JustFoodForDogs Reviews: Custom Vet-Designed Recipes for Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

JustFoodForDogs is a unique pet food company offering customized, veterinarian-formulated recipes tailored to your dog or cat’s specific nutritional needs and health conditions. With an ever-growing product line of fresh whole food diets made from human-grade ingredients, JustFoodForDogs aims to raise the bar for pet nutrition.

But are their premium priced products worth it? Do pets actually benefit from freshly cooked food versus traditional kibble? Below we dive into JustFoodForDogs, examining their brand philosophy, ingredients, manufacturing process, product options and real customer reviews. Read on for the full scoop on this pet food upstart.

Overview of JustFoodForDogs

JustFoodForDogs was founded in 2010 by two pet owners – a veterinarian Dr. Oscar Chavez and his friend Shawn Buckley. After seeing clients struggle to find healthy food for pets with medical issues, they decided to provide a solution. The brand’s mission is simple: provide whole food recipes tailored to each pet’s unique needs.

All recipes are formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and made with transparency in mind. Ingredients and nutrition facts are clearly listed. JustFoodForDogs aims to raise the standard for pet food, providing custom recipes on a larger scale than typically found with fresh cooked pet diets. Their expanding line of products caters to pets with specific conditions like kidney disease, pancreatitis, allergies and more.

Key Features of JustFoodForDogs Include:

  • Custom veterinarian-designed recipes
  • Human-grade whole food ingredients
  • Made fresh in their own kitchens
  • Meets AAFCO standards for balanced nutrition
  • Caters to dogs and cats with medical conditions
  • Vet-supervised cold-pressure processing
  • Transparent sourcing and quality control
  • Nationwide home delivery service

Keep reading for an in-depth look at how JustFoodForDogs creates their pet food products, from recipe development to ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and delivery.

JustFoodForDogs Recipes and Formulas

Custom Veterinary Designed Recipes

The foundation of JustFoodForDogs is their custom recipes tailored for each pet’s needs. Formulas are crafted under veterinary supervision based on the latest research. This includes meeting AAFCO standards for complete and balanced nutrition appropriate for each life stage.

Recipes are designed not just for healthy pets but specifically for dogs and cats with medical conditions like:

  • Kidney Disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity / Weight Loss
  • Cancer Support
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Liver Disease
  • Urinary Issues
  • Diabetes

For example, the Kidney Care recipes limit phosphorus and create the ideal protein-fat-carb ratio for pets with renal issues. Pancreatitis Support uses low fat formulations. JustFoodForDogs also offers custom recipes for more than seven documented allergies.

Their veterinary team stays up to date with the latest clinical research to create science-backed diets. Customers can feel confident recipes are optimizing their pet’s health.

Whole Food Ingredients

All recipes are made with whole food ingredients approved for human consumption. This includes:

  • Muscle meats, organs and bone (chicken, turkey, beef)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Grains (brown rice, quinoa, barley)
  • Supplements and oils

Ingredients vary based on the specific recipe’s nutritional targets but always emphasize quality whole foods. They avoid by-products, additives and preservatives common in commercial pet foods. Recipes are also free from fillers like corn, wheat, soy.

JustFoodForDogs complies with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices for ingredients storage, handling and quality control. Their kitchens follow strict protocols for cleanliness and food safety.

Sourcing and Manufacturing Process

American-Sourced Ingredients

All ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers in the United States. This includes restaurant-quality muscle meat and organs certified fit for human consumption.

Fruits, veggies, grains and supplements are also American-sourced to ensure transparency and meet JustFoodForDogs’ quality standards. Local sourcing provides fresher ingredients and reduces environmental impact.

In-House Kitchens

Meals are freshly cooked in JustFoodForDogs’ own kitchens located in California and Florida. This gives them direct oversight over each step of the process – recipe development, ingredient prep, cooking, packaging and storage.

Their facilities include veterinary inspection labs to enforce quality control. Each kitchen follows FDA, USDA and state guidelines for food production. Cold pressure pasteurization and testing procedures ensure safety.

