iPhone 14 Colors – All New Finishes Explained with Pictures

Apple has introduced exciting new colors for the iPhone 14 lineup. With refined matte finishes and a range of bright and neutral tones, there is an iPhone 14 color for every style and taste.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the iPhone 14 colors and finishes. You’ll see detailed photos illustrating each color option along with an overview of the new changes compared to previous models. Whether you prefer understated neutrals or vibrant hues, you’ll find the perfect iPhone 14 color for you here.

An Overview of iPhone 14 Color Options

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are available in five new color options:

  • Midnight – A deep, inky black with a matte finish
  • Starlight – A sophisticated silver tone with a hint of gold
  • Blue – A bright, cheerful blue
  • Purple – A bold, royal purple
  • (PRODUCT)Red – A vibrant cherry red

Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max offer four refined color choices:

  • Space Black – An ultra-dark black with a glossy finish
  • Silver – A classic silver tone with a polished look
  • Gold – A warm, luxe golden hue
  • Deep Purple – A rich purple shade with a soft-touch matte texture

Compared to the iPhone 13 series, Apple has replaced Sierra Blue with the new Purple option. The Pro models also now offer Deep Purple rather than Sierra Blue. Read on for an in-depth look at each color.

Midnight – A Sleek, Sophisticated Black

The Midnight iPhone 14 sports Apple’s deepest, most intense black shade to date. This is achieved through a matte back glass that eliminates glare while looking impressively sleek.

Midnight replaces the Graphite and Black options found on earlier iPhone models. It offers a richer, more refined take on classic black that feels elevated yet understated.

When viewed up close, the finely textured matte finish minimizes fingerprints. This allows the inky color to take center stage. Midnight looks incredibly slick and modern.

It’s a versatile choice that pairs nicely with any case color. Midnight also enables the camera and Apple logo details on the back glass to stand out boldly. For those seeking the most stylish black iPhone, Midnight delivers.

Midnight iPhone 14 on a black surface

The Midnight iPhone 14 with a black matte back glass. Image via PCMag

Starlight – A Shimmering Silver-Gold Fusion

Starlight offers a dazzling light silver tone infused with gold for a hint of warmth. This refined finish replaces the Silver option found on earlier models.

The sleek metallic back glass features a satin texture. When viewed from different angles, mesmerizing undertones shift between silver, champagne and pale gold. Starlight lives up to its celestial name with an eye-catching gleam.

Compared to the Graphite iPhone 13, Starlight introduces a cooler, brighter silver that looks significantly more premium. It offers more visual interest than basic silver, while maintaining a neutral, versatile appeal.

Starlight allows the camera module and logo to stand out boldly against the pale background. This sophisticated neutral finish effortlessly pairs with any case color. It’s ideal for those seeking a striking silver-gold iPhone shade.

Starlight iPhone 14 on a white surface

The shimmering Starlight finish of the iPhone 14. Image via MacRumors

Blue – A Vibrant, Playful Cyan Blue

The new Blue iPhone 14 color delivers a bright, inviting cyan blue shade. This energetic tone replaces the Blue offered on previous models with a lighter, more vivid cyan.

The sleek back glass features a subtle satin finish that allows the cheerful color to shine. When viewed up close, Blue has a turquoise quality that looks fresh and youthful. It offers more personality than basic blue.

Compared to the Sierra Blue iPhone 13, this new Blue shade appears lighter, brighter and more vibrant. It replaces the green-blue undertones with a bolder cyan that looks tropical and fun. The contrast against the polished stainless steel edges is eye-catching.

For those wanting a colorful iPhone without being too bold, Blue is a great option. It pairs well with clear cases to show off the lively hue. The camera module and logo details pop nicely against the bright background.

Blue iPhone 14 on a blue background

The vibrant new Blue iPhone 14 color. Image via Apple

Purple – A Playful Twist on Classic Purple

The all-new Purple iPhone 14 delivers a soft lilac purple with a deep raspberry tint. This lively color adds a playful pop of personality not found in traditional purple shades.

The refined matte back glass features a velvety look and feel. When viewed up close, mesmerizing pink undertones become visible. Purple is a unique cross between timeless purple and fun pink.

Compared to Sierra Blue, this new purple shade has a softer, more inviting quality. The lack of green tones gives it a bolder look than lavender purple. Purple offers more character than basic colors without being too loud.

This charming purple iPhone color will appeal to those wanting a hint of color. It looks great with clear cases to show off the pinkish undertones. Purple also enables the camera and logo details on back to stand out.

