JustFoodForDogs Review – Custom Pet Food Made Simple

JustFoodForDogs is a pet food company offering customized, veterinarian-formulated dog food delivered right to your door. With options tailored to your dog’s unique nutritional needs, JustFoodForDogs aims to make feeding your dog easy and worry-free. This comprehensive JustFoodForDogs review covers everything you need to know about this fresh pet food delivery service.

An Overview of JustFoodForDogs

Founded in 2010 by Shawn Buckley, JustFoodForDogs is based in California and makes fresh, human-grade dog food. Their recipes are created by veterinary nutritionists to meet National Research Council standards.

Some key things to know about JustFoodForDogs:

  • Customizable dog food: Build a personalized plan based on your dog’s age, breed size, activity level and any health issues.
  • Veterinarian-formulated: Recipes are crafted by board-certified veterinary nutritionists.
  • Made with real, whole foods: Ingredients you recognize like beef, chicken, salmon, veggies and more.
  • Freshly cooked: Meals are gently cooked in small batches and shipped fresh or frozen nationwide.
  • Human food safety standards: Kitchens follow human food safety protocols.
  • Delivered to your door: Get automatic, recurring delivery right to your home.

Now let’s dive into the details in this complete JustFoodForDogs review!

Choosing the Best Dog Food at JustFoodForDogs

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right food for your dog can be challenging. Here are some factors to consider when picking a JustFoodForDogs recipe:

Type of Dog Food

JustFoodForDogs offers both fresh food that is shipped chilled and frozen food.

Fresh food is gently cooked and shipped with cool packs to arrive at your door fresh, not frozen. It has a shorter shelf life of just a few days.

Frozen food is cooked and flash-frozen to lock in nutrients. It’s shipped frozen and will last much longer in your freezer.

Both fresh and frozen options use the same recipes and ingredients. It just depends on your preferences for storage and use.

Life Stage Formulas

Dogs have different nutritional requirements as they age from puppyhood through senior years. JustFoodForDogs has life stage diets for:

  • Puppies: Formula provides extra calories for growth and development.
  • Adults: Balanced nutrition for normally active adult dogs.
  • Seniors: Tailored to help aging dogs maintain lean body mass and mobility.

Be sure to feed your dog the recipe formulated for their current life stage.

Breed Size Options

To meet every dog’s unique needs, JustFoodForDogs offers recipes tailored by breed size:

  • Small breed: For dogs under 20 pounds
  • Medium breed: For dogs 21-50 pounds
  • Large breed: For dogs 51-90 pounds
  • Extra large breed: For dogs over 91 pounds

Feeding your dog a formula designed for their breed size ensures they get proper nutrition.

Special Diet Formulas

JustFoodForDogs has several therapeutic diets for dogs with specific health conditions:

  • Omega Plus Skin & Allergy Care: Features omega-3 fatty acids to nourish skin and coat.
  • Joint Care: Supports mobility with glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Gut Health: Probiotics and prebiotics to aid digestion.
  • Heart Care: Targets cardiac function with taurine, L-carnitine and more.

Talk to your vet to see if a special diet could benefit your dog.

JustFoodForDogs Ingredient Quality

When it comes to your dog’s food, ingredients matter. Here’s an overview of what goes into JustFoodForDogs meals:

| Ingredient Type | Foods Used | Benefits |
| Protein | Chicken, beef, turkey, salmon | Builds lean muscle |
| Fruits & Veggies | Carrots, peas, apples, blueberries | Antioxidants & nutrients |
| Grains | Brown rice, oatmeal | Energy from carbs |
| Fats & Oils | Olive oil, fish oil | Healthy skin & coat |

Key things that set JustFoodForDogs apart:

  • Whole foods: Ingredients are minimally processed and recognizable.
  • Human-grade: Meets standards for human consumption.
  • No by-products: No low-quality mystery meats.
  • No artificial preservatives: Uses food safety practices instead.

You can feel good knowing all ingredients are natural, high-quality and nutritious.

How JustFoodForDogs Meals Are Made

From sourcing to cooking to safety checks, here is an inside look at how JustFoodForDogs makes fresh pet food:

Ingredient Sourcing

  • Source USDA human-grade ingredients from trusted suppliers.
  • Test each delivery for pathogen contaminants.
  • Store ingredients properly to avoid spoilage.

Meal Preparation

  • Weigh out ingredients per tested recipes.
  • Chop, mix and cook in small batches.
  • Hand cook or use low-temperature ovens.
  • Avoid extruding, cold press, high heat.

Quality Control

  • Adhere to strict food safety protocols.
  • Conduct quality checks during cooking.
  • Rapidly chill cooked food.
  • Test final products to ensure safety.

By taking steps to carefully formulate, gently cook and rigorously test meals, JustFoodForDogs ensures safety and quality.

JustFoodForDogs Delivery Plans

With regular auto-delivery of fresh or frozen food, JustFoodForDogs takes the hassle out of shopping for dog food every month. Here are the delivery options:

Delivery Frequency

  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every 3 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks

Choose the frequency that fits your needs. Change or pause anytime.

