Black Friday always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday takes place on November 25, 2022.

However, the biggest deals won’t wait until Black Friday officially arrives. Retailers will launch Black Friday sales earlier than ever this year.

Early Access Black Friday Deals

Amazon traditionally holds a massive early access Black Friday sale for Prime members only. Rumors suggest this will take place in October in 2022. Other retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy also offer sneak peek Black Friday sales through November.

Smart shoppers can get a head start on Black Friday savings by taking advantage of these early access deals. Signing up for retailer newsletters and alerts provides notification when these sales go live.

Pre-Black Friday Sales

The week leading up to Black Friday will see an avalanche of pre-Black Friday sales. These offer a taste of the biggest deals to come on Black Friday itself.

Major retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Macy’s, and Kohl’s launch pre-Black Friday sales the weekend before Thanksgiving. This gives shoppers over a week of early savings opportunities.

Extended Black Friday Sales Periods

Rather than limiting Black Friday to a single day, most retailer sales will extend into a longer period. Sales durations will be a week or longer in many cases.

Common extended Black Friday sale periods include:

  • 5 Day Deals: Runs Wednesday to Sunday surrounding Black Friday
  • 10 Day Sales: Early access deals plus Black Friday through Cyber Monday
  • Week-Long Sales: Black Friday deals last a full week
  • Cyber Weekend: Online sales Saturday through Monday

Paying attention to these sale windows helps shoppers maximize savings with more time to take advantage of Black Friday pricing.

Are Black Friday Deals Worth It in 2022?

Even with higher inflation, Black Friday deals are still worth shopping this year. The combination of excess inventory and lower consumer demand means retailers will be extremely competitive on pricing.

Black Friday Discounts

Across categories, discounts this Black Friday are predicted to be steep, with many at 50% off or more. Some of the most significant deals will be in the following ranges:

  • Electronics – 30-70% off major appliances, TVs, laptops, tablets, headphones
  • Clothing & Apparel – 40-80% off shoes, outerwear, dresses, accessories
  • Beauty – 40-60% off makeup, skincare, fragrance, hair products
  • Toys – 30-70% off LEGO, scooters, board games, dolls
  • Home Goods – 40-80% off furniture, kitchenware, decor

For high demand items like the PlayStation 5, retailers will offer bundles with extra controllers, games, or accessories to provide enticing discounts.

Price Matching Policies

Retailers are expanding price matching policies for Black Friday 2022 so consumers can shop with confidence. Stores like Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy all offer to match competitor pricing.

Reviewing retailer price matching terms before Black Friday is recommended. Typically, proof of the competitor’s advertised pricing is required along with identical make, model, and color of item being matched. Price matching shows just how competitive this Black Friday will be for retailers.

Dollar Savings Increase

While discounts may be comparable percentage-wise to previous years, the dollar savings will be higher in 2022. With high inflation driving up base prices, the same percentage discount results in greater absolute savings. For big ticket items, Black Friday 2022 will offer shoppers a chance at significant dollar-off deals.

Top Black Friday Shopping Trends for 2022

Several key shopping trends will define the Black Friday 2022 experience for retailers and consumers alike:

Earlier Shopping Than Ever

Between early access sales in October through pre-Black Friday events, expect more consumers to shop earlier than ever this year. With extended sale windows, shoppers will start deal hunting weeks ahead rather than waiting for Black Friday week.

Online Shopping Takes Over

Online sales on Black Friday have been increasing annually, and this trend will accelerate in 2022. Shopping online provides access to deals without leaving home and more price transparency. Retailers will focus on improving online deal delivery and availability this Black Friday.

Return of Brick-and-Mortar Traffic

While still secondary to online, brick-and-mortar traffic is expected to increase this Black Friday after two years of pandemic slowdowns. Retailers will staff up stores to handle more in-person shoppers taking advantage of festive doorbuster deals.

Cautious Consumer Spending

Between inflation concerns and recession fears, consumers are expected to be more selective in their Black Friday shopping. Practical purchases will be prioritized over luxuries. Shoppers will comparison shop aggressively to stretch their dollars in 2022.

Focus on Necessities Over Splurges

Reflecting more cautious consumer spending, Black Friday purchases will focus on everyday necessities and practical gifts over high-end splurges. Essentials like clothes, shoes, home goods, electronics, and toys will see the most sales.

