Locating a Chase Bank Branch Nearby – Find ATMs and Hours

Finding a nearby Chase bank branch and ATM with convenient hours can make your life easier when it comes to managing your finances. With over 4,700 branches and 16,000 ATMs, Chase offers an extensive network to serve customers across the United States. This comprehensive guide provides tips for locating branches and ATMs in your area along with details on operating hours to plan your visits.

Outline of Content

I. Introduction

II. Locating Nearby Chase Branches

  • Search by zip code or location
  • Filter by services like drive-thru or Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Identifying stand-alone ATMs

III. Finding a Chase Bank Branch on the Go

  • Using the Chase Mobile app
  • Searching via Google Maps

IV. Chase Bank Branch Hours

  • Standard opening and closing times
  • Early closures and weekends
  • Drive-thru and ATM accessibility

V. Locating a Chase Bank Branch Internationally

VI. Top Tips for Finding a Convenient Chase Location

VII. Chase Bank Contact Information for Branch Details

VIII. Alternative Ways to Manage Finances if No Chase Branch Nearby

IX. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

X. Conclusion

I. Introduction

For over 200 years, Chase Bank has provided financial services to customers across the United States and internationally. Originally founded as the Manhattan Company in 1799, the bank expanded significantly through mergers and acquisitions over the decades. Today, Chase operates consumer banking under the JPMorgan Chase & Co. brand from its headquarters in New York City.

With locations in over 3,000 cities, Chase aims to make branch access and in-person banking convenient for customers. However, pinpointing the closest branch with ATMs and favorable operating hours still requires some research. This article provides key steps for locating a nearby Chase bank branch quickly based on your location.

Finding the right Chase branch ensures easy access to conduct transactions, speak with financial representatives, use on-site ATMs and more. Read on for ways to search Chase branches near you and optimize for proximity, services, hours and accessibility on-the-go.

II. Locating Nearby Chase Branches

Chase makes finding a nearby branch simple through the locator tool on their website. Start by entering your zip code or city and state on the Chase branch and ATM locator page.

The locator map will populate pins for branches in your area. Expand or move the map to see more options. List results also appear below the map with distance from the location entered.

Search by Specific Zip Code or Location

  • For the most targeted options, input your specific street address and zip code into the Chase locator tool.
  • Widen the search area by entering only a city and state if you are flexible on location.
  • The locator map and list adjust to show the closest branches and ATMs based on the input location.

Filter by Services Offered

The Chase branch locator allows filtering by services like:

  • Drive-thru – Ideal for quick transactions without leaving your vehicle.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes – Secure storage for valuables requiring branch access.
  • Currency Exchange – For exchanges when traveling internationally.
  • Open on Sundays – Extended weekend hours.
  • Lobby Hours – Branches with standard lobby access.
  • Loan Officers – In-person support for lending needs.

This ensures you find a branch matching your required services.

Identify Standalone ATM Locations

In addition to ATMs located inside Chase branches, standalone Chase ATMs exist in retail stores, gas stations, malls and other public locations.

These provide additional access outside standard branch operating hours. The Chase locator specifies “ATM Only” in both map pins and list results.

III. Finding a Chase Bank Branch On the Go

When not at home or without access to a computer, you can still search for nearby Chase branches through:

Chase Mobile App

The Chase Mobile app includes a locator tool under the “Branches & ATMs” menu. This allows searching by location when on-the-go.

Benefits include:

  • Mobile-optimized map results.
  • Filters for drive-thru, weekend hours etc.
  • ATM identification.
  • Directions and estimated distance.
  • Branch contact information.
  • Integration with Apple/Google Maps for turn-by-turn guidance.

Simply search “Chase near me” or “Chase branches near me” directly on Google Maps. Results show branch pins around your location or input address.

You can see:

  • Exact distance to each branch.
  • Directions by car, public transit or on foot.
  • Updated operating hours.
  • Addresses, phone numbers and photos.
  • Reviews from other customers.

This provides easy access to branch information when on the move without the Chase app.

IV. Chase Bank Branch Hours

Understanding Chase branch hours of operation allows planning visits during open or convenient times.

Standard Hours

Most Chase branches operate:

  • Weekdays: 9am to 6pm
  • Saturdays: 9am to 4pm
  • Sundays: Closed

However, hours can vary by location. Confirm timings for your nearest branch.

