Men’s Hairstyles 2023 – The Hottest Hair Trends from Barbershops

Men’s hair trends are constantly evolving. As we move into 2023, barbershops are showcasing fresh takes on classic cuts along with completely new hairstyles. From short to long, textured to sleek, there are exciting options for every guy’s personal style.

This comprehensive guide covers the most popular men’s hairstyle trends spotted in barbershops for 2023. We’ll explore all the need-to-know details from lengths and textures to products and maintenance. Read on for insider tips from expert barbers across the country.

The Crop Cut

The crop cut is poised to be one of the biggest men’s hairstyle trends for 2023. This short cut features very tight sides with longer hair on top styled forward. It’s a high-maintenance look that requires regular trips to the barber, but the edgy style makes a bold fashion statement.

Key Features of the Crop Cut:

  • Very short back and sides – Often faded or tapered from a #1 up to a #3 guard.
  • Longer hair on top – Around 2-4 inches left longer to style.
  • Textured and messy on top – Achieved with matte styling products.
  • Swept forward style – Hair on top brushed forward towards the face.
  • High skin fade or undercut on the sides – Exposes the sides/back of head.
  • Sharp hairline at the temples and nape – Precisely lined up.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Visit barber every 2-4 weeks for tight fade touch-ups
  • Use matte clay or wax for messy styling
  • Blow dry hair forward and mess it up with fingers


  • Crop cut with a hard side part
  • Longer crop cut with a fringe/bangs
  • Crop cut with a mid or high fade on sides
  • Crop cut with shaved line designs in the fade

The Buzz Cut

For guys looking for an easy, no-fuss hairstyle, the classic buzz cut is always a great option. To be on-trend for 2023, ask your barber for a buzz cut with a high fade. This super short cut oozes masculine style.

What is a Buzz Cut?

  • Very short all over cut using clippers with no guard or a #1 guard length.
  • Length ranges from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
  • Removes most bulk and volume from hair.

Key Elements of a Buzz Cut:

  • Extremely short hair on top cut to one length
  • Tight fade or undercut on the back/sides
  • Crisp hairline at temples, sideburns, and nape

Styling Tips:

  • Use a razor for clean lines around ears and neck
  • Apply beard oil or balm to accentuate facial hair
  • Wear it messy or spiked up with wax for texture


  • Touch up buzz cut every 2-4 weeks

Cool Variations:

  • Buzz cut with a high skin fade
  • Buzz cut with a hard side part
  • Buzz cut with a beard

The Medium-Length Textured Crop

The medium-length textured crop is expected to gain popularity in 2023. It’s a versatile cut that works well on curly, wavy, or straight hair. The key is creating a choppy, piecey texture with soft layers cut into the sides and top.

How to Get This Style:

  • Hair length on top around 3-5 inches
  • Layers cut throughout to reduce bulk
  • Texturized ends to get a ragged look
  • Faded or tapered sides that are slightly longer
  • Subtle side-swept part

Achieving the Textured Finish:

  • Use sea salt spray for beachy waves
  • Try a molding cream or clay for separation
  • Air dry for natural texture or diffuse dry
  • Scrunch with fingers to break up stiff strands

Maintenance Tips:

  • Trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain style
  • Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner

On-Trend Variations:

  • Curly textured crop with temp fade
  • Wavy textured crop with hard side part
  • Straight textured crop with messy styling

Short Sides, Long Top Haircuts

The short sides, long top style will continue to be a hot men’s hair trend in 2023. This look retains maximum length on top for versatile styling, while keeping the sides and back clippered short. It’s a flattering cut for accentuating a strong jawline or facial features.

Elements of the Short Sides, Long Top:

  • Short back and sides ranging from a fade up to clipper length
  • Drastic contrast between the lengths
  • At least 3-6 inches of length on top
  • Often styled tall for volume or swept to the side
  • Part can be side-swept or more natural

How to Style It:

  • Use a round brush and blow dryer to add height and volume
  • Try a fiber pomade, cream or wax for pliable hold
  • Texturizing powder or sea salt spray adds texture

Maintenance Tips:

  • Trim sides/back every 2-4 weeks
  • Reshape top as needed every 4-6 weeks

On-Trend Variations:

  • Short sides with curly hair on top
  • Short sides with fringe/bangs and combover
  • Short sides with slicked back top

The French Crop

The French crop puts a modern spin on a classic short men’s hairstyle for 2023. It’s cropped close on the sides with longer hair on top styled forward. This trendy look flatters all face shapes and hair types.

Defining Aspects of the French Crop:

  • Very short back and sides, taper faded from a #1 guard up
  • Top left longer, around 2-3 inches
  • Styled forward towards the face
  • May include short bangs or a fringe
  • Natural side part or slicked to the side
  • Subtle height possible on top

Achieving the Look:

  • Use a matte pomade or wax for texture
  • Blow dry hair forward, brushing strands down
  • Create piecey ends with grooming cream

Maintenance Tips:

  • Get a trim every 3-4 weeks to maintain style
  • Use a clarifying shampoo to prevent oiliness


  • French crop with a hard side part
  • French crop with fringe swept to one side
  • Curly French crop

The Modern Mullet

After a 2020s revival, the mullet haircut is still going strong for 2023 with modern updates. The iconic 80s hairstyle features short sides and back with longer hair on top. Today’s mullet is all about creating flowing layers and texture.

