Quay Australia Sunglasses Review – Overhyped Fashion or Worth It?

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory – they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. With so many options on the market, choosing the right pair can be tricky. Quay Australia has exploded in popularity with its trendy and affordable sunglasses, but are they worth the hype?

This comprehensive Quay Australia sunglasses review will examine the pros and cons of the brand and help you decide if they offer both style and value.

Outline of the Quay Australia Sunglasses Review


  • Overview of Quay Australia as a brand
  • The hype around their sunglasses
  • Purpose of the review

Quay Australia Company Background

  • Founding and brief history
  • Headquarters location
  • Brand vision and aesthetic

Quay Australia Frames

  • Frame styles and variety
  • Materials used
  • Size range
  • Unisex vs women’s styles
  • Limited edition collections

Quay Australia Lens Options

  • Lens materials
  • Lens types (polarized, mirrored etc.)
  • UV protection levels
  • Prescription options

Quay Australia Sunglasses Reviews

  • What buyers love about the sunglasses
  • Common complaints and concerns

Quay Australia Prices and Value

  • Price range for frames
  • Worth the cost? Pros and cons
  • Sales and discounts available

Quay Australia Durability

  • Frame and lens durability issues
  • Scratch resistance
  • Materials prone to breaking?

Quay Australia Style and Design

  • Most popular frame styles
  • Trendy vs timeless options
  • Celebrity/influencer collaborations

Quay Australia vs Competitors

  • How Quay compares to similar brands like Ray-Ban
  • Unique aspects of Quay Australia sunglasses

Quay Australia Warranty and Returns

  • Warranty coverage and limitations
  • Return policy fairness

How to Buy Quay Australia Sunglasses

  • Online vs in-store options
  • Beware of fakes – where to buy authentic

Quay Australia Sunglasses: Final Verdict

  • Overall value for money?
  • Best uses for Quay sunglasses
  • Recommended styles and lens options


Quay Australia has become one of the most recognizable sunglass brands in recent years. Known for their trendy styles at affordable prices, Quay sunglasses have been spotted on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, and Heidi Klum.

With fun, fashion-forward frames starting at just $50, it’s no wonder Quay blew up on Instagram as a go-to accessory. But are these sunglasses overhyped? Or is Quay Australia worth the investment for both style and protection?

This comprehensive review will examine Quay Australia’s backgrounds, frame styles, lens options, pricing, durability complaints, design aesthetics, and more. We’ll compare Quay to competitors like Ray-Ban and offer pros and cons to help you determine if these frames are the right choice for your needs and budget.

By the end, you’ll know whether Quay Australia is simply an Instagram trend or sunglasses worth buying for the long haul. Let’s dive in!

Quay Australia Company Background

Founding and History

Quay Australia was founded in Melbourne in 2011 by Jodi Bricker and Grant Hardie-Ellis. The co-founders aimed to create high quality, fashion-forward sunglasses at an affordable price point compared to legacy brands like Ray-Ban.

Within a few short years, Quay took off in Australia and amassed a large Instagram following. The brand expanded internationally in 2015 and now sells their sunglasses worldwide in over 100 countries.

Quay has also partnered with several celebrities on limited edition collections, further boosting their popularity. But behind the hype, Quay still maintains its roots as an independent Australian company.


Quay Australia’s headquarters is located in Alexandria, an inner-city suburb of Sydney, Australia.

The company switched headquarters from Melbourne to Sydney in 2020. However, all Quay sunglasses are designed in-house in Melbourne, where the creative team is based.

Brand Vision and Aesthetic

According to their website, Quay’s brand ethos is that “Life is Better in Quay.” The company aims to make quality eyewear accessible while capturing the chic, laidback aesthetic of Australian style.

Quay describes their ideal customer as someone who is “confident, unapologetic and authentic.” The brand releases new collections monthly so customers can keep up with the latest trends.

While Quay started primarily as a women’s sunglass company, they now also offer unisex styles to appeal to a broader audience.

Quay Australia Frame Styles

Frame Variety

One of the Quay Australia brand’s biggest strengths is the vast variety of frame styles. Their catalog includes everything from retro cat-eyes to sporty wraparounds to minimalist wire frames.

