Overview of Samsung Neo QLED TVs with Mini LED Backlighting

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TVs represent the brand’s most advanced LCD panels, leveraging precision mini LED backlights for unparalleled contrast and spectacular HDR images. Here’s an overview of the key mini LED benefits found in Neo QLED models:

  • Ultra-precise dimming control – Mini LEDs are 1/40 the size of conventional LEDs, allowing for nearly 10x as many backlighting zones. This enables much more refined contrast between bright and dark areas of the screen.
  • Wider dynamic range – With mini LED backlights boosting peak brightness over 1500 nits, Neo QLEDs can produce dazzling specular highlights in HDR content alongside rich, inky black levels.
  • Stunning shadow details – The smaller LED size allows dimming and boosting brightness in minute portions of the screen. This reveals subtle shadow gradations and details in dark scenes as never before on LCD TVs.
  • Virtually eliminated blooming – The tighter mini LED lighting zones cut down on the blooming and haloing around bright objects onscreen compared to traditional full array local dimming.
  • Ultimate viewing experience – Combining quantum dot color, HDR optimization and this sophisticated mini LED backlighting yields the pinnacle of 4K and 8K LCD/QLED image quality from Samsung.

Neo QLED models do come at a premium cost due to the cutting-edge backlight technology. But they deliver world-class contrast and an intense HDR experience that can’t be matched by normal LED LCD televisions. Let’s look at Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup for 2022.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs: Flagship Displays with Mini LED Backlights

Representing the peak of Samsung’s TV lineup, the Neo QLED 8K models leverage mini LED backlight technology to deliver jaw-dropping 8K resolution along with unprecedented contrast and searing brightness. Here are the features and differences of the QN900 series and QN800 series Neo QLED 8K TVs:

QN900 Series

  • Sizes: 65″, 75″, 85″
  • Display: Mini LED backlight with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (30,720 zones)
  • 8K Neural Quantum Processor 8K
  • Peak brightness: Up to 4000 nits
  • Ultra viewing angle
  • One Connect box with 8K video inputs

QN800 Series

  • Sizes: 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″
  • Display: Mini LED backlight with Quantum Matrix Technology (1,596 zones)
  • 8K Neural Quantum Processor 8K
  • Peak brightness: Up to 2000 nits
  • Wide viewing angle technology
  • Slim One Connect box

Both series feature Samsung’s Tizen smart platform, 8K upscaling, Quantum HDR technology and NextGen gaming capabilities like ultra-low input lag. The QN900 is positioned as the ultimate display with even more backlighting zones and higher peak brightness, but comes at a significantly higher cost. The QN800 still provides an exceptional 8K Neo QLED viewing experience at a more accessible price point.

Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs Reviewed

In addition to flagship 8K models, Samsung’s Neo QLED technology also powers their premium 4K LED TV lineup for 2022. The Neo QLED 4K models deliver incredible contrast and searing HDR brightness by applying mini LED backlighting along with quantum dots. Let’s compare the Neo QLED 4K QN90 series and QN85 series:

QN90 Series

  • Sizes: 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”
  • Display: Mini LED backlight with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (728 zones)
  • 4K Neo Quantum Processor 4K
  • Peak brightness: Up to 2000 nits
  • Ultra Viewing Angle
  • AI Sound Pro/OSTS+ audio

QN85 Series

  • Sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”
  • Display: Mini LED backlight with Quantum Matrix Technology (96 zones)
  • 4K Neo Quantum Processor 4K
  • Peak brightness: Up to 1500 nits
  • Wide viewing angle
  • OTS Lite audio

Both 4K Neo QLED models achieve incredible contrast and vibrant, accurate color thanks to Samsung’s quantum dot technology and the precision of the mini LED backlight. They also pack gaming features like low input lag and VRR up to 120Hz. The QN90 packs in more dimming zones and higher peak brightness but comes at a premium. The QN85 still delivers a stellar 4K HDR experience at a more moderate price point.

Samsung The Frame TV Review: Blending Artwork Display and 4K QLED Viewing

Samsung’s The Frame isn’t just another 4K TV – it doubles as a digital canvas for displaying artwork and photos when you aren’t watching shows. Here is an in-depth review of The Frame’s unique features and performance as both a QLED TV and an art display.

Overview of The Frame TV

The Frame transforms your living room by displaying customizable art pieces, photos or store-bought digital artwork when not streaming shows or movies. When powered on, it provides a vivid 4K QLED viewing experience. Key aspects of The Frame include:

  • Interchangeable bezels – Choose from five bezel colors and two frame designs to match your decor.
  • Art Store subscription – Get access to an online Art Store with over 1,400 pieces of art from renowned institutions to display.
  • Matte, anti-reflective screen – The matte finish minimizes glare and reflections as you would expect from a real picture frame.
  • AI-based auto-curation – The Frame’s built-in sensor and motion detector automatically curate art based on your usage patterns and time of day.
  • Landscape and portrait orientation – The slim mount allows rotating between landscape and portrait modes to accommodate different art pieces and photo orientations.