The Modern Mullet Includes:

  • Very short tapered or faded sides and back
  • Layers cut throughout the top and back
  • Hair angled longer in the front, shorter in the back
  • Piecy, ragged texture throughout
  • Natural part and triangular silhouette

Styling Tips:

  • Allow hair to air dry naturally
  • Use sea salt spray for texture
  • Finger style for separation


  • Trim sides/back every 2-4 weeks
  • Reshape top layers as needed

On-Trend Mullet Variations:

  • Curly mullet with temp fade
  • Spiky punk mullet
  • Shaggy rocker mullet
  • Mullet with braids

The Mini Quiff

The mini quiff emerges as an easy, wearable men’s hairstyle for 2023. It adds subtle volume and height on top while keeping the sides trimmed and tidy. This scaled-down version of the quiff flatters all guys.

How to Get the Mini Quiff:

  • Very short back and sides, taper faded
  • Top left slightly longer, around 2-4 inches
  • Subtle lift at the front hairline
  • Soft side part or brushed forward style
  • May include short bangs or fringe

Styling the Mini Quiff:

  • Apply a volumizing mousse and blow dry hair
  • Use your fingers or brush to create lift
  • Finish with a flexible hold pomade or wax

Maintenance Tips:

  • Get a fade touch-up every 2-3 weeks
  • Trim top every 4-6 weeks

Trendy Mini Quiff Styling:

  • Mini quiff with hard side part
  • Mini quiff with messy texture
  • Mini quiff with shaved designs in fade

The Slick Back

Slicking back hair will maintain its spot as a fashionable men’s hairstyle for 2023 and beyond. The eternally cool look works nicely with both long and short hair. The key is keeping your lengths smooth and shined-up.

How to Get a Slick Back:

  • Apply a heat protectant before blow drying or using hot tools
  • Use a boar bristle brush and blow dry hair backwards
  • Straighten or smooth hair with a flat iron or straightening balm
  • Use pomade, gel or wax for a slick, shiny finish
  • Style hair behind the head, keeping the sides and top seamless

Maintenance Tips:

  • Use moisturizing products to prevent dryness
  • Don’t overwash, shampoo only 1-2 times per week
  • Get regular trims to prevent split ends in longer hair

Trendy Slick Back Variations:

  • Short slick back with high fade
  • Long slick back into a man bun or ponytail
  • Curly slick back hairstyle (“wet look”)
  • Slick back with shaved part or designs

The Textured Crop

For a trendy short hairstyle in 2023, ask your barber for a textured crop cut. This style takes the classic short crop and adds layers throughout for extra dimension. The result is a textured, versatile look that works well on most hair types and face shapes.

The Textured Crop Includes:

  • Short tapered sides, faded up from the bottom
  • Top hair texturized to about 2-4 inches long
  • Layers cut throughout the top and crown
  • Jagged, piecy ends create texture
  • Natural side part or side-swept style

Achieving the Textured Look:

  • Allow hair to air dry naturally
  • Scrunch and mess up the texture
  • Use sea salt spray and pomade for piecey styling

Maintenance Tips:

  • Get a trim every 4-6 weeks to maintain silhouette
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

On-Trend Variations:

  • Textured crop with fringe or short bangs
  • Textured crop with temp fade
  • Curly textured crop

Shaved Designs

Shaved designs hand crafted into fades and undercuts will continue trending for men’s hair in 2023. These badass cuts allow guys to show off their individuality. From geometric shapes to custom artwork, the options are endless.

Popular Shaved Designs for 2023 Include:

  • Fine line designs – Created with straight razor or edger
  • Geometric patterns – Lines, angles, shapes shaved in
  • Graphic logos – Sports team logos, brands, etc.
  • Names – First name, initials, phrases, etc.
  • Creative shapes – Arrows, asterisks, snowflakes, etc.

Where to Get Shaved Designs:

  • Near hairlines – Sideburns, temples, neckline
  • Behind the ears
  • In the fade/undercut – Above the ears, nape of neck

Maintenance Tips:

  • Designs last about 2-4 weeks before blurring
  • Keep sides trimmed tight for clean lines
  • Use sunscreen/moisturizer on exposed skin

Overall, shaved designs continue allowing men to showcase their personal flair.

The Temp Fade

The temp fade – also known as the temple fade – stands out as a hot men’s hairstyle trend for 2023. This short cut is characterized by its short, faded sideburns that curve around the temples. It’s an edgy update on classic fades and undercuts.

