Decorate Your Walls with Movie and TV Show Posters on a Budget

Movie and TV show posters can be a fun, creative way to decorate walls in your home without spending a lot of money. With some strategic shopping and creative display methods, you can design an eye-catching wall gallery to show off your fandoms and interests. This comprehensive guide will provide tips and ideas for decorating on a budget with posters of your favorite films and television series.

Choosing Movie and TV Show Posters to Buy

When selecting posters for your wall decor, consider the following factors:

Go For What You Love

Focus on posters from movies and shows you’re passionate about. Choose ones that bring back great memories and make you happy when you look at them.

Mix Up Genres and Eras

Pick posters from different genres – like comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, etc. Also aim for a mix of new and old – modern blockbusters plus classics from past decades.

Coordinate Colors and Styles

Make sure your chosen posters have colors and art styles that go together. Black and white vintage posters can complement colorful modern ones.

Consider Size and Orientation

Choose a variety of sizes – small 11×14 prints mixed with larger 24×36 posters. Vertical and horizontal orientations will give you flexibility in arranging.

Buy Officially Licensed Prints

Stick to legit licensed posters, not cheap knockoffs. Licensing helps ensure better print quality.

Shop Sales and Deals

Take advantage of sales, coupons and deals to get posters at discounted prices. Sign up for retailer emails to get notified of promotions.

Places to Buy Affordable Movie and TV Show Posters

Here are some of the best places to shop for posters on a budget:


  • Huge selection of new and old posters at reasonable prices.
  • Frequently discounted prices and Lightning deals.
  • Free shipping with Prime membership.


  • Indie artist designs allow you to find unique posters.
  • Stickers, prints, T-shirts and more available.
  • Regular sales and site-wide discounts.


  • Handmade and vintage posters offer one-of-a-kind options.
  • Many customizable and made-to-order designs.
  • Compare seller reviews and shop sales.

  • Massive collection of posters, prints and frames to choose from.
  • Discount codes easily found online for extra savings.
  • Frequent sales with up to 60% off.


  • Limited edition metal posters made with unique display magnets.
  • 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping.
  • Referral program for additional discounts.

Entertainment Earth

  • Official posters for newly released and classic movies/TV.
  • Flat rate shipping and free shipping over $39.
  • After-Christmas sales are a great time to buy.


  • Find discounted posters being resold.
  • Sort by lowest price + shipping cost.
  • Pay attention to seller ratings.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Display Posters on Walls

Once you’ve purchased some awesome posters for your home, it’s time to creatively display them on your walls. Here are budget-friendly methods to show them off:

Frame Posters Yourself

Buy inexpensive poster frames or make your own frames from wood strips, molding, cardboard or foam boards. Use command strip Velcro to attach posters to frames.

Display with Washi Tape

Decoratively attach posters to walls using strips of easy-to-remove washi tape. This allows changing up placement of posters.

Arrange Collage-Style

Create an artistic collage wall with posters arranged close together, layered and slightly overlapping. Use varying sizes.

Hang with Nails or Push Pins

The traditional route – carefully hammer small nails into drywall or use large push pins to hang posters. Just be prepared to patch holes when rearranging.

Use Command Strips

Stick on command strips let you securely hang posters with no nail holes. Use velcro strips for easy repositioning.

Pin Up with Thumbtacks

For a casual vibe, pin up posters with colored thumbtacks. Place in the corners or edges so holes aren’t too noticeable.

Display on a Gallery Wall

Arrange framed posters, prints and photos together artfully on your wall. Mix sizes, colors and orientations.

Hang Posters Back-to-Back

Hang two posters together front-to-back, either matching or contrasting designs. The back poster will show through slightly.

Cover Entire Wall with Posters

For major fans, use strips of washi tape to cover a whole wall with posters edge-to-edge. A bold statement!

Creative Ways to Design Your Movie/TV Poster Wall Gallery

Now for the fun part – planning the design for your wall gallery! Consider these creative approaches:

Organize by Genre

Group horror posters together, comedies in another section, dramas together, etc. Use frames to tie different sections together.

Sort by Decade

Arrange posters chronologically with classics from the 50s-70s on one area and more recent movies on another.