The Frame TV Review Summary

The Frame succeeds as a stylish décor-blending 4K TV alternative with compelling artwork options and customization. The QLED picture quality delivers rich colors and sharp clarity. The ambient Art Mode works seamlessly for displaying digital art and photos when idle. While not as feature-packed or high-performing as traditional QLED TVs, its design-forward appeal and uniqueness make it a conversation piece. For those wanting both a stunning TV and art display in one device, The Frame delivers.

Picture Quality and Performance

  • Vivid 4K QLED quantum dot color and solid brightness
  • Supports HDR10+ with adequate HDR but not the peak performance of other QLEDs
  • Excellent anti-reflective matte display when displaying art
  • Smooth motion handling with auto game mode switching

Design and Art Display Mode

  • Elegant thin profile and customizable bezel/frame options
  • Art Mode kicks in automatically and displays digital art or photos
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display based on room conditions
  • Landscape and portrait orientation supported

Downsides to Consider

  • Mediocre black levels and contrast due to edge lighting
  • Narrow viewing angles compared to higher-end QLEDs
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate without gaming features like VRR

Overall, The Frame remains a uniquely appealing 4K TV option that oozes style. While traditional QLED models like the Q70 or Q80 may be better for home theater, The Frame stands out for its seamless integration of artwork display and entertainment viewing. It brings technology and design together in one compelling package.

Samsung The FrameRating
Picture quality8/10
HDR experience7/10
Art mode/design9/10
Gaming features7/10
Ease of use9/10
Overall rating8/10

Samsung The Serif TV Review: A Unique, Stylish Statement Piece

If you want a television that doubles as a bold design statement, Samsung’s The Serif fits the bill. This TV features an unorthodox, serif font-inspired shape with a built-in angular stand. Here is a detailed look at what makes The Serif one of Samsung’s most uniquely styled models.

Overview of The Serif’s Design

While The Frame resembles a picture frame, The Serif takes inspiration from the serif typefaces used in print and publications. Key design characteristics include:

  • sleek, angular silhouette reminiscent of bold serif font letters
  • asymmetrical unbalanced shape catches the eye
  • especially thick top and bottom bezels
  • built-in angular legs – no stand required
  • cotton white finish sets off the shape

The Serif makes a dramatic statement whether placed on a console, mounted on a wall or positioned on the included legs. It can instantly become a conversation piece.

The Serif TV Review Summary

With its radical design that evokes old-fashioned print typography, The Serif is guaranteed to be a focal point of any room. The built-in stand delivers a sculptural look without requiring a separate TV stand. And QLED picture quality bathes the display in vibrant, accurate color. For buyers wanting a television that doubles as an artistic centerpiece, The Serif delivers style in spades. Just don’t expect best-in-class display performance.

Picture Quality and Performance

  • Solid 4K QLED color production from quantum dots
  • Decent HD upscaling but not Samsung’s best
  • Good brightness but black levels and contrast are limited
  • Support for HDR10+ but lacks wide color gamut for HDR pop

Design & Styling

  • Inspired serif font shape makes a unique decorative statement
  • Angled legs are built right in for a complete package
  • Ambient mode blends TV into the room when powered off

Downsides to Consider

  • Narrow viewing angles with color shifting
  • Mediocre black levels and contrast
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate without gaming features
  • Priced at a premium for the design

The Serif makes up for some performance compromises with its unconventional profile that commands attention. For shoppers who want a TV that stands out as an artistic element, The Serif is sure to satisfy and spark conversation. It brings decor-friendly technology to your living space in a novel new way.

Samsung The SerifRating
Picture quality7.5/10
HDR capability7/10
Ease of use8/10
Overall rating8/10

Overview of Samsung MicroLED TVs: The Pinnacle of Display Technology

MicroLED represents the future of display technology, and Samsung’s massive MicroLED TVs give a glimpse at the experiences this revolutionary innovation will enable. Let’s examine what makes MicroLED displays so game-changing.

What is MicroLED?

MicroLED displays utilize tiny LEDs as individual self-emissive pixels. Each MicroLED pixel emits its own light, meaning there is no backlight required. This enables ultimate image control, optimal efficiency and modular scalability.

Benefits of MicroLED Displays

  • Stunning picture quality – MicroLED allows for true pixel-level precision in brightness, darkness and color. MicroLED TVs can deliver intensely bright, vivid images with absolute blacks and infinite contrast.
  • Long lifespan – Because each pixel emits its own light, burn-in risk is virtually eliminated. MicroLED displays are rated for 100,000 hours, meaning they can last over a decade.
  • Scalability – MicroLED technology can be scaled to virtually any screen size and resolution. Tiles of MicroLED panels can construct massive displays.
  • Energy efficiency – Without the need for a backlight, MicroLED displays require far less energy to run. MicroLED also enables dimming or turning off unused portions of the screen.
  • Next level customization – MicroLED could allow users to expand or reshape their TVs on demand thanks to the modular panels. Imagine adding more pixels to upgrade resolution.