Customized Meal Packaging

Recipes are uniquely tailored then packaged as ready-to-serve meals. Ingredients are pre-portioned based on your pet’s size, age and needs before cooking. This makes mealtime easy – just open, serve and enjoy.

Packaging varies based on dispatch method. Locally delivered meals use eco-friendly containers. Nationwide shipments pack meals in insulated boxes with ice packs to ensure freshness.

Nationwide Home Delivery

Once packaged, fresh cooked meals are quickly dispatched to maintain quality. Local delivery is available within hours to Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Phoenix, Tucson and Manhattan areas.

For all other locations in the contiguous U.S., JustFoodForDogs overnight ships freshly made food on ice directly to your door. Delivery costs vary by location.

This cold-chain distribution allows JustFoodForDogs to safely provide customized fresh food anywhere nationwide. Home delivery ensures your pet’s meals are as convenient as possible while maximizing nutrition.

JustFoodForDogs Product Line

JustFoodForDogs offers an expanding range of recipes and formats for dogs and cats of all life stages. Their veterinary nutritionists individualize meal plans while offering variety and flexibility.

Core Dog Food Diets Include:

  • Puppy Food: Soft-cooked turkey and whole grains tailored to growing pup nutritional needs.
  • Adult Dog Food: Balanced turkey, beef and fish recipes for maintenance.
  • Senior Dog Food: Supports aging dogs with low fat, high protein chicken or beef options.
  • Weight Management: Protein-packed low calorie meals for overweight dogs.

For Cats They Offer:

  • Kitten Food: Turkey or fish formulas designed for developing kittens.
  • Adult Cat Food: Balanced chicken, turkey or fish diets for maintenance.
  • Senior Cat Food: Low calorie, high protein options manage aging cats’ needs.

Additionally, Their Custom Medical Support Diets Provide Targeted Nutrition for Dogs and Cats With:

  • Kidney Disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Liver Disease
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Conditions

Beyond Cooked Meals, Other Products Include:

  • PantryFresh: Dehydrated raw food mixes for dogs. Just add water.
  • Balanced Remedy: Balancing powder to create custom recipes or boost nutrition.
  • Omega Plus Icelandic Fish Oil: Purified supplement provides omega-3s.
  • Calm K9s: Calming probiotic powder for stressed or anxious pets.

This range covers various pet needs while offering 100% customization. You can swap between formulas, combine styles, or adjust portions. JustFoodForDogs aims to make feeding pets fresh food as easy and convenient as possible.

Pricing and Where to Buy JustFoodForDogs

As a premium fresh pet food provider, JustFoodForDogs is priced higher than commercial kibbles. However, countless pet owners find the health benefits and service worth the price. Exact costs depend on your pet, recipe and order size.

On Average, Pricing Breaks Down As Follows:

| Package Type | Price Per Day |
| Local Delivery | $5.50 – $13.50 |
| Nationwide Shipping | $6.50 – $15.50 |

*Prices based on average 33 lb dog eating 2 cups per day. Larger dogs or multiple pet households will have higher daily costs.

For accurate pricing, you need to complete their questionnaire that calculates your pet’s needs. This provides costs upfront before ordering tailored to your dog or cat.

You Can Purchase JustFoodForDogs Products Through:

  • Website: Order delivery nationwide at https://www.justfoodfordogs.com/. Get pricing for custom meals for your pet.
  • Retail Partners: Shop online or in-store at Petco and select Pet Food Express locations.
  • Kitchens & Guidance Centers: Visit one of their SoCal or NYC kitchens for guidance.

Recurring delivery subscriptions offer 5% savings on orders. Additional discounts are available for referrals and multi-pet households.

JustFoodForDogs does not have any past recalls, thanks to their in-house production and testing. They guarantee the quality and safety of all recipes. If you or your pet are ever unsatisfied, they offer a money-back refund policy. Reach out to their customer service team with any feedback or concerns.

