How to Use Facebook: The Complete Guide for Beginners and Power Users

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, with over 2.9 billion monthly active users as of Q4 2021. Whether you’re new to Facebook or want to learn tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform, this comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know.

Introduction to Facebook

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates as a way for students at Harvard University to connect with each other online. What started as a closed network on a single college campus quickly spread to other universities, then high schools, and eventually anyone over age 13 with a valid email address could sign up.

Today Facebook has evolved into more than just a social network for sharing life updates with friends and family. It’s become a multipurpose platform for messaging, advertising, entertainment, news consumption, community building, and more. Many businesses and organizations also use Facebook Pages to market themselves and connect with customers.

With so many features and users, it’s no wonder Facebook can seem overwhelming for new users. This guide will walk you through the key things you need to know in order to use Facebook effectively, whether for personal or professional use.

Getting Started: Signing Up and Setting Up Your Profile

If you don’t already have a Facebook account, the first step is signing up for one at You’ll need to provide your name, email address or mobile number, birthday, and gender.

Once your account is created, it’s time to build your profile. Your profile allows you to share information about yourself with other Facebook users. Here are some tips for setting up an effective Facebook profile:

  • Add a profile picture: Choose a clear, well-lit headshot of yourself for your profile picture. This will be the first thing people see on your profile.
  • Write an “About” section: Use this space to share basic bio info like where you live, where you work or go to school, and your interests.
  • Utilize Life Events: Share key life events and information like where you’re from, family members, relationship status, etc.
  • Customize your cover photo: Your cover photo appears at the top of your profile. It can be a landscape photo, quote, or other visual that represents you.

Take the time to complete your profile thoroughly. A fully filled out profile makes it more likely that friends, family, and new connections will engage with your content and requests.

Making Connections: Finding and Adding Facebook Friends

The fun part about Facebook is connecting with other users. Here are ways to build up your friends list:

  • Search for people you know: Use the search bar to find people you know by name, school, workplace, city, etc. When you send a friend request, customize it with a message.
  • Import contacts: Under “Friends” in the left sidebar, you can import email contacts from services like Gmail who also have Facebook. This makes it easy to mass send friend requests.
  • Respond to friend recommendations: Facebook will suggest friends based on mutual connections, shared networks like school or work, and more. Browse these recommendations and add people you’d like to connect with.
  • Follow public figures/celebrities: Your news feed will automatically show posts from the public figures, athletes, musicians, brands, and other entities you follow.
  • Join Groups: Browse Groups based on your interests and hobbies. Once you join, you can connect with other members.

Building out your friends list helps maximize your Facebook experience. The more active friends you have, the more engaging content you’ll see in your news feed.

News Feed: What You’ll See When You Log In

Your news feed is the constantly updating list of posts you see whenever you log into Facebook. It includes:

  • Recent posts from friends and followed pages/public figures
  • Updates on events and groups you joined
  • Notifications when you’re tagged or mentioned
  • Recommended content like trending topics and ads

You have controls over what appears in your news feed. Under the Settings menu, you can:

  • Prioritize who you see first
  • Snooze people temporarily
  • Follow/unfollow Pages
  • See fewer posts about certain topics
  • Manage notifications

Customizing your news feed this way ensures you see relevant, interesting content at the top.

Posting and Interacting: Status Updates, Photos, Videos and More

Posting content and interacting with friends is core to the Facebook experience. Here are the key features to know:

Status updates let you post text, photo, video, and poll updates visible in your news feed. Use them to share life moments big and small.

Stories are visual updates that disappear after 24 hours. Post solo or add creative elements like music, stickers, and drawings.

Photos and videos can be uploaded to your timeline or shared in albums. The same options are available whether you post directly to Facebook or share from your camera roll.

Live videos let you broadcast in real-time to your friends. Go Live to showcase events, chat with your community, share your gameplay, and more.

Reactions are the icons you can click to interact with a post. Reactions include Like, Love, Care, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry.

Comments allow you to write a response to a post. You can add photos, GIFs, stickers, and more in your comments.

Sharing posts lets you easily re-share someone else’s post with your own network. Look for the Share button on every post.

Engage with the content you see in your feed. Liking, commenting on, and sharing posts from friends helps build connections.