How to Identify the Temp Fade:

  • Hairline angles down from forehead towards ear
  • Very short, faded sideburns that contour the temples
  • Distinct fade in front of ears/sideburns
  • Tapered or faded back/sides
  • Hair on top styled forward or messy

Achieving This Cut:

  • Use clippers to taper the natural hairline down
  • Craft the sideburn fade in front of ears
  • Custom edge the hairline and angles
  • Blow dry hair on top forward

Maintenance Tips:

  • Get the fade touched up every 2-3 weeks
  • Use a detailing razor around hairlines
  • Apply moisturizer/sunscreen on exposed skin

The temp fade puts a skillful spin on the classic fade for bold style.

The Comb Over Fade

The comb over fade combines a taper fade haircut with a traditional side parted style. It’s dapper, yet edgy at the same time. For 2023, this look works on straight, curly, wavy and coiled textures.

How to Identify the Comb Over Fade:

  • High, mid or low taper fade on sides
  • Neat side part or deep side part
  • Longer hair on top swept to the side
  • Precise part line using a comb
  • Styled with pomade for shine

Achieving This Style:

  • Cut a taper fade on the sides, leaving length on top
  • Create a clean side part line with comb
  • Blow dry hair swept over to one side
  • Apply pomade for glossy finish


  • Get the fade touched up every 2-4 weeks
  • Reshape the part and style as needed

When styled right, the comb over fade creates a suave, polished vibe.

The Faux Hawk

For guys wanting attention-grabbing style, revive the faux hawk in 2023. This punk rock hairstyle features a mohawk-esque stripe of spiked hair down the center of the head. Its edgy style sets you apart from the crowd.

Defining Aspects of the Faux Hawk:

  • Shaved or very short tapered sides
  • Hair on top remains longer, around 3-6 inches
  • Styled tall and spiky down the middle
  • Stays narrow like a mohawk stripe
  • Piecey texture with flexible hold

How to Get the Look:

  • Use a detailing razor around hairlines
  • Apply gel or pomade for hold and shine
  • Blow dry hair upward
  • Spike up center using your hands


  • Taper/shave sides every 2 weeks
  • Reshape and spike hair daily

The faux hawk is perfect for experimenting with a bold, rebellious style.

The Buzz Cut Fade

For an edgy, high-contrast look, pair a buzz cut with a fade. This striking hairstyle makes a bold statement with its drastic difference in lengths. Keep the top buzzed super short while adding a high taper fade on the sides.

Key Elements of the Buzz Cut Fade:

  • #2-4 buzz cut length hair on top
  • High bald fade on the sides/back
  • Exposes the sides and back of the head
  • Super short hairline at temples and nape
  • Can incorporate shaved line designs

How to Style It:

  • Use clippers with no guard for buzz effect
  • Craft a high fade on the sides
  • Edge hairlines razor sharp
  • Apply beard oil or balm for accentuated facial hair
  • Wear messy for rugged texture


  • Buzz/fade hair every 2 weeks or as needed

Ultra short and edgy, this cut demands attention.

The Bowl Cut

Believe it or not, the bowl cut is back in vogue for 2023 men’s hairstyles. This uniform-length style features an unfaded perimeter that frames the face like an inverted bowl. For a modern twist, wear it messy.

Defining Features of the Bowl Cut:

  • Cut evenly short all over (about 2-3 inches long)
  • Same length throughout – no fades
  • Covers the forehead, ears and nape
  • Worn shaggy, layered or parted
  • Creates a curved frame around the face/head

Styling Tips:

  • Allow hair to air dry naturally
  • Scrunch for added texture
  • Use salt spray and light gel or pomade


  • Trim hair evenly all over every 4-6 weeks to retain shape

While controversial, the bowl cut’s 90s revival proves this look can be unexpectedly cool.

Man Bun Styles

The man bun extends its reign as a top men’s hairstyle for 2023. This practical style pulls long hair atop the head in a messy knot. Modern man buns are all about texture, volume and flow.

What Makes the Man Bun:

  • Longer hair on top, around shoulder length or longer
  • Hair at the crown pulled into a loose bun
  • Remaining hair worn down
  • May include braids, ponytail, shaved or faded sides

How to Get the Look:

  • Skip tight elastics to avoid breakage
  • Tie bun loosely to create volume
  • Pull out strands around the face
  • Apply sea salt spray for beachy texture


  • Condition well and avoid heat styling
  • Trim ends regularly to prevent thinning
  • Redo bun daily and redo braids as needed

Popular Man Bun Styles:

  • Messy top knot
  • Man bun fade or undercut

The Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut exudes an educated, refined look in 2023. This short style is scissor cut to create clean lines and dimension. With its side part and structured shape, it brings a touch of preppy class to any guy’s look.

The Ivy League Cut Includes:

  • Medium short hair neatly tapered on sides/back
  • Top hair left longer, around 2-4 inches
  • Cut and styled with scissors, no clippers
  • Side part or short bangs styled to the side
  • Subtle volume on top for a rounded shape
  • Neat, tidy, structured silhouette

How to Style It:

  • Apply a lightweight pomade
  • Comb hair neatly into place
  • Create a side part with precision
  • Arrange hair with fingers for slight height


  • Visit barber every 3-4 weeks for shaping
  • Lift roots with blow dryer and brush

The Ivy League cut brings aristocratic refinement.