JustFoodForDogs Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Thousands of real customers have shared their experiences buying JustFoodForDogs for their pets. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive across multiple platforms. Here is a summary of common feedback:

Positive Reviews:

  • Vet Recommended: Many learned of JustFoodForDogs from veterinarian referrals for pets with issues.
  • Improved Health: Owners report improved energy, skin, stools, mobility, appetite in pets fed JFFD.
  • High Quality: Customers mention ingredients, nutrition and safety as big positives.
  • Convenience: Home delivery and pre-portioned meals are easy and mess-free.
  • Picky Eaters Love: Fussy dogs or cats readily eat and love these fresh recipes.
  • Customer Service: Quick helpful responses from knowledgeable staff.

Critical Reviews:

  • Expensive: Fresh pet food comes at a premium cost, especially for large dogs.
  • Short Shelf Life: Some report spoilage of shipment items on hot delivery days.
  • Ingredient Mistakes: Rare instances of meals containing ingredients pets were allergic to.
  • Delivery Issues: Missed or damaged shipment boxes frustrate some owners.

Overall, most reviews praise JustFoodForDogs for their product quality and noticeable improvements to pets’ health. Many find the cost worthwhile and service convenient. Critical concerns seem occasional and fixable.

JustFoodForDogs Review Summary

JustFoodForDogs fills an innovative niche in the pet food world, offering customized recipes tailored to each pet while still providing the convenience of home delivery. Their veterinary-designed formulas cater to both general and condition-specific nutritional needs for dogs and cats.

Reviews suggest pets enjoy the food and owners see improvements to health, energy, skin and stool. Although premium-priced, JFFD meals are reasonably priced for small batch fresh food made from quality ingredients. Most concerns relate to shipping or costs rather than product issues.

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Pet owners seeking species-appropriate whole food meals personalized to their pet’s needs should consider JustFoodForDogs. If budget allows, their service and quality makes it worth upgrading from factory-made kibble. Be sure to use their questionnaire and speak with their pet experts to find the right formulas and proper portions to try for your dog or cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pets can eat JustFoodForDogs?

JustFoodForDogs offers custom recipes optimized for nutritional needs of both dogs and cats. All life stages are covered from puppies and kittens to adult and senior pets.

Is a veterinary prescription required to order JustFoodForDogs?

No prescription is required. However, their questionnaires help design the right meal plan and proper portion sizes for your pet’s age, weight, activity and any health conditions. Consult your vet if concerned.

How does the food stay fresh during delivery?

Packaging varies to ensure freshness. Local delivery uses reusable containers returned each delivery. Shipped orders use insulated boxes with frozen ice packs to keep food cold.

What kind of meats are used in recipes?

They use USDA approved muscle meat, organs and bones from chicken, turkey, beef and select fish. Meats are certified fit for human consumption.

Can you customize recipes or swap out ingredients?

Yes, the customization questionnaire helps tailor recipes, proteins and ingredients to your pet’s needs or preferences. Owners can swap proteins or order allergy-friendly recipes.

What happens if my pet doesn’t like the food?

JustFoodForDogs has a money-back guarantee. If your pet doesn’t love their recipe, contact their team to get guidance switching formulas or receive a full refund.

The Bottom Line: Is JustFoodForDogs Worth It?

At the end of the day, most pet owners find the improved health and nutrition worth paying a premium for fresh whole food customized to their dog or cat. JustFoodForDogs fills an important niche in the pet food world. They make feeding species-appropriate real food effortless and convenient, even for pets with medical conditions requiring special diets.

Of course, costs add up for larger pets compared to budget kibbles. But many see it as worthwhile to invest in their animal’s long-term wellbeing. High customer satisfaction and veterinary endorsements further validate the quality of JustFoodForDogs’ offerings.

Owners wanting the best for the pets consider trying JustFoodForDogs. Their recipes offer unmatched customization and convenience in the fresh food niche. Made transparently in the USA with human-grade ingredients, these veterinary-formulated meals provide optimal nutrition based on each pet’s needs.

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