Focus on One Franchise

Devote one wall just to posters from your favorite movie or TV franchise, showcasing old and new.

Honor Your Favorite Actors/Directors

Make a statement wall with posters only featuring a specific actor or director’s films that you love.

Alternate Sizes and Orientations

Vary poster sizes from small to large. Mix in some horizontal ones between the vertical posters for visual interest.

Overlap and Layer

Let edges of posters intentionally overlap each other, layering them to make shapes and patterns.

Frame Some, Pin Others

Use a mix of framed posters and unframed pinned-up posters for an eclectic look.

Arrange by Color Scheme

Curate posters with similar color schemes near each other to create coordinated sections.

Leave Negative Space

Rather than filling up the entire wall, leave some blank space between groupings of posters.

Set Up Themed Zones

Create distinct zones like a Star Wars corner with posters just from those movies.

Helpful Tools for Hanging Posters Straight and Secure

Use these handy tools to neatly align your posters and keep them attached to walls securely:

Laser Level

A laser level projects a straight horizontal line on the wall, so you can align tops or bottoms of posters precisely.

Stud Finder

Find studs behind your wall to attach any heavy framed posters into wood securely. Prevents sagging over time.

Poster Hangers

Special adhesive strips like 3M Command Poster Strips make hanging quick and easy with no nail holes.

Washi Tape

Removable decorative washi tape won’t damage walls. Use small pieces to attach tops or corners of posters.

Double-Sided Tape Squares

For easy repositioning, stick small squares of thick double-sided tape on the back corners of posters.

Thumbtacks and Push Pins

Use colorful thumbtacks in the edges of posters for a casual bulletin board look. Larger push pins work with heavier prints.

Picture Hanging Wire

Run wires horizontally along a wall and use removable clips to easily attach multiple posters.

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Level Tool App

Use the level tool feature found in most smart phones to align your posters straight on the wall.

Avoid Damaging Walls When Hanging Posters

Protect your walls from damage while arranging your poster gallery with these tips:

  • Only insert nails and pins into drywall, not tiles or wallpaper which can tear.
  • Use nail sizes that match the poster weight and frame thickness. Avoid overly long nails.
  • Place nails in the wall studs whenever possible so the weight is held securely.
  • Only hammer in nails most of the way, leaving a gap between nail head and wall.
  • Patch holes properly with spackle and touch up paint after removing nails.
  • Use Command poster strips when nails aren’t possible, and remove slowly.
  • For rented apartments, ask permission and follow any rules before making nail holes.
  • With tape methods, peel off slowly and gently to avoid peeling paint or paper.
  • Do not use adhesive hooks rated under the total weight of your framed posters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating With Affordable Movie/TV Posters

What are the best places to look for rare vintage posters?

For rare collectible vintage movie and TV posters, check auction sites like eBay, plus specialty vintage poster retailers. Estate sales can also yield hidden gems.

How do I know which size poster to get for my wall space?

Measure your wall area and poster position first. A 24×36 inch poster makes a big statement while 11×14 prints work well clustered together in groups.

What’s the most cost-effective way to frame posters professionally?

Rather than custom framing each poster individually, you can save money by ordering larger custom frames meant to fit multiple standard-size posters.

Is it better to display posters with or without frames?

It’s an aesthetic choice – frames provide a polished, gallery wall look while pinning up posters as-is creates a youthful, casual vibe. Mixing framed and unframed works too!

What is the best temperature range to store unused posters long-term?

To preserve colors and prevent brittleness over decades, store rolled posters in cool, dry conditions between 45-72°F and away from direct sunlight.

Can I decorate with movie posters without putting holes in my walls?

Yes – use removable poster putty, magnets, poster rails, washi tape or command strips instead of nails to safely decorate without damaging walls.

Final Takeaways on Decorating Walls with Movie/TV Posters

Displaying artful arrangements of your favorite movie and TV show posters is an easy, budget-friendly way to decorate your home with personalized flair and showcase the films and series you love most. With so many posters to choose from and affordable options like frames, washi tape and command strips, you can design stunning gallery walls that complement your taste and style. Just use caution when making holes in walls, properly distributing weight of framed posters, and removing adhesive products gently. With some imagination and creative placement, your posters can become the star attraction in any room!

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