Overview of Samsung’s MicroLED TV Models

Samsung’s MicroLED TVs can achieve sizes ranging from 110 inches up to 292 inches. These screens are constructed by assembling smaller MicroLED panels together in a modular fashion.

Two models are offered:

MicroLED TV 110″ Model

  • 110-inch 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution
  • Not emissive RGB Micro LED technology
  • 24 million self-emissive pixels
  • Pixel pitch of 0.8mm
  • Peak brightness over 5,000 nits
  • next-gen AI processor

**The Wall Luxury

  • Sizes up to 292 inches
  • 8K pixel density
  • Custom aspect ratios supported
  • Designed for luxury residential and commercial usage

While still extremely expensive, Samsung’s MicroLED TVs demonstrate the visual potential of this game-changing display innovation. As manufacturing scales up, MicroLED will become more accessible to bring its spectacular benefits to homes and businesses. The future is bright for MicroLED!

Samsung Crystal UHD TVs Review: Entry-Level 4K LED Models

For buyers seeking affordable 4K TV options from Samsung, the company’s Crystal UHD TV lineup delivers entry-level models with basic 4K picture quality and smart features. These LCD TVs lack the sophisticated backlighting, advanced processing and quantum dot color of Samsung’s QLED series, but provide a solid 4K LED display at an accessible price point. Let’s look at key models in the Crystal UHD Series.

Samsung AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV

Part of Samsung’s 2022 lineup, the AU8000 Crystal UHD TV offers a baseline 4K TV equipped with core smart features. Key specs include:

  • Sizes: 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″
  • Crystal Processor 4K for upscaling
  • PurColor for wider color gamut
  • HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
  • Motion Xcelerator for smooth action
  • Filmmaker Mode
  • Tizen smart platform
  • Tap View casting capabilities
  • Voice assistants: Bixby, Alexa, Google

AU8000 Review Summary

As an entry-level option, the AU8000 provides capable 4K resolution and HDR playback in an affordable package. But lack of local dimming results in mediocre contrast, and off-angle viewing is subpar. Gaming lag time disappoints as well. Yet it still delivers decent 4K quality for casual streaming and viewing. For buyers on a strict budget, it merits consideration. But stepping up to the AU9000 or a QLED model would provide better performance.

Samsung AU9000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV

A slight upgrade over the AU8000 series, the AU9000 Crystal UHD TV adds dynamic crystal color and includes the solar-powered Eco remote. Key features:

  • Sizes: 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″
  • Dynamic Crystal Color for enhanced color production
  • Crystal Processor 4K for upscaling
  • Solar-powered Eco remote
  • HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
  • Motion Xcelerator
  • Filmmaker Mode
  • Game Enhancer mode
  • Tizen smart platform

AU9000 Review Summary

The AU9000 brings improved color performance compared to the AU8000 along with a solar remote. Brightness and black levels remain limited however without local dimming. Casual viewers will appreciate the sharp 4K and HDR support at an affordable price point. But home theater enthusiasts should consider stepping up to something like the Q60 for better contrast and color. The AU9000 hits a reasonable sweet spot for entry-level 4K quality and smart integration.

Samsung TU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV Overview

The TU7000 series represents Samsung’s most affordable 4K LED TV offering. This no-frills model focuses on core 4K and smart functionality for budget-focused buyers.

TU7000 Key Specs and Features:

  • Sizes: 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″
  • Crystal Processor 4K for upscaling
  • HDR support: HDR10, HLG
  • Motion Xcelerator for smooth motion
  • Basic Tizen smart platform
  • Universal guide for aggregating content
  • Voice assistant support
  • Slim profile design

TU7000 Review Summary

As Samsung’s cheapest 4K LED series, the TU7000 provides fair picture quality and smooth smart TV features for an entry-level price point. It lacks more advanced display tech like local dimming and wide color gamut. But for shoppers wanting a basic 4K streaming TV on a tight budget, the TU7000 delivers sensible quality and performance. Those wanting better viewing, gaming and audio should look into step-up options like the AU8000 and AU9000 Crystal UHD series or the Q60 QLED TV. But overall the TU7000 satisfies for causal 4K streaming and entertainment needs at an affordable price.

Comparing Samsung’s Smart TV Platform Options

One area where Samsung TVs excel across the lineup from QLEDs down to entry-level Crystal UHDs is their intuitive, feature-packed smart TV platforms. Let’s compare the Tizen operating system along with smart hub options.

