Royal Canin vs Fromm: Battle of the Premium Dog Food Brands

Dog owners want the very best for their furry friends, including top quality nutrition. When it comes to premium dog food, two big names often come up – Royal Canin and Fromm. But which brand comes out on top in a head-to-head comparison?

This comprehensive review will compare Royal Canin and Fromm across a range of factors to help you decide which premium dog food is right for your pup. We’ll look at:

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Royal Canin and Fromm
  • Nutritional Value and Ingredients
  • Specialty and Prescription Dog Food Formulas
  • Product Palatability and Flavors
  • Company Reputation and Manufacturing
  • Pricing and Product Range
  • Availability and Shopping Experience
  • Recalls History
  • FAQs
  • The Verdict: Royal Canin or Fromm?

Introduction to Royal Canin and Fromm

Royal Canin and Fromm are both established premium pet food brands with a strong focus on canine nutrition and health.

Royal Canin was founded in France in 1968. It is currently owned by Mars, Incorporated. Royal Canin manufactures breed-specific and health-specific formulas for dogs and cats. It employs veterinarians and canine nutritionists to formulate their products.

Fromm is a family-owned company founded in 1904 in Wisconsin. It produces a range of dog and cat foods using high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Fromm is well-known for its nutrient-rich formulas and commitment to pet health.

Both Royal Canin and Fromm conduct significant research into pet nutrition and health. They aim to offer pet owners high-end dog foods packed with nutritional benefits. However, there are some key differences between these premium brands.

Nutritional Value and Ingredients

The most important consideration when comparing pet foods is the nutritional value and ingredients used. This impacts canine health and wellbeing significantly.

Royal Canin dog foods typically contain chicken, chicken meal, and grain-based carbohydrates like corn, wheat, and rice. The carbohydrate content tends to be higher than Fromm.

Royal Canin focuses on precise nutritional profiles for each formula. It adds supplements to meet nutrient requirements and support various health needs.

Fromm dog foods feature quality proteins like duck, chicken, salmon, beef, and eggs as the first ingredients. Fromm includes nutrient-rich carbohydrates like oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes.

Fromm aims to provide complete and balanced nutrition through high-quality natural ingredients rather than synthetic supplements. Its formulas tend to be lower in carbs than Royal Canin.

When it comes to meat vs grain ingredients and use of supplements, Fromm dog food comes out slightly ahead. However, Royal Canin formulas are still carefully designed by nutritionists.

Specialty and Prescription Dog Food Formulas

Royal Canin and Fromm both offer extensive product ranges with specialized formulas for dogs of different breeds, sizes, ages, and health statuses.

Royal Canin was one of the first brands to design dog food tailored to specific breed needs. Today it offers over 70 breed-specific formulas.

Royal Canin also has an extensive range of veterinary therapeutic diets to help dogs with health conditions. These must be prescribed by a vet.

Fromm sells 33 Gold dog foods for different breed sizes, life stages, and dietary needs. It has limited breed-specific formulas.

Fromm’s Four-Star Nutritionals line addresses common health issues like digestive care, skin & coat health, weight management, and food allergies.

So for breed-specific and prescription dog food, Royal Canin comes out ahead. But Fromm still offers several specialized diet formulas.

Product Palatability and Flavors

No matter how nutritious the food, it needs to appeal to a dog’s palate. Royal Canin and Fromm offer varied flavors and use palatability enhancers.

Royal Canin employs taste experts to ensure their kibble appeals to dogs. Recipes like roasted chicken, roasted lamb, and venison offer enticing flavors.

Royal Canin also uses digestible carbohydrates like rice and maize along with palatability-boosting fats to make the food highly appetizing.

Fromm dog foods feature real meats like beef, chicken, and duck to provide taste and aroma dogs love. Fromm also includes digestible carbohydrates like potatoes and oatmeal.

Both brands offer wet dog foods in rich gravies and broths. Fromm cans have visible meat chunks for additional appeal.

While both brands make tasty dog food, Royal Canin’s intense focus on palatability gives it an edge in this area.

Company Reputation and Manufacturing

When you choose a premium dog food brand, you want to know it comes from a company you can trust. Both Royal Canin and Fromm have strong reputations.

Royal Canin benefits from being part of the Mars pet care company with significant resources for research and manufacturing.

It has state-of-the-art factories in the USA producing dry and wet foods. Quality control testing ensures consistency and safety. Royal Canin meets FDA standards.

