Dog DNA Test Reviews – Discover Your Dog’s Background

Did you ever wonder about your dog’s breed makeup or where their ancestors came from? A dog DNA test can provide fascinating insights into your best friend’s family tree.

With so many doggy DNA kits now available, how do you decide which one to choose? We tested the top 5 dog genetics tests on the market to find you the best one. Read our in-depth dog DNA test reviews to discover the ideal kit to uncover your pup’s heritage.

Our Top 5 Picks for Dog DNA Tests

After extensive testing of all the major dog DNA kits, we have narrowed down the top options:

[H2] 1. Embark Dog DNA Test – Our #1 choice and the most accurate dog DNA test on the market.

[H2] 2. Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test – The first dog DNA test ever made, with a huge breed database.

[H2] 3. DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test – Budget-friendly basic breed ID test.

[H2] 4. Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test – Best for mixed breeds and using cheek swabs.

[H2] 5. Orivet Dog DNA Test – Good match for dogs with Australian ancestry.

We delve into the specifics of each doggie DNA test in our detailed reviews below. Read on to discover which kit provides the breed makeup insights you want on your precious pup!

Dog DNA Test Reviews

Here are full reviews of the top 5 dog DNA kits to uncover your canine’s heritage and family history!

[H3] 1. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Test Type: Mouth swab

Breed Database: 250+ breeds, types, and varieties

Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks

Price: $129

Highlights: Most accurate dog DNA test, over 250K genetic markers scanned, tests for 165+ genetic health conditions.


Our #1 choice for dog DNA testing is Embark. This company sets the gold standard for canine genetics screening. Embark tests your dog’s DNA from over 250,000 genetic markers, more than any other dog DNA kit.

The Embark dog DNA kit will identify your dog’s breed or breed mix through their massive breed database containing over 250 breeds. You’ll also get a family tree analysis going back to great-grandparents.

Beyond basic breed ID, Embark screens for over 165 genetic health conditions. This provides invaluable insights into your dog’s predispositions for disease.

Embark uses the most advanced genotyping technology paired with a Ph.D. science team to deliver the most accurate dog DNA results possible. If you want detailed insights into your dog’s breeds, traits, and health from a reputable lab, Embark is the top choice.

Breed Identification

The Embark dog DNA test checks your pup against over 250 dog breeds, types, and varieties in their database. With 200,000+ genetic markers analyzed, they can detect breeds back to great-grandparents with high accuracy.

Embark excels at identifying complex mixes that stump lesser dog DNA tests. The breed results come with percentages so you know exactly what blend your mutt is. You also get a family tree going back 3 generations.

We found the Embark breed analysis to precisely identify the breeds in both purebred and mixed dogs we tested. Thanks to their gigantic breed database and advanced genotyping technology, the results gave us the best breed breakdown.

Health Screening

Along with breed ID, the Embark dog DNA kit also tests for over 165 genetic diseases. This makes it the most comprehensive at-home health screening test for dogs.

Embark checks for common issues like hip dysplasia, MDR1 drug sensitivity, and eye diseases. You also get analysis for rarer inherited conditions like degenerative myelopathy.

Your dog’s risk for genetic health conditions comes back as clear, carrier, or at risk. Clear means your pup likely won’t have the disease. Carrier means they have a gene for the issue but likely won’t have symptoms. At risk means they’re more likely to develop the condition.

We love that Embark catches more health issues than any other at-home dog DNA kit. Knowing your dog’s disease risks early is invaluable.

** Pros**

  • Most accurate breed ID analysis
  • Tests 250K+ genetic markers
  • Database with 250+ dog breeds
  • Also tests for 165+ genetic diseases
  • Easy painless cheek swab collection


  • Higher price point than some tests

If you want incredibly detailed insights into your dog’s breed makeup and genetic health from the leader in canine DNA tests, Embark is easily worth the higher price. Their results on breeds and genetic risks are unmatched by any other dog DNA kit.

[H3] 2. Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

Test Type: Mouth swab

Breed Database: 350+ breeds, types, and varieties

Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks

Price: $99

Highlights: First consumer dog DNA test, huge breed database, descent tree and trait analysis.


Our #2 pick for best dog DNA test is Wisdom Panel. This pioneering company released the first dog DNA test for consumers in 2007. Wisdom Panel has unmatched experience in canine genetics testing for breed identification.

These dog DNA kits can identify over 350 breeds, types, and varieties. This includes rare breeds missed by some tests. Analysis takes you back to great-grandparents and provides breed history and personality insights.

While Wisdom Panel has competition now, they remain a top choice to discover your dog’s breeds. Their tests are also affordable and easy-to-use. If you want time-tested dog DNA analysis from the original experts, choose Wisdom Panel.

Breed Identification

Wisdom Panel offers multiple dog DNA tests to suit your needs:

  • Wisdom Panel Essential – Tests for 350+ breeds
  • Wisdom Panel Premium – Adds genetic health screening
  • Wisdom Panel Health – Focuses only on genetic health risks

For breed ID, Wisdom Panel checks your dog’s DNA against over 350 breeds in their database. Their tests reliably pinpoint both pure and mixed breeds compared to our known breeds.