Tizen Smart TV Platform

Samsung’s proprietary smart TV platform is called Tizen. All Samsung TV series utilize a version of Tizen to enable streaming, apps, connected home control and more. Key features of Tizen include:

  • Smooth, intuitive navigation and menus
  • Universal guide brings content from apps together in one place
  • Smart Hub for easily switching between sources and apps
  • Bixby voice assistant built-in along with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
  • Robust selection of streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+ and more
  • Ambient mode provides decorative screensavers when TV is idle
  • SmartThings app for controlling lights, cameras and other connected home devices
  • Universal remote capability through mobile app
  • Gaming dashboard with cloud gaming and console integration

Tizen is designed to be user-friendly while putting tons of entertainment and smart functionality right at your fingertips. Its interface and universal guide makes accessing content faster compared to some competing platforms.

Smart Hub Options

Basic Smart Hub – Found in Crystal UHD AU8000 and TU7000 series, provides core Tizen platform with essential streaming apps and services.

Smart Hub – Standard Smart Hub adds expanded capabilities like the universal guide, music streaming, mobile connections and more. Included on AU9000 Crystal UHD TVs and higher.

Smart Hub Pro – Flagship Smart Hub Pro in 8K TVs and premium 4K QLED models provides the full Tizen experience. Adds enhanced gaming dashboard, smart home controls, and convenience features.

No matter which Smart Hub version, Samsung TVs all run on an intuitive, feature-packed Tizen platform that makes streaming, controlling your smart home and accessing content quick and easy.

Additional Features to Consider When Buying a Samsung TV

Beyond display technology and smart platforms, Samsung TVs also incorporate some other great features to factor into your buying decision.

HDR Support – All Samsung 4K TVs feature HDR10 and HLG for enhanced dynamic range. Premium QLED models add HDR10+ for scene-by-scene adjustments to HDR content. Some high-end 8K sets also support HDR10+.

Audio – Sound quality varies across models with premium options like OTS+ audio using tracking speakers to match screen action. Mid-range and entry sets have basic audio that may require a soundbar.

Gaming Features – Top-tier Samsung TVs have gaming monitors beat with 4K 120Hz variable refresh rate support, ultra low lag and automatic game mode switching. Mid-range options still enable smooth, responsive gameplay.

Connectivity – Most models include 3-4 HDMI inputs, with high-end QLED TVs featuring HDMI 2.1 to enable 8K 60Hz and 4K 120Hz input. Some also support eARC.

Smart Control – Use the Samsung SmartThings app to control and monitor your TV from your phone, or use built-in Bixby voice commands to control TV functions.

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Eco-Friendly Technology – From solar-powered remotes to power efficiency and recycled materials, Samsung emphasizes sustainability with their TVs.

When selecting the best Samsung TV for your needs and budget, be sure to consider all of the great smart, connectivity, gaming, audio and display features available.

Samsung TV Buying FAQs

Q: Which Samsung TV is best for gaming?

A: For the absolute best gaming experience, Samsung’s top-tier Neo QLED models like the QN90B or QN85B offer perks like 4K 120Hz refresh rate, ultra low input lag, and variable refresh rate support. But even mid-range options like the Q70 QLED TV provide smooth, responsive gameplay.

Q: What’s the difference between Crystal UHD vs QLED?

A: Crystal UHD TVs use conventional LED backlighting while QLED TVs utilize quantum dot nanocrystal technology for wider color gamut. QLED TVs can achieve much higher brightness levels and contrast compared to Crystal UHD models.

**Q: Are Samsung smart TVs private? **

A: Samsung does not collect or share users’ personally identifiable Smart TV usage data. Some anonymous device usage statistics may be collected to improve experience and performance. Users can opt out of sharing usage statistics in settings.

Q: Do Samsung TVs come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all new Samsung TVs come with at least a 1 year limited warranty. QLED/Neo QLED models get 10 year panel warranty. Extended warranty plans are available for purchase as well.

Q: What is mini LED vs micro LED?

A: Mini LED uses tiny LEDs in the backlighting while Micro LED has pixels that are LEDs. Mini LED backlights can get extremely bright with dimming zones. But Micro LED is even more advanced with emissive pixels and modular design.

Samsung TVs: The Best Options for Your Viewing Needs

Samsung is one of the prime TV manufacturers, known for delivering superb performance and innovative technology across their QLED, MicroLED and Crystal UHD model lines. If you seek sensational contrast powered by mini LED or self-emissive pixels, Samsung’s Neo QLED and MicroLED TVs represent the cutting-edge. For a balance of sleek styling and decor-friendly displays, The Frame and The Serif art-inspired models excel. Or for an affordable streaming TV, Samsung’s Crystal UHD lineup provides sensible 4K quality. By matching viewing needs with Samsung’s premium offerings and economical options, you’re sure to find the perfect Samsung TV fit.

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