Early Closures

Some branches close earlier than the standard 6pm on weekdays or 4pm on Saturdays. Check hours carefully to avoid arriving after closing.

Weekend Hours

While Sundays are generally closed, some Chase branches open for limited weekend hours:

  • Saturdays: 10am to 2pm
  • Sundays: 9am to 2pm

Use the branch locator filters to find weekends hours near you.

Drive-Thru and ATM Accessibility

When branches are closed, the drive-thru lane and ATMs may still be accessible:

  • Drive-thrus are typically open 30 minutes prior to branch opening until 30 minutes after closing.
  • ATMs are usually available 24/7 even when the branch is closed.

This allows after-hours usage for quick banking transactions.

V. Locating a Chase Bank Branch Internationally

In addition to its extensive US presence, Chase has over 250 international branches and offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Philippines, India and other countries.

You can locate international Chase branches by:

  • Using the “All Branches Globally” option on the Chase branch locator.
  • Selecting a specific country from the dropdown menu.
  • Searching on Google Maps by city and country.

Some things to note for international branches:

  • Hours vary significantly by country.
  • Services like drive-thru may not be available.
  • Contact information is listed by city rather than zip code.
  • English may not be widely spoken at all locations.

Check details carefully when visiting branches abroad.

VI. Top Tips for Finding a Convenient Chase Location

Follow these tips when searching for a Chase branch and ATMs near you:

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  • Pinpoint your home and work addresses – Find options close to where you spend most time.
  • Check online reviews and ratings – This gives insight on customer experience at that branch.
  • Call ahead about accessibility needs – Ensure the branch can accommodate disabilities before visiting.
  • Compare hours across multiple locations – Some branches have more extended timings.
  • Search by expected transaction – Find branches with drive-thrus for quick visits or safety deposit boxes for accessing valuables.
  • Save locations on your phone – This allows quick access or directions when on the go.

VII. Chase Bank Contact Information for Branch Details

Once you’ve found a convenient Chase branch location, save the specific contact information:

  • Phone number – Call ahead regarding hours, services or specialist appointments.
  • Address – Needed for GPS navigation when driving.
  • Branch manager name – Request them for complex needs like loans.
  • Email – Reach staff directly with questions prior to visiting.

Also consider writing down the closest backup option if your primary branch is unexpectedly closed.

VIII. Alternative Ways to Manage Finances If No Chase Branch Nearby

If there are no Chase branches located conveniently near you, consider these alternative options for managing finances:

  • Open an account with a different national or local bank that has a more proximate branch.
  • Explore online only banks without physical branches. These offer robust digital account management and ATM access.
  • Utilize Chase services that don’t require in-person visits like online banking, mobile check deposit or video appointments.
  • Identify stand-alone Chase ATMs in retail stores or other public locations for withdrawals or deposits when needed.
  • Request to have some fees waived due to lack of proximate branch access.

This allows maintaining your Chase relationship even if the nearest branch is farther away.

IX. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I locate ATMs inside retail stores or other public places?

Search “Chase ATM near me” on Google Maps or use the ATM locator on the Chase website or mobile app. This identifies stand-alone machines in addition to branch ATMs.

Does Chase have early morning or after hours banking?

Some locations offer extended hours with early morning or evening availability. Search the branch locator for those with services outside the standard timings.

Can I make an appointment with a specialist like a mortgage officer at a local branch?

Yes, you can call your desired branch directly and schedule an in-person appointment with most specialists including bankers, loan officers and investment advisors.

How do I get directions to a Chase branch I want to visit?

On Google Maps you can select the option to navigate by car, transit or foot directions. The Chase mobile app also integrates with Maps to provide turn-by-turn guidance to branches.

What if I face long waits at my nearest Chase branch?

Consider visiting at off-peak times like early morning right after opening or mid-afternoon. You can also schedule appointments in advance for more time-intensive needs.

X. Conclusion

Locating your nearest Chase Bank branch, ATM and familiarizing yourself with its hours enables seamless in-person banking. Follow the tips outlined in this guide to pinpoint the most convenient locations using Chase’s online and mobile tools. With over 16,000 ATMs and 4,700 branches across 25 states, Chase aims to provide accessible service to customers across the United States. Take advantage by finding the right branch for your address, on-the-go needs and preferred hours when managing your finances.

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