The Flow Hairstyle

Long hair makes a stylish statement on men in 2023. The trendy “flow” hairstyle allows you to rock longer locks while looking well-maintained. Shoulder-grazing lengths create a laidback vibe.

Elements of the Flow Hairstyle:

  • Hair length reaching to around mouth/chin
  • Layers long throughout to create movement
  • Natural texture whether straight, wavy or curly
  • Middle or side part, tucked behind ears
  • Relaxed, nonchalant style

How to Style Flowing Hair:

  • Apply anti-frizz serum to tame flyaways
  • Let hair air dry naturally
  • Part hair where it falls naturally
  • Tuck sides behind ears if desired

Maintenance Tips:

  • Trim every 8-12 weeks to prevent tangling
  • Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Refresh curls with leave-in conditioner

Flowing mid-length hair lets you stand out with low-fuss style.

The Hard Side Part

The hard side part emerges as an edgy men’s hairstyle choice for 2023. This look parts hair severely to one side in an angular diagonal line. Combined with short sides and longer hair on top, it creates striking asymmetry.

How to Get the Hard Side Part:

  • Closely cropped sides and back
  • Longer hair on top, about 3-6 inches
  • Deep side part cut diagonally into hair
  • Part extends from front hairline to crown
  • Hair neatly combed over to the side
  • Often includes a fade or undercut

Styling the Hard Part:

  • Use a fine-tooth comb to partition hair
  • Apply pomade for slick, shiny texture
  • Neatly style hair over to one side
  • Create clean lines around part


  • Get the part recut every 4-6 weeks
  • Pomade helps keep hair in place

The hard side part brings bold emphasis to this edgy hairstyle.

The Widow’s Peak

The widow’s peak hairstyle plays up the natural hairline shape for dramatic style. Guys with a natural widow’s peak are embracing this vampiric hairstyle in 2023 for its Gothic charm.

How to Style a Widow’s Peak:

  • Let the natural widow’s peak hairline be visible
  • Keep hair short on the sides to accentuate peak’s point
  • Style hair on top messy or swept to the side
  • May incorporate shaved designs behind peak
  • Pairs well with beard styles


  • Short widow’s peak crop
  • Curly widow’s peak with temp fade
  • Widow’s peak with mid-length flow
  • Widow’s peak slick back

Leaning into a natural widow’s peak makes a bold style statement.

Surfer Hair

Inspired by surf culture, surfer hair carries beachy style into 2023 men’s trends. This casual look works for guys with straight, wavy or curly textures wanting effortless volume and flow.

The Surfer Hair Look Includes:

  • Medium to long length hair, chin to shoulder-length
  • Sun-bleached lightened ends
  • Piecey layered cut with texturized ends
  • Touch of waves or natural curl
  • Air dried, imperfect texture
  • Side part or middle part

How to Get the Look:

  • Skip heat styling and let air dry naturally
  • Scrunch in sea salt spray for texture
  • Add volume at roots with dry shampoo
  • Style loose with hands for a windswept look

Maintenance Tips:

  • Embrace natural cowlicks and growth patterns
  • Trim layered ends every 8-12 weeks

Surfer hair brings the chill vibes of the beach anywhere.

The Widow’s Peak Fade

Combining a widow’s peak with a fade cut creates an eye-catching men’s hairstyle. The natural hairline shape pairs boldly with a tapered fade and styled top. It’s an edgy look that demands attention.

How to Style a Widow’s Peak Fade:

  • Cut a high, mid or low fade on the back/sides
  • Contrast fade with longer hair on top
  • Let widow’s peak and natural hairline show
  • Style hair on top messy, spiky or slicked over
  • May incorporate shaved line designs

Styling Products:

  • Sea salt spray adds texture
  • Pomade or wax for styling hold
  • Apply beard oil to accentuate facial hair

This unique style plays up natural hairlines.

The perms

Perms create touchable texture and volume in men’s hair for 2023. Modern perms work on straight, wavy and curly hair, adding reshapeable definition. Stylish guys are embracing perms to upgrade short, medium and long hairstyles.

Types of Trendy Men’s Perms:

Short Hairperms

  • Creates loose curls and waves in short cuts
  • Works on fade and taper styles
  • Adds texture and body

Curly Perms

  • Perms very tight ringlets on medium to long hair
  • Defines and condenses natural curl
  • Allows for curly styling versatility

Body Wave Perms

  • Makes loose, undulating waves
  • Looks natural but adds volume
  • Great for straight or wavy hair


  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Apply leave-in conditioner and curl cream
  • Touch up new growth around 12 weeks

Perms refresh short, medium and long men’s hairstyles.

The Taper Fade Pompadour

The pompadour shows no signs of going out of style, especially when fused with a taper fade. This 2023 men’s hair trend pairs short fade cut sides with volume and height on top. It’s a bold, yet refined style.

