Dog DNA Tests Reviewed – Discover Your Mutt’s True Origins

Have you ever wondered about the true genetic background of your beloved rescue dog or mixed breed pup? Dog DNA tests can provide fascinating insights into your mutt’s origins and give you information on their personality, health, nutrition and more.

With so many doggie DNA test kits now available, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve tested and reviewed the top 5 dog genetic testing options on the market in 2023 to help you uncover your pup’s roots.

Our Top 5 Picks for Dog DNA Tests

After extensive hands-on testing of the most popular dog DNA kits, here are our top recommendations:

[H2] Embark Dog DNA Test – Our #1 overall pick, extremely accurate breed identification and amazing health screening.

[H2] Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test – Long-trusted dog DNA test with large breed database and genetic trait analysis.

[H2] Basepaws Dog DNA Test – Best for identifying mixed breeds with detailed breed composition data.

[H2] Find My Pet DNA Dog Test – Budget friendly option good for basic breed identification.

[H2] DNA My Dog – Cheapest and fast doggie DNA results but less detailed than pricier tests.

Below we dive into the key details on each dog genetic testing kit, including an overview, pros and cons, pricing, and what makes them unique.

In-Depth Dog DNA Test Reviews

Here is an in-depth examination of the top 5 dog DNA tests on the market right now:

[H2] Embark Dog DNA Test

Overview – Embark is our hands-down winner for best overall dog DNA test thanks to its highly accurate breed identification, detailed health screening, and easy-to-use process.


  • Test results identify 250+ breeds, types and varieties compared to lower coverage from other brands
  • Health screening checks 190+ genetic health conditions vs just a few on other tests
  • Very user friendly, just activate kit and swab cheek cells from dog’s mouth
  • Fast results in 2-4 weeks
  • Free, easy to understand health and trait reports


  • Most expensive dog DNA test but worth the price for unparalleled results

Price: $199 per test

Standout Features:

  • Advanced genetic analysis backed by a PhD science team at a major veterinary school, most scientifically accurate breed ID out there
  • Coolest educational Family Tree feature shows dog’s ancestors going back to great-grandparents
  • Ongoing genetic counseling from veterinary specialists if concerning health results found

Summary: If you want the deepest dive possible into your dog’s DNA and are concerned about genetic health risks, Embark is the gold standard. Well worth the higher price tag for its breed, trait and health test superiority.

[H2] Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

Overview – Wisdom Panel pioneered dog DNA testing for consumers and remains a trusted source for breed identification and analysis.


  • Massive dog breed database with 350+ breeds detected
  • Longest track record of accurate breed ID for mixed breeds
  • Genetic age test estimates dog’s age
  • Trait analysis flags genetic traits like shedding amount
  • Most affordable of the advanced dog DNA tests


  • Less detailed health screening than Embark (checks for 150+ conditions)
  • Slower return of results in 3-4 weeks

Price: $99-$150 per test

Standout Features:

  • Incredibly large breed database useful for really pinpointing rare mixes
  • Advanced features like trait analysis and genetic age predictions
  • Wisdom Panel blog offers fun breed-related content and resources

Summary: Wisdom Panel sets the bar for accurate breed breakdowns in mixed dogs and offers extras like genetic trait and age info. An ideal balance of practical DNA insights at a reasonable price point.

[H2] Basepaws Dog DNA Test

Overview – Basepaws focuses on delivering the most detailed breed composition analysis to expose your dog’s wide genetic makeup.


  • Uncovers breed mix going back to great-grandparents’ ancestry (shows breed percentages from 5 generations back)
  • Dynamic, constantly updated database adds newly found breeds monthly
  • Reveals wild canid ancestry like wolf or coyote if present


  • Doesn’t include genetic health screening
  • Pricier than competitors for breed ID focus only

Price: $129 per test

Standout Features:

  • Unique Breed + Health kits available to add genetic health screening for $49 more
  • Month-to-month membership plan ($14/month) gives discount pricing on additional tests

Summary: For super mutts with wide, complex breed mixes, Basepaws provides next level resolution on breed ancestry going back generations rather than just overall percentages. Must add on health test for that data.

[H2] Find My Pet DNA Dog Test

Overview – An easy, affordable option for basic breed identification if you just want to satisfy your curiosity about your dog’s main origins.


  • Lowest priced doggie DNA test at under $60
  • Quick ship out and return of swab kit
  • Identifies the primary breeds in your mixed mutt


  • Can only detect 38 main dog breeds, so very limited compared to competitors
  • No analysis of more distant ancestry, just current mix
  • No extras like health or trait screening

Price: $58 per test

Standout Features:

  • Super fast results returned in just 2-3 weeks
  • Free, cute infographic shows your dog’s breed mix

Summary: For a bargain DNA test to pinpoint your dog’s general makeup, Find My Pet gets the job done. But serious dog lovers should consider paying a bit more for the vastly expanded breed data from Embark or Wisdom Panel.

