Do Deep Waver Hot Tools Give You Gorgeous Mermaid Waves?

Mermaid waves are the gorgeous, beachy waves that look effortlessly tousled yet refined. Achieving those perfect mermaid waves can be a challenge, often requiring a lot of time and skill with a curling iron. Deep waver hot tools promise to give you beautiful, smooth mermaid waves with ease. But do they deliver on that promise? Let’s take a deep dive into whether deep wavers can really give you gorgeous, salon-worthy mermaid waves.

What Are Deep Waver Hot Tools?

Deep waver hot tools are a type of curling iron with deep curved plates designed to create loose, undone waves and curls often referred to as mermaid or beachy waves. The clamp-free design makes it easy to wrap and hold large sections of hair in the deep barrel to get a flawless wave. Deep wavers come in a variety of sizes and designs but the main feature is the deep, round barrel that puts a soft bend throughout the hair.

Some of the most popular deep waver designs include:

  • Deep waver with large barrel size (1.5 inches or larger) – Best for creating extra loose, large waves. The bigger the barrel, the looser the wave.
  • Triple barrel waver – Has 3 barrel sizes in 1 tool to create multiple wave sizes. Great for adding variation.
  • Automatic rotating waver – Rotates the barrel for you to easily wrap hair without having to manually turn. Easier to use.
  • Ceramic tourmaline waver – Ceramic tourmaline coating helps protect hair from heat damage.
  • Wand vs. clamp style – Wand style is clamp-free for easier use; clamp style allows you to secure hair in place.
  • Interchangeable barrels – Allows you to switch out barrels for different sized waves. More versatile.
  • Wet to dry waver – Can be used on damp hair, applying heat to dry and style in one step.

How Do You Use a Deep Waver for Mermaid Waves?

Using a deep waver is simple once you get the technique. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Prep Your Hair

  • Start with clean, dry hair – dirty or damp hair won’t hold the wave.
  • Apply a heat protectant spray to protect from damage and increase shine.
  • Section hair horizontally starting at the nape of the neck.

Wrap the Barrel

  • Take a 1-2 inch section and place it inside the hot barrel, leaving about 1 inch of ends out.
  • Keeping the barrel vertical, wrap the hair around the barrel toward your head.
  • Roll slowly, holding the ends of the section taut as you wrap.

Hold the Wave

  • Once hair is wrapped around the barrel, hold 3-10 seconds depending on thickness. Do not overheat.
  • Unwind the hair slowly in the opposite direction, being careful not to crimp the ends.
  • Use your fingers to shake out and refine the wave shape.
  • Repeat process section by section until all hair is waved. Add volume by flipping head over.

Lock In the Waves

  • Let waves cool completely before applying hairspray all over to lock in the style.
  • Backcomb or tousle pieces loosely with fingers for that beachy, imperfect vibe.
  • Add texture spray or salt spray to finish the lived-in, mermaid style.

Do Deep Wavers Really Create Mermaid Waves?

So can a deep waver hot tool really give you gorgeous, salon-worthy mermaid waves? Here is an overview of the pros and cons:

Pros of Deep Wavers for Mermaid Waves

  • Achieve a loose, beachy wave with little effort – no expert curling skills required.
  • Large barrel size adds that perfect amount of bend from root to end.
  • Clampless design makes it fast and easy to wrap all your hair around the barrel.
  • Creates a consistent wave pattern from top to bottom – no weird kinks.
  • Produces a soft, smooth wave rather than tight, crimped curls.
  • Multiple sizes allow you to alternate between tighter and looser waves.
  • Wet to dry models allow you to wave and dry damp hair in one step.
  • Less heat damage compared to smaller curling irons.

Cons of Deep Wavers for Mermaid Waves

  • Can take practice to master the technique and get consistent results.
  • Waves may fall faster on very straight, thick, or long hair.
  • Clamp style can potentially crimp or crease the ends.
  • Large barrel makes it trickier to do shorter styles.
  • Can’t create tighter curls or ringlets like a traditional curling wand.
  • Automatic rotating wavers may snag or pull more delicate hair.
  • May still require some backcombing or teasing to boost volume at the roots.

So while deep wavers may not be magic wands that instantly give you perfect mermaid waves, they do make it much easier to achieve the overall look compared to traditional curling irons. As with any hot tool, technique is important. When used correctly on the right hair type and texture, deep wavers absolutely can create gorgeous, tousled mermaid waves with minimal effort.