How to Get the Pompadour Fade:

  • Taper fade the back and sides short
  • Hair on top about 3-6 inches long
  • Blow dry hair straight up and tall
  • Style into a voluminous pomp crest
  • Height focused at front hairline and crown
  • Precisely styled into place

Styling Tips:

  • Apply a heat protectant before blow drying
  • Use pomade for shine and hold
  • Style height with a comb and fingers


  • Fade touch-ups needed every 2-4 weeks

Blending elements of classic and modern, this cut makes a serious style statement.

The Brush Cut

The brush cut stands out as a low-maintenance men’s hair trend for 2023. Featuring evenly trimmed hair all over, this no fuss style saves time on styling without sacrificing style.

What is a Brush Cut?

  • Medium short haircut trimmed to one length
  • Around 2 inches long all over
  • Makes hair easy to brush back off the face
  • Reduces time spent styling
  • Works well on straight, wavy or mildly curly hair

Styling a Brush Cut:

  • Make sure hair is completely dry
  • Use a boar bristle brush to smooth hair back
  • Style hair off the face and forehead
  • Let the natural wave or curl emerge


  • Have your barber trim hair evenly all over every 4-6 weeks.

The brush cut gives carefree yet put-together style.

The Metrosexual Cut

The metrosexual haircut hits the trendsetter radar for 2023. This very short style features precision cutting and detailing for the ultimate groomed look. It provides a clean canvas to showcase trendy grooming styles.

Defining Aspects of the Metrosexual Cut:

  • Clipper cut hair all over at a #2-4 length
  • Precise cut lines and edges
  • Neckline cleanly tapered at nape
  • Hairline edged around temples, sideburns
  • Highlights masculine bone structure
  • Stubble or short beard


  • Visit barber every 2 weeks for detailing
  • Use moisturizer on exposed skin
  • Maintain precise facial hair shaping

The metrosexual cut puts impeccable grooming on display.

The Buzz Cut Pompadour

For a playful short style, pair a buzz cut with a pompadour. Keeping the sides and back buzzed close while the top hair flips up creates a fun contrast. This attention-grabbing hair trend works best on straight and wavy hair textures.

How to Style a Buzz Cut Pompadour:

  • Buzz cut the back/sides close using a #2-4 clipper guard
  • Leave hair on top around 2-4 inches long
  • Blow dry hair straight up to maximize height
  • Style into a pomp crest focused at the front
  • Use pomade for glossy finish and firm hold


  • Buzz the sides and back every 2-3 weeks
  • Reshape and restyle the pomp daily

This eye-catching style combines short and long elements.

Blowout Hairstyles

The blowout remains a favorite men’s hairstyle for creating volume and flow in 2023. This requires blow drying hair meticulously to smooth strands and create a lifted finish. The result is gorgeous texture and movement.

How to Do a Men’s Blowout:

  1. Apply a heat protectant to damp hair
  2. Rough dry hair using a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle
  3. Section hair and use a round bristle brush to smooth and direct
  4. Roll brush at ends to create an out-turned effect
  5. Focus on lifting hair up and away from the head
  6. Finish with lightweight hairspray for hold


  • Use volumizing and smoothing hair products
  • Limit washing to 2-3 times per week
  • Get occasional trims to prevent split ends

Blowouts boost volume for flawless style.

The Buzz Cut with Beard

Coupling a buzz cut with a beard creates a rugged, masculine men’s hairstyle look for 2023. The contrast between nearly-shaved hair and full facial hair makes a stylish statement.

How to Get This Style:

  • Buzz cut hair very short on top, back and sides
  • Buzz to a #1-3 guard length
  • Fade or taper the sides slightly
  • Grow a full beard, trimmed to desired length
  • Maintain clean cheek, neck and jawlines

Maintenance Tips:

  • Buzz hair every 2-3 weeks
  • Visit barber for beard shape-ups
  • Use beard oil and balm for conditioning

This combination highlights a strong jawline and features.

Top Knot Hairstyles

The man bun’s cousin, the top knot, continues trending for 2023 men’s hairstyles. Top knots pull back only the crown section, allowing hair to fall loose on the sides. This half up style is edgy yet practical.

How to Do a Top Knot:

  • Grow out hair on top longer, around shoulder length
  • Pull back the crown hair atop the head
  • Tie into a small messy bun or knot
  • Leave sides and back down
  • May include braids, shaved sides or fade


  • Use leave-in conditioner and smoothing serum
  • Gently detangle knots using a wide-tooth comb
  • Redo knots daily and redo braids as needed

On-Trend Top Knot Variations:

  • Top knot with taper fade
  • Braided top knot
  • Messy top knot bun

Top knots pull off this half-up style with attitude.

Undercut Hairstyles

Undercuts remain an on-trend men’s cut for 2023, continuing their versatile styling options. Undercuts feature short shaved sides with longer length on top. This high-contrast cut accents great facial features.