[H2] DNA My Dog

Overview – Another budget-friendly dog DNA test for simple breed mix identification at the lowest cost.


  • Cheapest dog DNA test on the market at under $50
  • Results in 2-3 weeks from quick cheek swab


  • Only identifies the primary breeds, no ancestry mix details
  • Small breed database compares to pricier options
  • No extra features like health screening or ancestry timeline

Price: $47.99 per test

Standout Features:

  • Fun, colorful infographic shows your dog’s breed mix
  • Group testing discount for shelters, rescues and other organizations

Summary: DNA My Dog offers ultra-affordable entry into basic breed identification, but provides less value overall compared to Embark and Wisdom Panel. Better for casual users than serious dig lovers seeking health data and ancestry details.

Key Factors in Choosing a Dog DNA Test

With the top testing options covered, here are the main factors to consider when picking the right dog DNA kit for your needs:

[H2] DNA Database Size and Accuracy

Look for dog DNA tests like Embark with massive breed databases detecting over 250+ breeds. This ensures even rare or new breeds are identified. Advanced genotyping technology also improves accuracy.

[H2] Health Screening Breadth and Depth

To maximize value, choose dog DNA tests like Embark that scan for over 150+ genetic health conditions versus just a few. This provides crucial insight into your dog’s inherited disease risks.

[H2] Ancestry Mix Details

If analyzing your super mutt’s ancestry over multiple generations back is important, tests like Basepaws provide unique ancestry mix details and percentages. Embark and Wisdom Panel focus more on current overall breed composition.

[H2] Genetic Trait Analysis

Some dog DNA kits like Wisdom Panel now offer analysis of how your dog’s genetics influence performance, physical and behavioral traits. This can provide useful insights into your dog’s predicted abilities and personality tendencies.

[H2] Speed of Results Return

Waiting weeks for your dog’s results requires patience. Embark and Wisdom Panel take 2-4 weeks for results while tests like Find My Pet and DNA My Dog return results in just 2-3 weeks. Consider turnaround time if eager for answers.

[H2] Value for the Price

Don’t just choose the cheapest test – less expensive kits provide more limited results. Opt for a mid-priced option like Wisdom Panel that balances insightful DNA data with reasonable pricing for most dog owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Dog DNA Tests

Still have questions before picking the right dog DNA test for your pooch? Here are answers to some common FAQs:

[H3] How accurate are dog DNA tests?

Answer: The top dog DNA tests like Embark and Wisdom Panel provide highly accurate breed identification results thanks to their giant breed databases and advanced genotyping. However, no test is 100% perfect. The main benefits are learning your dog’s likeliest breeds and gaining helpful insights into their health, characteristics and origins.

[H3] What health conditions do dog DNA tests screen for?

Answer: Comprehensive dog DNA tests like Embark screen for over 150+ known genetic health conditions that dogs are prone to, including eye issues, heart problems, autoimmune disorders, bleeding disorders, neurological diseases, and inherited cancers among others. This vital information helps you monitor your dog for risks they face.

[H3] Can dog DNA tests determine a mutt’s purebred parents?

Answer: Unfortunately no dog DNA test can conclusively identify the purebred parents of a mixed breed – only the likely contributing breeds are detected based on your dog’s genes. However, some tests like Basepaws trace back ancestry over 5 generations, allowing you to see mixes of breeds in your dog’s background.

[H3] How do you collect a dog DNA sample?

Answer: Collecting your dog’s DNA sample for testing is quick and easy with a simple cheek swab from inside their mouth using the swabs provided in the kit. Detailed instructions are included with each kit. You don’t need to draw blood or have a vet assist.

[H3] How long does it take to get dog DNA test results?

Answer: Most dog DNA tests take 2-4 weeks to process your dog’s sample once received and provide online access to your results. A few budget tests provide faster turnaround of just 2-3 weeks. Consider speed of results when choosing a test.

[H3] Can dog DNA tests determine breed ancestry from pictures?

Answer: No, dog DNA tests require a physical DNA sample to analyze your dog’s genes. There currently aren’t any reliable tests that can accurately identify complex breed ancestry and traits just from your dog’s pictures. Physical DNA must be tested.

Uncover Your Dog’s Roots with a DNA Test

Did you know that over 90% of dogs today are mutts with mixed genetic backgrounds? While part of your pup’s allure is their one-of-a-kind mix of characteristics, a dog DNA test can uncover key insights into their ancestry and health.

The right dog DNA test provides a treasure trove of useful information to deepen your bond with your pooch. You’ll finally understand your dog’s origins, personalized health risks, unique traits and more.

Choosing the best dog DNA test means weighing factors like database size, health analysis and how deep into your dog’s ancestral timeline you want to voyage. Ultimately the top testing brands like Embark and Wisdom Panel deliver an exciting dose of science-driven revelations to strengthen the human-canine connection.

Go ahead, unleash your dog’s story! A simple DNA test holds the keys to unraveling breed background, genetic predispositions and the mysteries of your marvelous mixed breed.

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