Top 5 Deep Waver Hot Tools for Mermaid Waves

If you’re looking to buy a deep waver to create mermaid waves at home, here are 5 top-rated options to consider:

Brand & ModelKey FeaturesSize OptionsPrice Range
Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go– Tourmaline ceramic– 1″, 1.5″ barrels$59.99
Beachwaver Co. S1– Rotating wand– 1.25″ & 1.5″ barrels$129-$149
Conair Double Ceramic– Double barrel– 5/8″, 1″$29.74
Hot Tools Professional– Salon grade– 1″, 1.25″ barrels$34.99
T3 Twirl Convertible– Interchangeable barrels– 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″$185

Look for deep wavers with tourmaline ceramic coating, adjustable heat settings, and a range of barrel sizes to handle various hair lengths and types. Rotating wands offer easy use for beginners. Higher end models from salon brands like T3 and Beachwaver will provide premium results and versatility.

Deep Waver vs Curling Wand vs Curling Iron

How do deep wavers stack up against other popular curling tools when it comes to achieving beachy waves? Here is a detailed comparison:

Deep WaverCurling WandCurling Iron
Wave ResultLoose, beachyTighter spiralPolished curl
Ease of UseVery easyModerateMore difficult
Learning CurveMinimalModerateSteep
Time to StyleVery fastFastSlow
Heat DamageMinimalModerateHigher
VersatilityFewer stylesVery versatileVersatile
Price Range$30-$200$15-$180$20-$300

In summary, the deep waver is your best bet for effortless, fast mermaid waves with minimal heat damage. Curling wands allow more versatility but require more skill. Curling irons can be tricky for beach waves and may cause more damage.

How to Maintain and Refresh Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves won’t last forever, especially on hair that doesn’t hold a curl well. Here are tips for making your waves last longer and refreshing them between washes:

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  • Use a strong hold hairspray after waving and let cool completely before touching.
  • Sleep with hair in loose braids or wrapped in a silk scarf to avoid friction.
  • Dry shampoo roots if hair gets oily but avoid wetting waves.
  • Spray with sea salt spray and scrunch gently to revive limp waves.
  • Spot curl any pieces that lost their bend with a curling wand or flat iron.
  • Add texture spray or texturizing powder to add grit and separation back.
  • Try dual waver hot tools that straighten roots and recurl lengths only.
  • Adjust heat and hold time if hair isn’t holding – increase for resistant hair.

The right products and techniques can help extend your salon-worthy mermaid waves to Day 2 or 3. Plan on touching up the waves or wearing hair up once the wave starts to drop.

FAQs About Deep Waver Hot Tools

Should you use deep wavers on wet or dry hair?

  • Deep wavers can be used on either dry or damp hair, but work best on dry, freshly washed locks. Damp hair will require more heat and time to dry and set the wave, increasing potential damage. Focus on drying hair sleek first, then go in with the deep waiver to curl.

Do deep wavers work on short hair?

  • Deep wavers work best for achieving mermaid waves on medium to long hair. Very short hair may be tricky to wrap around the large barrel evenly. Opt for a smaller curling wand for short styles.

Can deep wavers add volume at the root?

  • Deep wavers excel at adding bend and wave through the mid-length and ends but won’t boost volume at the roots alone. Focus on proper sectioning and lifting at the roots with your fingers or a teasing comb.

Should you alternate wave direction?

  • For the most natural looking mermaid waves, alternate the wave direction as you go. Do one section wrapped away from face then the next towards the face and so on. This prevents uniform-looking waves.

Can you deep wave short hair?

  • Deep wavers work best on longer hair since short locks can be tricky to maneuver on the large barrel. Try a .75-1 inch curling wand to wave shorter hair. You can also just deep wave the bottom half of short hair.

Get Gorgeous, Salons Worthy Mermaid Waves at Home

Achieving touchable, beachy mermaid waves is totally possible at home with the right tools like a deep waver hot tool. While it does require some technique, deep wavers simplify the process immensely compared to traditional curling methods. With smart preparation, the right sized barrel, and proper care, deep wavers absolutely can deliver gorgeous, smooth mermaid waves worthy of a beach vacation – or just walking down the street! Take the plunge into deep waving and unlock effortless summer waves all year round.

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