Styling an Undercut:

  • Choose undercut height – high, mid or low
  • Cut sides and back to one short, uniform length
  • Use clippers with no guard to shave it close
  • Leave hair on top longer to style as desired
  • Fade shorter layers into the undercut

Styling Versatility:

  • Slick back
  • Comb over
  • Quiff
  • Messy/textured
  • Spiky


  • Re-shave undercut every 2-4 weeks

The undercut remains a foundational style to try bolder looks.

The Buzz Cut Afro

Black men with naturally coily hair can rock trendy cropped styles in 2023 like the buzz cut afro. This shows off the beautiful texture and volume of black hair while keeping the length manageable.

How To Style It:

  • Buzz hair to a short uniform length all over
  • Use clippers with no guard closed for an extra short cut
  • Shape the hairline around temples and nape
  • Allow the natural tight curls to take center stage
  • Embrace volume on top


  • Use curl cream or moisturizer to hydrate coils
  • Try a curl sponge for definition


  • Buzz hair every 2-3 weeks to retain shape

The buzz cut afro celebrates cultural identity and personal flair.

The Edge Up

Black men are asking barbers for the edge up treatment to get extra crispy hairlines. Edge ups provide clean definition and sharp angles to men’s fade cuts and short styles.

What is an Edge Up?

  • Using a straight razor or edger tool to cut clean lines around hair edges
  • Precisely defining the hairline’s shape and points
  • Most popular on fades, temples, nape and sideburns
  • Cuts against the natural hair growth pattern
  • Lasts 1-2 weeks before needing to be touched up


  • Apply moisturizer daily to prevent ashy flaking skin
  • See barber every 2 weeks to maintain crisp edges

Edge ups take men’s grooming to the next level.

The High Top Fade

The high top fade stands out as a cool men’s hairstyle for black men in 2023. This cut styles the natural hair into a rounded hi-top silhouette with a fade tapering down the sides.

How To Style It:

  • Cut hair on top into a rounded hi-top shape about 2-4 inches high
  • Taper the sides down starting right above temple
  • Create a high bald fade around the sides and back
  • Line up the edges ultra sharp


  • Use a curl sponge or pick to define coils on top
  • Try colored gels to add tinted accents
  • Use pomade or wax for smoothed edges


  • Get fade touched up every 2 weeks
  • Shine up lines with moisturizer daily

The high top fade celebrates black culture and personal style.

Crochet Braids and Cornrows

In 2023, black men are braiding hair for stylish cultural hairstyles. Crochet braids and cornrows bridge functionality and fashion while protecting natural hair. Design options are endless.

Popular Styles:

Cornrows – Intricately braided rows close to the scalp. Can be styled straight back, zig-zag patterns, pigtails and more.

Crochet Braids – Pre-braided synthetic hair is crocheted into natural hair using a latch hook for extension braids. Offers endless styling versatility.

Box Braids – Sectioned square braids styled straight back or in artistic waves and curls.


  • Gently shampoo braided hair every 2 weeks
  • Lightly moisturize scalp and braids daily
  • Avoid over-manipulating or tugging styles
  • Rebraid new growth around 8-12 weeks

Braided hairstyles showcase creativity on black men.

The Twist Out

The twist out makes the most of curly and coily black hair textures. By twisting hair while wet and allowing it to dry, cool twists emerge when hair is taken down. It brings defined texture and volume.

How to Do a Twist Out:

  1. Shampoo and condition hair, then apply a leave-in conditioner while wet.
  2. Section clean, damp hair and start twisting it up into coils.
  3. Twist each section away from the face to set the shape.
  4. Allow hair to completely air dry with twists in, preferably overnight.
  5. Carefully undo each twist, separating curls with fingers.
  6. Define parts with a pick and lightly separate curls.

Twist outs make styling natural textures fun and fresh.

Dreadlock Styles

Dreadlocks continue to be a popular hairstyle choice for black men in 2023. This protective style celebrates natural hair texture in cool free-flowing or updone looks.

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The Hi-Lo Haircut

The hi-lo haircut creatively combines longer and shorter lengths for dimension. It leaves hair longer on top to style while tapering the sides and back shorter. This versatile look flatters all face shapes.

Elements of the Hi-Lo Cut:

  • Shorter tapered sides and back
  • Top left longer, around 3-6 inches
  • Dramatic contrast between lengths
  • Layers and texture throughout the longer top
  • Swept to the side or styled with volume

Styling Versatility:

  • Slicked back
  • Textured crop
  • Faux hawk
  • Pompadour
  • Spiky fringe


  • Tapered sides can go 4 weeks between trims
  • Trim top every 4-6 weeks

The hi-lo cut allows you to style short and long looks.

The Induction Cut

Named after the “induction” or first phase of military basic training, the induction cut is short and simple. This no-fuss style works well for guys wanting low maintenance and clean lines.