Some of their most distinct styles include:

  • Flat Top Cat Eye: Thick cateye frame with flat top
  • My Girl: Round frame with thin wire rims
  • High Key: Geometric, angular flat top cateye
  • It’s My Way: Oversized, square frame with flat top

Within each frame style, Quay offers different colors and lens options. You can filter their site by frame shape to find your perfect match.

Frame Materials

Most Quay Australia frames are made from plastic, either acetate or grilamid. These plastics allow for vivid, opaque colors and patterns.

Some styles use metal wire or a combination like metal brow bar with plastic lower frame. Overall the materials are light yet sturdy.

Size Range

Quay frames come in standard sizing ranging from XS to XL. Measure your face to find the right fit.

  • XS: 130 mm
  • S: 140 mm
  • M: 145 mm
  • L: 150 mm
  • XL: 160 mm

Xs to L should fit petite to average width faces, while XL accommodates wider cheekbones. Consult the size chart to make sure your chosen Quay frames will fit comfortably.

Women’s vs Unisex Styles

While Quay started as primarily a women’s sunglass brand, today they offer both women’s and unisex options.

Frames labeled as “Women’s” tend to be more cat-eye and round styles in feminine colors and patterns.

“Unisex” frames lean rectangular with neutral colorways, built to suit anyone. However many women opt for unisex Quays to make a statement too.

Limited Edition Collabs

Part of Quay’s success can be attributed to their limited edition collections co-designed with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Saweetie, and Madison Beer.

These capsules feature stylized versions of bestselling Quay icons. The collaborations mix the star’s aesthetic with Quay’s signature style. Past collections usually sell out in under 24 hours, which builds hype.

Quay Australia Lens Options

Sunglass lenses are only as good as the protection they offer. Here’s an overview of the lens offerings from Quay Australia.

Lens Materials

Most Quay Australia lenses are made from polycarbonate due to its strength, clarity, and lightweight feel.

Some styles feature triacetate lenses which offer sharper optics at a higher price point.

Lens Types

Customers can select different lens types depending on their needs:

  • Polarized: Reduces glare ideal for activities like driving, fishing, and water sports. Available on most styles for an upcharge.
  • Mirrored: Reflective mirrored coating shields eyes from harsh overhead light.
  • Gradient: Lenses transition from darker at top to lighter at bottom to cut glare without total darkness.
  • Blue light filtering: Blocks blue light from digital devices. Available on a few select frames.

Standard Quay lenses without any treatment provide basic UV protection sufficient for daily wear.

UV Protection

All Quay Australia lenses block 100% of UVB rays and UVB 400 protected lenses filter 99%-100% of UVA rays. This meets industry standards for sufficient sun protection.

Select styles even offer UVB 500 lenses which indicate they block at least 95% of UVA rays in addition to complete UVB protection.

Prescription Options

Quay allows you to add prescription lenses to most frames. You can upload your prescription and select single vision or progressive lenses during checkout.

Prescription Quay sunglasses have the same base price as regular sunglasses plus an extra fee starting at $29 for the lenses.

Quay also offers blue light prescription lenses for added computer eye strain protection.

Quay Australia Sunglasses Reviews From Buyers

Before deciding if Quay Australia sunglasses are worth it, it helps to see what actual buyers and wearers have to say.

What Buyers Love About Quay

  • Stylish and trendy frames that are updated often
  • Affordable pricing compared to big brands
  • Flattering on many face shapes and easy to style outfits with
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours
  • Good UV protection from most lenses
  • Easy ordering process online and quick shipping
  • Can add prescription lenses conveniently

Common Quay Complaints

  • Some frames feel cheap and like lower quality materials
  • Lenses prone to scratching and damage without much durability
  • Limited case options – basic case provided
  • Difficult returns process if purchased from third party seller
  • Arms can be flimsy and bend out of shape over time
  • Not always true to size chart – some styles run big/small

While most buyers are pleased with their stylish Quays, some have concerns over longevity and lens durability compared to more expensive brands.

Quay Australia Prices and Value

One of Quay Australia’s biggest selling points is their affordable prices compared to legacy brands. But are they really a bargain?

Price Range

Prices for Quay Australia sunglasses frames range from:

  • $50 – $60 for non-polarized plastic frames
  • $75 – $85 for polarized lenses
  • $65+ for limited edition or premium styles

This positions Quay as an affordable mid-market brand – less expensive than Ray-Ban but pricier than big box store sunglasses.