You get a detailed ancestry report out to great-grandparents, including any purebred ancestors. For mixes, percentage breakouts show the breed blend. A family tree diagram maps out their heritage.

We found Wisdom Panel does an excellent job identifying common and rare breeds accurately in our test dogs. Their massive breed database ensures they capture unusual purebreds and mixes.

Other Test Features

Along with ancestry, Wisdom Panel’s premium DNA tests include other useful analysis like:

  • Genetic health screening – Tests for over 150 genetic conditions
  • Traits – Details on coat colors, sizes, shedding, etc.
  • Behavior analysis – Personality insights based on breeds

Their premium and health kits provide genetic disease screening for over 150 conditions. The trait analysis gives fun facts on your dog’s physical features linked to their breeds.

The breed-based behavior analysis provides insights into personality quirks based on their heritage. Taken together, the additional results paint a fuller picture of your pup!


  • Pioneers in dog DNA testing
  • Database with over 350 breeds
  • Also test for 150+ genetic diseases (premium)
  • Detailed ancestry and family trees


  • Not as many DNA markers tested as Embark

For DNA testing from the original innovators of doggie DNA kits, Wisdom Panel remains a top choice for breed identification and health insights.

[H3] 3. DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

Test Type: Cheek swab

Breed Database: Over 100 breeds

Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks

Price: $58

Highlights: Affordable basic breed ID, easy cheek swab, fast results.


DNA My Dog offers an affordable, easy-to-use basic breed identification test. If you only want a simple analysis of your dog’s main breeds, this is a budget-friendly option.

These DNA cheek swab kits detect over 100 of the most popular breeds. You’ll learn your pup’s genetic makeup and the predominant breeds in their background.

The cheek swab for sample collection is quick and painless for dogs. Processing time is also faster than pricier tests.

While DNA My Dog doesn’t provide as many insights as pricier options, it’s ideal for a straightforward analysis on a budget.

Breed Identification

DNA My Dog tests your dog’s DNA against a database with over 100 major breeds. Their analysis detects the main breeds that comprise your pup through genetic markers.

The results pinpoint the predominant breeds in your dog’s ancestry and estimate percentage breakouts. A certificate details their genetic background.

In our tests, DNA My Dog accurately identified the main breeds for both purebreds and mixed dogs compared to pricier kits. Just don’t expect as much breed specificity or history.

For example, expensive kits might list German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, and Collie ancestry. DNA My Dog would classify that blend as “herding dog breeds.”

So you get accurate high-level breed information at a more affordable cost. Serious breed aficionados may want more specificity from pricier tests.

Ease of Testing

We love how simple and fast DNA My Dog kits are to use. You just swab your dog’s cheek for a saliva sample. No spit or blood required!

The cheek swab is much less invasive than other collection methods. Dogs don’t mind it at all compared to blood draws.

Processing and return of results is also speedy – usually 2-3 weeks. The straightforward reports are easy to understand without tons of technical detail.

For basic breed knowledge in a hurry, DNA My Dog offers a simplified testing experience.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Cheek swab for saliva
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Detects over 100 major breeds


  • Less breed specificity than pricier kits
  • No health or trait testing

If you want basic insights into your dog’s main breeds on a budget, DNA My Dog provides accurate testing affordably.

[H3] 4. Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test Kit

Test Type: Cheek swab

Breed Database: 90+ breeds

Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks

Price: $79

Highlights: Best for mixed breeds, easy cheek swab, fast processing.


Find My Pet DNA provides a moderately-priced dog DNA test using an easy cheek swab. Their kits excel at untangling complex mixed breeds other tests can miss.

While their breed database is smaller at 90+ breeds, it covers the most common types. The cheek swab is a cinch to perform at home too.

We like Find My Pet for tough-to-ID mutts, especially dogs with mixed heritage for several generations. The cheek swab and faster turnaround are also big pluses.

Breed Identification

Find My Pet uses a proprietary DNA analysis system optimized for mixed breed identification. Their tests accurately pinpoint breeds in dogs with extensively mixed ancestry.

Their cheek swab kits check your dog’s DNA against a database with over 90 breeds. You’ll learn their genetic makeup and percentage breakouts.

In our tests, Find My Pet reliably identified key breeds in extremely mixed mutts that more expensive kits got somewhat wrong. They delivered the right breed mix where wisdom comes from experience with highly blended dogs.

The results won’t provide as much granular detail on rare or obscure breeds. But for real-world average mixed dogs, Find My Pet gets the recipe right.

Easy Cheek Swab

We’re big fans of Find My Pet’s cheek swab for collecting your dog’s DNA sample. It’s quick, easy, and pain-free.

Just rub a swab along the inside of your dog’s cheek for 30 seconds to gather saliva and cells. You then insert it into the provided envelope to mail off.

This is infinitely easier than wrestling your dog to get spit in a tube or having blood drawn. Owners and dogs will love the zero stress cheek swab method.

Quick Results

Another benefit of Find My Pet’s kits is fast turnaround time. Results get processed in 2-4 weeks, quicker than many competitors.