The Induction Cut Includes:

  • Uniform short length all over
  • Often a #2-4 clipper guard length
  • Tapered neckline and sideburns
  • May include shorter faded sides
  • Minimal styling needed

Styling It:

  • Can be styled messy, spiky or slicked
  • Use wax or cream for subtle shaping
  • Fingers style it naturally into place


  • Have your barber trim it all over every 2-3 weeks.

The induction cut keeps haircut hassle at bay.

The Burst Fade

Also known as the round fade, the burst fade makes a circular path around the sides and back of the head. This curved fade is cut higher near the crown and tapers tighter near the neckline.

How Barbers Create a Burst Fade:

  • Use clippers to cut the fade in a circular pattern
  • Highest point lives above the ear near the crown
  • Fade falls lower as it approaches the nape
  • Blends the fade seamlessly into longer top hair
  • Pairs well with short crop, curly or spiky styles

This artistic fade cut stands apart from traditional fades.

The Side Part Pompadour

For a dapper retro style, ask your barber for a side part pompadour. This polished look pairs a deep side part with volume swept up and back. It’s the perfect mix of suave and sophisticated.

How to Get This Cut:

  • Taper fade or undercut the sides
  • Leave hair on top longer, around 2-4 inches
  • Create a deep side part to one side of the head
  • Blow dry hair back, lifting up to create height
  • Use pomade to style volume back and up


  • Fade/undercut needs trimming every 2-4 weeks
  • Restyle the pompadour daily

With its vintage vibe, the side part pomp exudes timeless confidence.

The Tight Fade

The tight fade centers around nearly-bald sides and back tapering up to longer hair on top. This extreme fade exposes the scalp for an eye-catching effect. It’s all about high contrast.

What Makes the Tight Fade:

  • Very high bald fade on the sides/back
  • Exposes maximum scalp on the lower half of the head
  • Top hair left longer, around 2-6 inches
  • Drastic difference between longer and shorter sections
  • Focused on creating clean transitions

Styling Versatility:

  • Crop top with tight fade
  • Curly hair with tight fade
  • Pompadour with tight fade

This sharp look turns heads.

The Flippy Fringe

For a playful update, ask your barber for a flippy fringe. This tousled men’s hairstyle features texturized bangs swept up and back from the forehead. It brings appealing texture and movement to short cuts.

How to Style a Flippy Fringe:

  • Cut bangs long, around eye level or longer
  • Texturize the ends into jagged choppy points
  • Taper the sides shorter than the top fringe
  • Blow dry bangs upward and back
  • Use fingers to bunch the fringe up
  • Finish with medium hold styling cream

This piecey fringe adds charm to men’s short hairstyles.

The Buzz Cut Bowl Cut

Unexpectedly combining a buzz cut with an unfaded bowl cut shape creates an intriguing men’s hairstyle. The contrast showcases precision barbering skills.

How to Get This Look:

  • Buzz cut the sides and back extra short
  • Leave hair on top longer, around 3 inches
  • Cut the longer top section into an even bowl-shaped perimeter
  • Cut rounded bangs across the forehead
  • Create clean lines between lengths

This clever combination surprises with its creativity.

The Temp Fade Pompadour

Blend retro appeal with modern edge by pairing a pompadour with a temple fade. This 2023 men’s hair trend earns style points by playing with proportions.

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How to Style It:

  • Cut a high temp fade tapering sideburns around temples
  • Leave hair on top long, around 4-6 inches
  • Blow dry hair straight up to maximize height and volume
  • Style into a curved pompadour crest
  • Use pomade for shine and hold

It’s all about crafting perfect symmetry and precision.

The Buzz Cut Curtains

Buzz cuts meet retro curtains in this creative men’s hairstyle. Keeping hair buzzed close on the bottom exposes the neckline while longer lengths on top brush back.

How To Get This Cut:

  • Buzz cut back and sides close using #2-4 guard
  • Leave hair longer on top, around 2-3 inches
  • Cut the longer top section into a rounded curtain shape
  • Focused on exposing the neck under the curtains
  • Flatters oval, long and heart face shapes

It’s mullet inspiration gone rogue.

The Bro Flow

Let your hair down and embrace the bro flow trend for 2023. This look focuses on growing hair out very long while keeping styling and grooming low-key.

The Bro Flow Includes:

  • Hair length reaching past chin and shoulder level
  • Natural hair texture and growth patterns
  • Middle part or side part
  • Messy bun or half-up styles
  • Laidback textures and vibes

Maintenance Tips:

  • Use coconut oil to hydrate lengths
  • Sleep with hair in a loose braid
  • Trim every 12-16 weeks to prevent tangling

Say “bye” to haircuts and go with the bro flow.

Flat Top Hairstyles

The flat top flatters black men who want a structured hairstyle with retro edge. Barbers sculpt hair on top into a leveled flat surface, tapering the sides down.

How To Get a Flat Top:

  • Hair on top accented into a box shape using sharp edges
  • Cut uniformly flat like a tabletop
  • Crisply tapered short sides
  • Groomed straight edge across forehead
  • Often a high-contrast style


  • Apply curl cream to add sheen
  • Use pomade, gel or wax to keep edges smooth
  • Carefully brush into shape if needed

The flat top demands respect.