Worth the Cost? Pros vs Cons


  • Significantly cheaper than luxury brands
  • Styles are on-trend and updated often
  • Option to add polarization or prescription lenses
  • Frequent sales and bundle deals


  • Some frames prone to breakage over time
  • Lack premium feel and weight of pricier brands
  • Limited warranty period

For shoppers who want lots of style variety without the designer price tags, Quay is generally a great value. However the lower prices do come with some durability tradeoffs.

Sales and Discounts

Quay runs sales and discounts frequently. Some common promotions include:

  • Sitewide sales like 30% off everything
  • BOGO 50% off or buy 2, get one free deals
  • Free shipping thresholds
  • Influencer promo codes for 15-20% off

Following Quay on social media or subscribing to their email list are the best ways to find out about upcoming sales. Bundles and buy more, save more deals offer the biggest discounts.

Quay Australia Durability Concerns

With frequent new frame releases, are Quay Australia sunglasses built to last? Here’s an overview of common durability complaints.

Frame Durability

The lightweight plastic frames from Quay are prone to breaking compared to metal or acetate options from pricier brands.

Some buyers complain the arms get loose or snap off entirely after 6 months to a year of regular wear. Occasionally frames can get stressed and crack at the hinges as well.

For the low prices, Quay frames are reasonably durable but won’t necessarily last years with rough treatment. Handle them with care.

Lens Durability

Quay Australia lenses scratch fairly easily due to the soft polycarbonate. Just a few months of tossing them in bags can leave lenses riddled with surface scratches impairing visibility.

The lenses also can pop out of the frames upon dropping or if the frames get bent and loosen up. Replacing lenses or getting prescriptions put in also proves tricky.

While expected at this price, the lenses are far from indestructible like premium brands. Quay’s lack of scratch resistance remains a common complaint.

Prone to Damage?

To maximize the lifespan of Quay Australia sunglasses:

  • Use the protective case – don’t just toss them in your bag
  • Avoid dropping frames onto hard surfaces
  • Clean carefully with microfiber cloth to avoid scratching
  • Keep away from extreme heat which can warp frames
  • Don’t stretch or over-bend arms as they’ll get loose

With proper care, most Quay sunglasses should last around 1 year or so before showing signs of wear.

Quay Australia Style and Design Aesthetic

Beyond durability, how do Quay Australia sunglasses actually look on? Here are the most popular styles and factors to consider.

Most Popular Frame Styles

According to sales data, some of the most purchased Quay styles include:

  • Downing: Medium square cat-eye frame
  • My Girl: Petite round metal frame
  • Blue Light: Rectangular flat top, great for computer use
  • See You Later: Thin angular cat-eye frame
  • It’s My Way: Chunky angular oversized frame

These frames tend to look great on most face shapes. The cat-eye and round shapes also flatter a wide variety of cheek and jaw structures.

Trendy or Timeless?

Quay releases frames with the latest trends in mind rather than designing timeless classics. Frame silhouettes tend to come and go each season.

However, some of their core bestselling shapes like the Downing and My Girl offer a mix of contemporary yet versatile styling.

Celeb Collaborations

Teaming up with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Billie Eilish, and Lucy Hale on limited capsules gives Quay instant cool factor.

These hyped collab drops allow Quay to offer their take on statement styles modeled and endorsed by influencers. Fans snap them up fast.

Quay vs Competitors Like Ray-Ban

How do Quay Australia sunglasses compare to similar fashion-forward brands or legacy players like Ray-Ban? Here are the key differences:

Quay Australia

  • Wider variety of trendy styles
  • Lower prices from $50 – $85
  • Lighter plastic frames
  • Greater risk of breakage
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Signature timeless styles like Wayfarers
  • Premium materials and durability
  • Starting prices around $153
  • 5 year warranty included
  • Greater brand recognition

Warby Parker

  • Trend-led acetate frames like Quay
  • Prices from $95 – $145
  • Durable hinges and construction
  • Includes scratch-resistant lenses
  • Try at Home program

Overall Quay offers more variety and lower costs compared to these competitors. However, the durability tradeoffs are noticeable up against Ray-Ban especially.

Quay Australia Warranty and Return Policy

What kind of protections does Quay Australia offer if your sunglasses break or you want to make a return?


Quay offers a limited lifetime warranty. This covers manufacturer defects to frames and lenses.