BOPIS and Curbside Pickup

Omnichannel shopping methods like buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup will be go-to options for many Black Friday shoppers. These provide both online pricing and convenience without waiting in long checkout lines.

Local Shopping

There is expected to be a lift in consumers shopping local small businesses compared to third-party marketplaces. Saturday, November 26 is being dubbed Small Business Saturday to encourage supporting local retailers.

How Retailers Are Approaching Black Friday 2022

Retailers have the challenge of driving sales amid excess inventories in a high inflation environment. Here are the key ways retailers are approaching Black Friday 2022:

Starting Sales Earlier

Launching discounts well before Black Friday will be a priority to move inventory faster. Starting holiday sales in October provides consumers more time to take advantage of deals.

Extending Black Friday Pricing

Rather than one-day only discounts, retailers will extend Black Friday pricing over 7 to 10 days. This captures more sales with budget-conscious shoppers spreading out purchases.

Offering Deep Discounts

Across categories, retailers will be offering 30% to 80% off deals, with some of the deepest discounts in 4-5 years. This clears out excess inventory by attracting bargain hunter traffic.

Price Matching Competitors

Matching competitor pricing during Black Friday sales demonstrates retailers are serious about providing the lowest prices. This gives shoppers assurance in buying from a retailer.

Bundling Products

Creative product bundles like adding gift cards on top of discounts will entice consumers. Retailers can move more lower-demand items this way.

Running Targeted Promotions

Retailers are using purchase data to identify consumers open to spend more and sending exclusive offers. This converts valuable shoppers while eliminating margin-eroding blanket discounts.

Catering Digital Experiences

User-friendly online deal access, notifications, product finders, and omnichannel conveniences will be emphasized to encourage online buying.

Expanding Return Windows

Lengthening return windows past the holidays reduces purchase friction and promotes bigger basket sizes from buyers.

Predictions for Best Black Friday Deals in 2022

Black Friday always brings impressive discounts across nearly every product category. Here are the top categories predicted to offer the best deals in 2022:


  • TVs – 30-70% off or more on name brand large screens
  • Laptops – 40-60% off Windows and MacBooks, 2-in-1s, gaming PCs
  • Tablets – $100+ off iPads, $200 off Samsung S-series
  • Headphones – 50%+ off AirPods, Beats, Bose, Sony
  • Smart home devices – 40-60% off Amazon Echo, Google Nest

Deep electronics discounts provide major dollar savings for Black Friday shoppers on big ticket items.

Clothing & Apparel

  • Outerwear – 50-80% off coats, jackets from department stores
  • Boots & shoes – 40-70% off name brands like Nike, UGG, Adidas
  • Activewear – 30-60% off athleisure brands like Lululemon, Alo Yoga
  • Jeans – 50%+ off designer and luxury denim
  • loungewear – 40-80% off pajamas, robes, slippers

With apparel inventories surging 35-45% higher than 2021, clothing should see incredibly low prices.

Home & Kitchen

  • Furniture – 30-50% off sofas, mattresses, storage solutions
  • Kitchen appliances – 40-60% off Instant Pot, Ninja, Keurig, Samsung
  • Cookware sets – 50-80% off All-Clad, Calphalon pots and pans
  • Vacuums & mops – 30-50% off Dyson, Roomba, Bissell, Shark
  • Sheets & towels – 60%+ off top bedding brands

Outfitting the home will be affordable with Black Friday discounts on these essentials.

Toys & Games

  • LEGO sets – 40-60% off sought-after kits for all ages
  • Board games – 30-50% off classics like Catan, Ticket to Ride
  • Scooters – 40%+ off Razor models and electric versions
  • Nerf guns – 30-50% off blasters, accessories
  • Dolls & playsets – 40-60% off L.O.L. Surprise!, Barbie, Hot Wheels

Best-selling toys that rarely see discounts will have impressive Black Friday deals.


  • Makeup palettes – 50%+ off must-haves from Tarte, Urban Decay
  • Skincare devices – 40-60% off NuFACE, Foreo facial toning devices
  • Hair tools – 50% off Dyson Airwrap, GHD flat irons, Revlon dryers
  • Fragrances – 40-50% off designer perfumes and colognes
  • Cosmetic sets – 30-60% off Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC, Sephora

Replenish makeup, hair, and skincare goods at extraordinary low prices on Black Friday.