The Temple Fade Pompadour

This modern fusion pairs a retro pompadour with trendy temple fades. The volume and height on top contrasts with the tapered hairline for added edge.

How To Get This Cut:

  • Cut a high temp fade following the natural hairline
  • Taper the front hairline diagonally down to the temples
  • Leave hair on top long, around 3-6 inches
  • Blow dry hair straight up into a pompadour crest
  • Style with pomade for shine and hold

It’s equal parts nostalgic class and urban edge.

Loose Waves Hairstyle

Enhance natural texture with a loose waves hairstyle. Great for guys with straight or mildly wavy hair, this look uses subtle perms and styling to add dimension.

How To Get Loose Waves:

  • Get a body wave perm to create bends
  • Try defined waves with a crimped perm
  • Allow waves to air dry naturally after washing
  • Scrunch with fingers for separation
  • Enhance shape with sea salt spray

Loose waves bring out your hair’s natural pattern.

The Natural Curl Taper Cut

This cut enhances natural curls and coils with subtle shaping. It celebrates texture with curated lengths that remove bulk while encouraging definition.

How It’s Cut:

  • Leaves curl pattern on top longer, around 3-6 inches
  • Tapers the sides and back closer to the head
  • Layers cut throughout to reduce density
  • Ends texturized for piecey shape
  • Let curls air dry and define naturally

Ask your stylist for a cut that complements your natural coil and curl pattern.

Shaggy Hairstyles

Revive grungy 80s-90s texture in 2023 with shaggy hairstyles for men. These layered cuts bring choppy, piecy fringe to medium and long hair.

The Shaggy Cut Includes:

  • Medium to long length layers cut throughout
  • Heavily texturized, jagged ends
  • Piecy separation and movement
  • Effortlessly disheveled style
  • Casual side part or middle part


  • Embrace natural texture
  • Air dry and scrunch
  • Mess up strands with fingers
  • Use salt spray for gritty texture

Shaggy style oozes rebellious nonchalance.

The Full Afro

In 2023, black men are growing out natural textures into full afros. This iconic look celebrates the volume, height and shape of coily hair.

How to Style a Full Afro:

  • Allow tight curls to grow into a rounded silhouette
  • Let hair gain length for maximum body
  • Defines face with fullness at the temples
  • Requires regular trims to shape
  • Enhance definition by picking hair out

The full afro empowers black culture and identity.

Short Dread Hairstyles

For a low maintenance protective style, black men are getting short dreadlocks. These cropped dreads are easier to manage than long locs while making a stylish statement.

Short Dread Options:

Nubian Twists – Short faux locs with added extensions. Achieves instant dreadlocked length and fullness.

Crochet Faux Locs – Pre-dreaded synthetic hair is crocheted into natural strands using a latch hook tool.

Traditional Locs – Allows natural kinky hair to mat and form short dreadlocks.


  • Wash every 2 weeks
  • Moisturize hair and scalp
  • Retwist locs to encourage neat formation
  • Trim ends to prevent thinning

Short dreads let guys rock loc’d style.

Curly Fade Haircuts

The curly fade celebrates the texture and volume of natural curls. This cut keeps the sides faded short to spotlight fabulous coils on top.

How It’s Styled:

  • Cut a high, mid or low taper fade on the sides
  • Leave curls on top longer, around 3-6 inches
  • Concentrate height and volume on top
  • Outline the hairline for added shape
  • Define curls by picking out the roots

This style shows off the dynamic energy of curly hair.

The Full Mustache

Complement your hairstyle with a full mustache in 2023. Everything from handlebars to lampshades are on-trend. This lip sweater commands attention.

Styling a Full Mustache:

  • Grow hair long past the lip line
  • Use mustache wax to style sideways
  • Try curling tips outwards
  • Go for volume on the cheeks
  • Keep stragglers trimmed with scissors
  • Wash to prevent dandruff flakes

The mustache deserves a revival. Go bold.

Man Perm Hairstyles

Perms for men offer a low maintenance way to upgrade straight hair. From spot perms adding texture and waves to tight curls, options abound.

2023 Man Perm Styles:

Spot perms – Focused ringlets or waves only in select areas like the crown or side.

Body wave perm – Creates loose “S” bend waves in hair. Looks natural.

Curly perm – Perm for all-over tight ringlets and coils. Great for adding definition.

Afro perm – Perms super tight, springy curls perfect for black hair textures.

Embrace perms to make styling effortless.

The Razor Part

The razor part creates a visual divide in men’s hair for optimal definition. Barbers etch a clean line down to the scalp to separate longer hair on top from shorter sides.

How It’s Created:

  • Use a straight razor to cut a parting segment
  • Etch from front hairline directly back to crown
  • Segment can be carved deep and wide
  • Works on straight, wavy or curly hair
  • Pairs well with fades, undercuts and crops

The razor part adds edge to men’s hair.

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