Food Types

  • Fresh delivered chilled
  • Frozen

Package Sizes

Vary based on food type and dog’s weight. Options include:

  • 2 lb bag
  • 5 lb bag
  • 14 lb case

Shipping Fees

  • Free shipping for orders over $50
  • Flat rate fee under $50

Sign up for scheduled deliveries so you never run out of food. With regular home delivery, you can ensure your dog gets the customized nutrition they need.

JustFoodForDogs Pricing

JustFoodForDogs aims to be affordable compared to other fresh dog food delivery brands. Expect to pay the following based on your dog’s weight:

| Dog Weight | Average Monthly Cost |
| 5 lb dog | $80-$100 |
| 20 lb dog | $155-$195 |
| 50 lb dog | $185-$235 |
| 100 lb dog | $290-$370 |

Pricing factors:

  • Dog’s weight dictates servings needed.
  • Bigger dogs generally cost less per pound.
  • Special diets cost more than standard recipes.
  • Regional pricing differences apply.

With scheduled deliveries, you save 5-10% compared to one-time orders. Overall, JustFoodForDogs provides value for customized fresh pet food.

JustFoodForDogs Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

JustFoodForDogs is generally highly reviewed for its fresh, customized approach to dog food. Here’s a look at what pet parents say in JustFoodForDogs reviews:

Quality of Ingredients

  • “You can tell the ingredients are top-notch and not processed.”
  • “My dog’s food looks and smells like real, fresh-cooked food.”
  • “The ingredient quality is much better than traditional kibble.”

Improved Dog Health

  • “My dog’s skin allergies and tummy issues cleared up after switching.”
  • “It’s tailored to my senior dog’s needs and he loves the taste.”
  • “My pup’s energy is through the roof with this food.”

Customer Service

  • “Customer service is amazing and helped me pick the optimal recipes.”
  • “The delivery team is always friendly when they drop off my dog’s food.”
  • “They resolved a shipping issue I had very quickly.”

Most owners say their dogs enjoy the taste and have improvements in energy, skin, coat and digestion after transitioning to JustFoodForDogs. Customization, quality ingredients and customer service are frequently highlighted.

JustFoodForDogs Pros and Cons

To help summarize this JustFoodForDogs review, here is an overview of some of the key advantages and downsides of this fresh, customized dog food brand:

JustFoodForDogs Pros

  • Customizable recipes for your dog’s needs
  • Vet-formulated with whole, human-grade ingredients
  • Freshly cooked in small batches for quality
  • Shipped fresh or frozen nationwide
  • Takes the hassle out of shopping for dog food
  • Generally more affordable than competitors
  • Positive reviews from most pet parents

JustFoodForDogs Cons

  • Limited protein options compared to some competitors
  • Must order online, no in-store pickup
  • Short shelf life of fresh food means more frequent deliveries
  • Regional recipes differences can cause diet changes if you move
  • Doesn’t work for extremely picky eaters

Overall, most dogs and pet parents seem very happy with the JustFoodForDogs experience. Customized nutrition tailored to your dog’s needs makes it stand out from traditional dog food brands.

JustFoodForDogs Review: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering feeding your dog JustFoodForDogs, here are answers to some common questions:

How long does JustFoodForDogs food last?

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Fresh food lasts 3-4 days after delivery if kept refrigerated. Frozen food lasts 6-12 months in the freezer.

Is human food safe for dogs?

Some human foods are fine for dogs but others are toxic. JustFoodForDogs uses only ingredients verified safe and healthy for dogs. Don’t feed your dog table scraps or people food without first checking if it’s safe.

Is fresh dog food better?

Freshly cooked dog food retains more nutrients than highly processed kibble. It also contains more natural moisture. Many dogs enjoy the taste and digest fresh food easier.

How do I transition my dog to JustFoodForDogs?

Slowly transition over 2-3 weeks by mixing in increasing amounts of the new food. This allows your dog’s stomach time to adapt.

Does JustFoodForDogs reduce allergies?

The limited-ingredient recipes avoid common allergens. Many dogs see allergy symptom relief with fresh food tailored to their sensitivities. Check with your vet.

Is it worth paying more for fresh dog food?

Higher quality ingredients come at a cost but can provide big benefits for your dog’s health. Evaluate if it aligns with your budget. Some find savings by not buying treats.

Should You Feed Your Dog JustFoodForDogs?

If you want convenient access to customized, veterinarian-crafted dog food delivered right to your door, JustFoodForDogs is a fresh food option worth considering. With better nutrition from high-quality ingredients tailored to your dog’s needs, many pet parents find it enhances their dog’s health, energy and quality of life. JustFoodForDogs takes the guesswork out of mealtimes with auto-delivery of nutritionist-formulated recipes personalized for your pup. For pet owners seeking fresher, safer, easier dog food, JustFoodForDogs hits the mark.

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