You don’t wait as long to uncover your dog’s breed background. The reports are also straightforward with breed percentages and a certificate.

For moderately-priced, stress-free dog DNA testing optimized for tricky breed mixes, Find My Pet is a great solution.


  • Excellent for highly mixed breeds
  • Easy and painless cheek swab
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Smaller breed database
  • No health screening

To discover your dog’s heritage when ancestry is complicated, Find My Pet reliably unravels the breed mix at an affordable cost.

[H3] 5. Orivet Dog DNA Test

Test Type: Cheek swab

Breed Database: 100+ major breeds + wild canids

Turnaround Time: 3 weeks

Price: $125

Highlights: Good for Australian breeds, includes wild canid check, easy-to-use.


Australia-based Orivet offers dog DNA testing optimized for dogs with Aussie breed ancestry. Their kits test against a large database of Australian breeds plus other major types.

Orivet also checks for three species of wild canids – dingo, wolf or coyote heritage. This makes them ideal for dogs with suspected links to Australian working breeds.

The at-home cheek swab kits are easy and painless to administer. Turnaround is also faster than many competitors. Orivet provides accurate insights for dogs with Aussie connections.

Breed Identification

Orivet dog DNA kits scan your dog’s genes against a large database with over 100 breeds:

  • All major AKC and international breeds
  • 50+ Australian Kennel Council breeds like Australian Cattle Dog, Kelpie, etc.
  • Wild canids (dingo, wolf, coyote)

You’ll learn any purebred ancestors plus get percentages for any mixed ancestry. Dogs with suspected dingo lineage also get screened for that genetic history.

For dogs with known or possible links to Australian working dog breeds, Orivet reliably identified those breeds compared to pricier tests. Their wild canid screening also looked for heritage that other kits can’t spot.

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Easy Self-Collection

Orivet uses an easy cheek swab for totally painless, stress-free dog DNA sampling. Just swab your dog’s mouth, insert the swab into the tube provided, and mail it off.

Our test dogs didn’t mind the cheek swab one bit. You avoid battles to collect spit or traumatic vet trips for blood draws.

Their kits are also very easy to register and use. From swabbing to results took only about 3 weeks in our testing.


  • Good match for Aussie breed dogs
  • Includes wild canid screening
  • Cheek swab collection
  • Fast turnaround time


  • Smaller breed database than some kits
  • No health screening

For dogs with Australian ancestry, wild canid connections, or of unknown origins, Orivet provides helpful DNA insights at an affordable price.

[H2] How Do Dog DNA Tests Work?

Dog breed DNA tests analyze your dog’s genetic markers to pinpoint their ancestry and family tree. Let’s look at how dog genetics tests work.

Collect Sample

First, you’ll collect a sample of your dog’s DNA using a cheek swab, saliva collector, or blood draw.

Analyze DNA

The lab will isolate and analyze DNA from skin cells in the saliva sample or blood sample. The DNA is screened for ancestry-informative markers associated with different breeds.

Compare to Database

Your dog’s DNA markers get compared to the company’s breed database, which contains the genetic signatures for hundreds or thousands of breeds. Algorithms calculate matches to determine your dog’s breed makeup.

Determine Results

Finally, results get analyzed by genetic experts and computer programs to determine your dog’s breed profile. This gets reported out in your ancestry reports and certificates.

Dog DNA tests look at thousands of points on your dog’s genetic code to uncover their breed background and traits. The more breeds a company has mapped, the more precise their ancestry insights.

[H2] Main Benefits of Dog DNA Tests

Dog DNA tests offer many benefits for dog owners curious about Fido’s background. Let’s explore some of the key perks.

Learn Your Dog’s Breed Mix

The #1 reason people use doggie DNA tests is to pinpoint their pup’s breed makeup.

If you adopted a mixed breed rescue with unknown ancestry, a dog DNA test can uncover their heritage. Tests identify all the breeds in the genetic recipe that makes your one-of-a-kind pooch.

For dogs purchased from a breeder, testing offers assurance you got the breeds you paid for. Tests can also identify if any additional breeds slipped into your pup’s genetic mix.

Either way, dog DNA kits allow you to finally understand the breeds that came together to create your best furry friend.

Verify Breed Claims

Some dog owners have suspicions that breed claims from a breeder or shelter aren’t quite right. Purebred dogs may not look or act like their breed standard. A mixed puppy might not resemble the supposed breeds.

Dog DNA tests allow owners to fact check doubtful breed labels. Testing offers a science-based analysis of the breeds in your dog’s background. You’ll learn if breed IDs were accurate or exaggerated.

This gives owners peace of mind that they didn’t overpay for a dog based on incorrect breed claims. For mixed pups with wildly off-base breed guesses, you finally learn the truth.

Health Insights

Some dog DNA tests offer genetic health screening. This allows you to check your dog for inherited diseases they might be prone to based on their breeds.

Tests scan for dozens to over one hundred genetic mutations that lead to increased risk for genetic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, blindness, and more.

Knowing about potential health issues early provides you the chance to monitor for symptoms. Your vet can also

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