Fromm is a smaller family-run company but has been operating for over 100 years. It owns and operates its own manufacturing plants in Wisconsin.

Fromm has strong relationships with independent suppliers and farmers. It is known for its commitment to quality and food safety.

Both Royal Canin and Fromm uphold stringent quality standards, so there is no clear winner on manufacturing. It’s a matter of whether you prefer a huge corporation or smaller family company.

Pricing and Product Range

With premium dog foods, you expect to pay higher prices but want value for money and a good product range.

Royal Canin dog food costs $1.50 – $5 per pound on average depending on the formula. Given the precise nutritional design involved, this represents decent value.

There are over 170 dry and wet Royal Canin dog foods spanning various breed sizes, life stages, and special dietary requirements. This extensive product range is a major plus.

Fromm dog food ranges from $2.50 – $4.40+ per pound. The high meat inclusions do help justify Fromm’s pricing.

Fromm offers around 75 dry and wet dog foods covering different breed sizes and some health needs. The range is smaller than Royal Canin but still varied.

If you want specialty prescription formulas or breed-specific foods, Royal Canin is the winner for product variety. But Fromm still provides good choice.

Availability and Shopping Experience

Convenience is key – you want to easily purchase your chosen dog food from retailers you trust.

Royal Canin is stocked at all major pet stores like PetSmart and Petco plus online at Chewy, Amazon, PetFlow and more. Broad availability makes it very convenient.

Royal Canin’s website helps you find the ideal formula for your dog’s needs. There are also useful articles on canine health and nutrition.

Fromm has a smaller distribution network, but you can buy it at independent pet retailers and online stores like Chewy, PetFlow, and Amazon.

Fromm’s website includes an online store locator. It provides pet nutrition and health advice from veterinarians to help owners make informed choices.

Royal Canin comes out slightly ahead for broader availability in chain stores. But Fromm remains accessible, especially online and at smaller pet stores.

Recalls History

Any history of recalls is a red flag. We want dog foods that adhere to strict safety standards.

Royal Canin had a significant melamine recall in 2007. However, it responded appropriately, increasing safety protocols. It has received high marks on subsequent inspections.

Fromm has no history of recalls or safety issues. It maintains rigorous standards at its US-based plants to avoid any contamination or ingredient issues.

Fromm’s perfect recall history gives it the advantage in this important category. Royal Canin has redeemed itself, but the major 2007 incident remains a black mark.

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FAQs about Royal Canin and Fromm Dog Foods

Is Royal Canin better than Fromm?

There is no definitive “better” brand. Royal Canin offers greater breed and condition-specific formulas. But Fromm uses more natural ingredients and has no recall history. It comes down to your preferences.

Is Fromm worth the higher price?

Yes, Fromm contains quality ingredients like real meats, fruits, and vegetables. This justifies the higher cost over grocery store brands. Fromm is competitively priced for a premium dog food.

Does Royal Canin have a lot of fillers?

Royal Canin does contain more grain fillers like corn and wheat than brands like Fromm. But it adds these to provide calories and balance its precise nutritional profiles.

Is Fromm good for small dogs?

Yes, Fromm Gold has a Small Breed Adult formula. It has smaller kibble, extra antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics for small dogs. Fromm is a good choice for small breeds.

Is Royal Canin better than Hill’s Science Diet?

Royal Canin and Hill’s are comparable premium dog foods. Royal Canin has more breed-specific formulas. Hill’s offers more prescription diets for medical issues. It’s subjective which is “better.”

Should I rotate Fromm flavors?

You can rotate through Fromm Gold or Four-Star flavors for variety. But find 1-2 your dog does best on long-term for nutritional stability. Switch gradually between flavors over 4-7 days.

The Verdict: Royal Canin or Fromm?

So which brand comes out on top in this battle of premium pet food heavyweights?

If you want specialized veterinary diets or breed-specific nutrition, Royal Canin is the winner. No other brand offers as many formulas tailored for your dog’s needs. Royal Canin has strong palatability and nutritional research behind it.

For a smaller brand with simple quality ingredients and recall-free history, Fromm comes out ahead. It uses fewer artificial enhancers and fillers. Fromm offers strong nutritional profiles focused on real meats and nutrient-dense carbohydrates.

Both Royal Canin and Fromm produce quality premium dog foods. Consider your priorities like specific health needs, budget, and preferences on ingredients and company reputation. This will help you choose the right brand for your dog.

Whichever you pick, you can be confident feeding your canine companion a nutritious diet that supports their health and happiness.

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