However, the warranty exclusions include normal wear and tear, scratches, misuse, accidental damage etc. So it offers limited coverage beyond defects.

Return Policy

Returns are accepted within 14 days of the delivery date. Products must be unused with original tags to get a refund.

Exchanges are offered within 3 months if your sunglasses are faulty. But you’ll need proof of purchase and typically have to cover return shipping costs.

Overall, Quay’s protections are fairly limited. Damage from regular use or drops would not be covered under their warranty or returns policy.

How to Buy Quay Australia Sunglasses

Where are the best places to buy authentic Quay Australia sunglasses? Consider the following when making your purchase:


Buying directly from QuayAustralia.com ensures you’re getting authentic new frames covered by the warranty.

Quay’s site also offers the largest selection of styles, lens choices, and collaborations.


You can shop Quay at select brick-and-mortar retailers like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS stores.

Trying frames on in person allows you to assess fit, but in-store style selection is limited.

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Beware of Fakes

Quay sunglasses are often counterfeited. To avoid fakes, stay away from shady websites with prices that seem too good to be true or overstock claims.

Only purchase from authorized retailers to ensure authenticity and warranty coverage. If the price seems much lower than Quay’s MSRP, they are likely fake.

Stick to Quay’s site or trusted stores when buying new pairs. Don’t take risks buying used or discounted Quays from random sellers.

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review: Final Verdict

So should you buy into the Quay Australia sunglasses hype? Here is our final verdict:

Best for:

  • Shoppers wanting numerous trendy styles to mix up their accessory game
  • Those seeking maximum style at minimal cost
  • People looking for fun statement frames beyond basic black shades

Not Ideal for:

  • Buyers wanting indestructible lenses with flawless optics
  • People who are extra rough on their sunglasses
  • Those seeking high-end branding status

Overall: With their mix of fashion-forward looks and affordable pricing, Quay Australia sunglasses offer compelling value. Just don’t expect Tiffany’s quality at Target prices. Treat Quay frames with care to maximize their lifespan. And buy only

For shoppers wanting an endless array of contemporary styles to suit any outfit without breaking the bank, Quay Australia hits the mark. Just be prepared for the lenses and frames to show wear with extended use.

Prioritize keeping your Quays in their case and handled with care. Avoid tossing them in purses or bags where they’ll get scratched up. With reasonable care and expectations at this price point, Quay Australia offers fun, stylish sunglasses to suit any budget.

Quay Australia Frequently Asked Questions

To sum up the key details in this sunglasses review, here are answers to commonly asked questions about Quay Australia:

Q: Where are Quay Australia sunglasses made?

A: While designed in Melbourne, Australia, Quay frames are manufactured in Italy, China and Taiwan.

Q: Does Quay offer prescription lenses?

A: Yes, most Quay frames can accommodate single vision or progressive prescription lenses for an added fee.

Q: What is Quay’s return policy?

A: Quay accepts unused returns within 14 days. Exchanges for defective products are allowed up to 3 months with proof of purchase.

Q: How can I tell if Quay sunglasses are fake?

A: Warning signs include prices that seem too low, incorrect case or cleaning cloth, and lack of branding on the lenses or arms. Authentic Quays should only be purchased directly from the brand or authorized retailers.

Q: Are Quay sunglasses actually worth it?

A: For the affordable prices, Quay sunglasses offer decent UV protection, on-trend styles, and lightweight comfort ideal for frequent wearers who don’t want to break the bank. Just don’t expect long term durability on par with more expensive brands.

A: Top selling Quay frames include the Downing, My Girl, Blue Light, See You Later, and It’s My Way. Limited edition celebrity collaborations also sell out extremely quickly.

Q: How can I make my Quay sunglasses last longer?

A: Use the included case, avoid tossing them in your bag, clean carefully with a microfiber cloth, keep away from high heat, and don’t over-stretch the arms. With care, most Quays will last around a year with moderate use.


Quay Australia sunglasses offer customers affordable, fun, and stylish frames to stay on trend. While the prices are budget-friendly, expect some durability tradeoffs in exchange for the lower costs and ability to refresh your look frequently.

Follow the tips in this Quay Australia review to find the best frame styles and lens options for your needs and face shape. Stick to reputable sellers and handle your Quays gently to get the most wear for your money from these Instagram-famous shades.

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