Messenger and Chat Features

Facebook’s messaging platform is Messenger, accessible on mobile, desktop, and in VR. Here are the key features available:

  • One-on-one and group texting: Message friends individually or create group chats for ongoing conversations with multiple people.
  • Video and voice calls: Make free HD video and audio calls via Messenger using your phone, computer, Portal device, or Oculus headset.
  • Disappearing messages: Enable disappearing messages in chats, so they are automatically deleted after a set time period.
  • Message reactions and chat themes: React to messages with emojis and customize chat colors/nicknames.
  • Sharing: Easily share posts, videos, GIFs, and more directly from your Facebook feed into a Messenger chat.
  • Bots and businesses: Interact with businesses, play games, get news updates, and more by chatting with Messenger bots and business accounts.

Messenger makes it easy to have real-time conversations with the people in your Facebook network.

Key Tips for Facebook Success

Now that you know the basics, apply these tips to get the most out of Facebook:

  • Post consistently, but not excessively. Aim for one or two posts per day. Mix up status updates, photos, videos, and Stories.
  • Vary your content to showcase different parts of your life and personality. Post about hobbies, events, accomplishments, favorite brands, etc.
  • Engage thoughtfully with others. Comment on posts from friends. Join Groups where you can build community.
  • Manage your privacy: Use the audience selector when posting to choose who sees your content. Adjust privacy settings to control profile info visibility.
  • Stay active. Check notifications, respond to messages, browse news feeds, and post regularly. Inactive accounts get demoted in news feeds.
  • Use ads effectively: If you have a Facebook business Page, create ads to promote your posts, products, events, and offers. Target your ads to your ideal audience.

By applying these Facebook best practices, you can build a vibrant social community and presence on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Facebook

Facebook has a lot of features, options, and nuances that can leave new users with questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I create a Facebook Page for my business or organization?

From your personal account, click “Create” then “Page.” Select the category that fits your business, then fill out key details. You’ll be the Page admin and can add other admins. Promote your Page to build followers.

What’s the difference between a Facebook profile and Page?

A profile represents an individual person while a Page represents a business, organization, product, brand, community, etc. Have an individual profile for your personal use and a Page to represent your professional ventures.

How do I temporarily snooze someone’s posts from my news feed?

Click the three dots at the top right of their post, select “Snooze [name]” and choose how long you want to snooze for (30 days max). You can also snooze someone through their profile. Their posts won’t show up until the snooze period expires.

Can I use Facebook on multiple devices?

Yes, you can stay logged into Facebook on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone simultaneously. Your news feed, messages, notifications, etc. will sync across devices. Download the mobile apps and install Messenger for chat access on the go.

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Is it safe for kids under 13 to use Facebook?

Facebook requires users to be at least 13 years old. For younger kids, Facebook owns Instagram Kids for ages 10-12 and Messenger Kids for under 13. These offer safer experiences with parent controls. There are also kid-friendly alternatives like Yoursphere.

How do I report inappropriate content or spam?

Click the three dots above any post or comment and select “Report.” You’ll be prompted to choose why you’re reporting the content. Facebook reviews all reports and takes any necessary action.

How can I tell if someone blocked me on Facebook?

If you can’t find someone’s profile that you were previously connected with, they likely blocked you. You’ll no longer see their posts, and they won’t see yours. Unlike unfriending, blocking prevents any further contact.

How do I permanently delete my Facebook account?

Go to your Settings and select “Your Facebook Information.” Click “Deactivation and Deletion.” You’ll have the option to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account. Click “Continue to Account Deletion” and follow the steps to confirm.


Facebook has evolved from a simple college social network into a global platform used for socializing, marketing, entertainment, news, and more. While it offers a diverse range of features and options, taking the time to customize your settings and engage thoughtfully can lead to making meaningful connections.

This guide provided tips to optimize your Facebook profile, connect with friends new and old, interact by posting content, communicate via Messenger, advertise a business Page, and maximize the platform based on your personal or professional goals.

With over 2.9 billion users worldwide, Facebook presents a tremendous opportunity to showcase your life and interests, build community and belonging, and grow an audience or business. We hope these tips empower you to use Facebook effectively so you can thrive on the world’s largest social networking platform.

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