Black Friday Shopping Tips & Strategies

Follow these tips and strategies to maximize savings and have a successful Black Friday shopping experience:

Make a Budget

Determine how much you can realistically spend after bills and necessities. Tracking sales and limiting impulse purchases will be easier with a set budget.

Research Diligently

Use price tracking sites to research deals and identify the lowest prices across retailers. Set price alerts and bookmark product pages.

Shop Early Sales

Start deal hunting during the early access periods weeks before Black Friday. Shopping early allows you to spread out purchases.

Comparison Shop

Don’t assume one retailer has the best pricing. Compare deals using sites like Google Shopping to match or beat competitor pricing.

Focus on Doorbusters

Look for doorbuster deals that offer deep discounts for a limited time and inventory. These can offer huge value if you move fast.

Leverage Retailer Apps

Retailer apps provide exclusive access to some deals. Set up accounts and notifications to get a head start before sales go public.

Use Cash Back Apps

Apps like Rakuten give cash back for purchases made through linked retailer accounts. These extras can add up on big Black Friday hauls.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Retailer e-newsletters provide early access to sales. Gmail filters make it easy to spot promotional emails when deals launch.

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Black Friday 2022

Still have questions about what to expect on Black Friday 2022? Here are answers to 6 of the most frequently asked questions:

FAQ #1: When is Black Friday 2022?

When is Black Friday 2022?

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Black Friday 2022 falls on Friday, November 25th. This is the day after Thanksgiving each year. However, retailers will launch Black Friday deals much earlier than the 25th, so consumers can shop sales for weeks leading up to the major shopping holiday.

FAQ #2: What are the best Black Friday 2022 deals?

What are the best Black Friday 2022 deals?

Some of the top predicted Black Friday deals for 2022 based on retailer inventory levels include:

  • Electronics like laptops, TVs and tablets discounted 30-70% or more
  • Clothing & Apparel at 40 to 80% off regular prices
  • Furniture and kitchen essentials priced 30 to 60% lower
  • Toys and video games with discounts of 30 to 50%

FAQ #3: What Black Friday sales start earliest in 2022?

What Black Friday sales start earliest in 2022?

Amazon traditionally holds an Early Access sale in October exclusively for Prime members with some of the lowest prices of the year. Other retailers also offer pre-Black Friday sales throughout November leading up to the main event on November 25.

FAQ #4: What are the best shopping tips for Black Friday?

What are the best shopping tips for Black Friday?

  • Set a realistic budget for Black Friday spending and stick to it
  • Research deals ahead of time and set up price alerts
  • Check retailer apps for exclusive early access promotions
  • Sign up for newsletters to get notified of upcoming sales
  • Compare deals across multiple retailers before purchasing
  • Take advantage of cash back apps and browser extensions

FAQ #5: Should I shop online or in-store for Black Friday?

Should I shop online or in-store for Black Friday?

Online shopping for Black Friday deals has advantages like avoiding crowds, easier price comparisons, and more availability of doorbusters. However, in-store shopping may appeal if you prefer checking out products in person or need an item immediately. Retailers will offer both in-store and online deals during Black Friday sales.

FAQ #6: When should I line up for Black Friday deals?

When should I line up for Black Friday deals?

For limited quantity doorbusters, the earliest and most dedicated shoppers will start lining up 12+ hours in advance. Avid Black Friday shoppers arrive before midnight the night before to secure the best deals on items like gaming consoles, TVs, and popular toys. Retailers will pass out tickets for doorbusters so determine the quantity available before waiting in long lines.

Key Takeaways on Black Friday 2022

This Black Friday should offer no shortage of impressive deals thanks to excess retailer inventories. However, economic conditions mean consumers may approach sales with more caution. Spreading out purchases across early sales periods, sticking to budgets and necessities, and comparing deals can help shoppers maximize value.

Retailers are responding competitively with deep discounts, price matching, and omnichannel conveniences to attract buyer traffic. Across categories like apparel, electronics, home goods, beauty supplies, and toys, Black Friday 2022 should deliver the lowest prices of the year for patient and savvy shoppers.

While requiring more preparation and diligence, the rewards for deal hunting will be plentiful this Black Friday season. Following these predictions and tips will prepare shoppers to strategically save while avoiding overspending.

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