Purple iPhone 14 on a purple background

The new Purple iPhone 14 finish with a soft lilac-pink tone. Image via MacRumors

(PRODUCT)Red – A Fiery Cherry Red Shade

Apple brings back the vibrant (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 14 color option. This fiery red shade delivers a richer, deeper red reminiscent of ripe cherries.

The sleek glossy back glass provides a perfect canvas for the intense color. When viewed up close, red-orange undertones give (PRODUCT)Red an exotic, hot rod vibe. This is a more intense red than Apple has offered before.

Compared to previous (PRODUCT)Red iPhones, this new shade has deeper color saturation and fewer pinkish undertones. The result is a grown-up, confident red that makes a bold style statement. A portion of sales goes to the Global Fund HIV/AIDS.

For those seeking a powerful, passionate pop of color, (PRODUCT)Red is sure to satisfy. It looks great paired with clear or black cases to let the fiery hue take center stage. This red really pops against the stainless steel edges.

Red iPhone 14 on a red background

The intense cherry red (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 14. Image via MacRumors

Space Black – An Ultra-Dark, Glossy Black

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are offered in Apple’s darkest black ever – Space Black. This new color replaces Graphite with an even deeper, richer black finish.

Space Black features a high-gloss back glass that reflects like a pure onyx stone. When viewed up close, the glossy texture resembles a dark night sky. This is the most intense black seen on any iPhone.

Compared to Graphite, Space Black delivers much darker shade with amplified color saturation. The glossy finish pairs elegantly with the polished stainless steel edges for a luxe look. Smudges and fingerprints blend right into the ultra-dark color.

Space Black is ideal for those wanting the most sleek, sophisticated black iPhone. The muted shade also enables the shiny camera module and logo to stand out boldly on the back. This new black color manages to feel both bold and refined.

Space Black iPhone 14 Pro on a black surface

The glossy Space Black iPhone 14 Pro delivers an ultra-dark black finish. Image via MacRumors

Silver – A Polished, Classic Silver Option

The iPhone 14 Pro lineup brings back the familiar Silver color option. This classic silver finish features a bright, shiny, mirror-like look.

Silver sports a chrome-esque high-gloss back glass. When viewed up close, the radiant metallic surface resembles liquid silver. It delivers the most eye-catching reflectivity of all the Pro colors.

Compared to the Graphite iPhone 13 Pro, this Silver finish looks significantly cleaner and more vibrant. While remaining neutral, it offers more flair than basic silver. The glossy texture pairs elegantly with the matching polished frame.

Silver allows the prominent camera module and logo to pop while maintaining a polished, upscale vibe. It’s the ideal choice for those wanting a radiant silver iPhone with lots of bling factor. The glossy surface does show smudges readily.

Silver iPhone 14 Pro on a white surface

The shining Silver finish of the iPhone 14 Pro. Image via MacRumors

Gold – A Luxurious Warm Golden Finish

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are offered in a rich new Gold color that replaces the previous Gold option. This luxurious finish features amplified color saturation and glossy texture.

Gold sports a high-gloss back glass with shimmering gold undertones visible up close. It resembles liquid gold more than previous gold iPhones. This stunning metallic finish looks incredibly opulent and upscale.

Compared to the Gold iPhone 13 Pro, the new shade has deeper gold tones with less yellow. The glossy glass pairs elegantly with the matching stainless steel edges. Smudges blend into the shiny surface.

Gold delivers a perfect balance of neutral versatility and glamorous flair. The warm gold hue offsets the prominent camera module and logo nicely. For those wanting a truly decadent gold iPhone, this new shade shines.

Gold iPhone 14 Pro on a white surface

The rich new Gold color of the iPhone 14 Pro models. Image via MacRumors

Deep Purple – A Royal Purple with Soft Matte Texture

Exclusive to the Pro lineup, Deep Purple offers a regal purple shade with sophisticated matte finish. This majestic color replaces Sierra Blue from the iPhone 13 Pro.

The velvety back glass features a soft-touch texture with subtle sparkling undertones visible up close. Deep Purple resembles amethyst gemstones. The matte surface resists fingerprints better than glossy colors.

Compared to Sierra Blue, Deep Purple introduces lush purple without any blue tones. The soft matte texture provides a more premium look than glossy purple. This rich color looks especially elegant paired with the glossy stainless steel frame.

For those wanting a luxurious purple iPhone, Deep Purple delivers. The soft-touch feel results in a smooth, velvety look. The neutral purple shade also allows the camera module and logo to stand out boldly.

Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro on a purple background

The soft matte texture of Deep Purple on the iPhone 14 Pro. Image via MacRumors

How Do the iPhone 14 Colors Compare to iPhone 13?

The iPhone 14 lineup introduces exciting new colors while retiring a few shades from the iPhone 13 series:

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  • New colors:
  • Midnight – A deeper black on iPhone 14
  • Purple – A bright lilac purple on iPhone 14
  • Deep Purple – A rich purple with soft-touch matte on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Gold – A warmer, more saturated gold on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Removed colors:
  • Pink – Gone from entire iPhone 14 lineup
  • Sierra Blue – Replaced on iPhone 14 by Purple
  • Graphite – Replaced on iPhone 14 Pro by Space Black
  • Carryover colors:
  • Starlight – A silver-gold fusion on iPhone 14
  • Blue – A brighter cyan blue on iPhone 14
  • (PRODUCT)Red – A deeper cherry red on iPhone 14
  • Silver – High-gloss silver on iPhone 14 Pro

The new colors showcase Apple’s constant improvements to appeal to diverse tastes. The bolder finishes deliver more premium, upscale looks compared to iPhone 13.

Choosing Your Perfect iPhone 14 Color

With so many gorgeous colors to consider, selecting your ideal iPhone 14 shade can be tough. Here are some tips for choosing a finish you’ll love:

  • Black lovers – Midnight offers the most sleek, refined black thanks to its matte texture. Meanwhile, Space Black provides the most dramatic ultra-dark black with glossy style.
  • Neutral fans – Starlight, Silver and Gold are all stunning neutrals. Starlight offers light silver-gold shine. Silver provides the most dazzling reflective finish. Gold delivers opulent warmth.
  • Color seekers – Blue, Purple and (PRODUCT)Red offer the boldest iPhone 14 hues. Blue is bright and friendly cyan. Purple features charming lilac-pink tones. (PRODUCT)Red makes the biggest vibrant style statement.
  • Matte or gloss? – Matte finishes resist fingerprints and offer soft satin textures in colors like Midnight and Purple. Glossy colors like Space Black provide liquid-like shine but do show smudges more.
  • Pairing with cases – Vibrant colors like Blue and (PRODUCT)Red look great paired with clear cases. Neutrals like Starlight and Silver match well with any case color. Soft-touch Deep Purple is best shown off caseless.

No matter your personal style preferences, there is a perfect iPhone 14 color ready to suit your taste. With expanded options spanning sophisticated neutrals to vibrant pops of color, you can’t go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone 14 Colors

Still deciding between all the amazing new iPhone 14 colors? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Which iPhone 14 color is the most popular?

According to Apple, the most popular iPhone 14 color is Midnight, the sleek new black. The refined matte black finish has proven extremely popular this year, beating out even neutral Starlight.

What is the rarest iPhone 14 color?

The rarest iPhone 14 color is Deep Purple, since it is only available on iPhone 14 Pro models. This exclusive luxurious purple finish stands out for its soft matte texture.

How do I protect the colorful glass back of the iPhone 14?

Using a protective case is the best way to prevent damage to your iPhone 14’s beautiful color finish. Clear cases are ideal for showing off bright colors while robust cases come in colors to complement iPhone 14 hues.

Which iPhone 14 color shows the most smudges?

The glossy colors like Space Black and Silver show the most noticeable smudges from fingerprints and dirt. Matte textures on finishes like Midnight and Deep Purple help minimize the appearance of smudges.

Will iPhone 14 colors fade over time?

iPhone 14 colors are designed to resist fading, with durable glass engineered for color permanence. As long as you don’t scrape or chip the back glass, vibrant hues like Blue and (PRODUCT)Red will maintain intensity.

Can I customize an iPhone 14 with a different color?

Apple doesn’t offer official custom color options for iPhone 14 models. However, you can use high-quality vinyl skins or cases to customize your iPhone 14 with a different color or design.

Find Your Perfect iPhone 14 Color Match

With expanded color choices spanning sophisticated neutrals, striking metallics, and vibrant hues, Apple has an iPhone 14 finish to satisfy every style. The refined textures and expanded options provide a color for every user.

For the most luxe black, the matte Midnight iPhone 14 delivers maximum sleekness. To make a bold color statement, the vibrant (PRODUCT)Red is sure to get you noticed. Or embrace regal elegance with the soft Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro.

Whichever color you choose, the durable polished glass and matching aluminum frame ensure it will maintain its beauty over time. With more stunning colors to fall in love with, the only hard part is deciding on your personal iPhone 14 favorite!

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