Skechers Slip-On Shoes Review – Comfy or Just for Looks?

Skechers has become one of the most popular shoe brands worldwide thanks to their comfortable and stylish designs. Their slip-on shoes in particular have developed a cult following for their easy wearability and versatile styling. But are Skechers slip-ons really as comfy as they look? Or are they just a fashion statement?

In this comprehensive Skechers slip-on review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features of Skechers slip-on shoes to help you decide if they live up to the hype. Discover the pros and cons of Skechers slip-on shoes for walking, working, exercising, and more. Plus, check out how they compare to other popular slip-on shoe brands like Vans and Toms.

Overview of Skechers Slip-On Shoes

Skechers offers several styles of slip-on shoes for men and women, ranging from casual canvas shoes to dressier leather options. Some of their most popular slip-on lines include:

  • Skechers Go Walk – ultra lightweight athletic slip-ons made for walking
  • Skechers On The Go – casual canvas slip-ons with memory foam insoles
  • Skechers Work – slip resistant work shoes like clogs and sneakers
  • Skechers Bobs – canvas slip-ons with yoga mat soles
  • Skechers D’Lites – chunky platform slip-on sneakers

Within each line, you’ll find dozens of colors and patterns to choose from. They range in price from $40-$90 USD depending on the materials used.

Here’s an overview of the key features you’ll find in Skechers slip-on shoes:

Lightweight Materials

Most Skechers slip-ons are made of soft woven canvas, breathable mesh, or synthetic leather materials. This keeps them lightweight and flexible for easy wear. The average pair weighs 9-13 oz.

Cushioned Insoles

Nearly all pairs have a cushioned insole for arch support and shock absorption. Memory foam and air-cooled insoles are common.

Flexible Rubber Soles

The outsoles are made of flexible grooved rubber for traction. Some have more rugged lug designs for slip resistance.

Casual, Sporty Styling

Skechers slip-ons have a relaxed sporty look with stitched accents and contrasting designs. The shape is rounded with a low collar.

Easy Slip-On Design

They have stretchy panels or goring at the sides for an easy slip-on fit without laces or buckles. The fit adjusts as you walk.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the positives and drawbacks of Skechers slip-on shoes in terms of comfort, support, style, durability and more.

The Pros of Skechers Slip-On Shoes

Extremely Comfortable Right Away

One of the biggest perks of Skechers slip-ons is that they are comfortable from the first wear. There’s no break-in period. The soft, flexible materials and cushioned insoles conform to your feet.

Many reviewers say Skechers slip-ons are “like walking on clouds” all day long thanks to the plush memory foam footbed. The cushioning is soft yet still supportive.

Great Shock Absorption

The combination of the flexible grooved outsole and cushioned insole absorbs impact and reduces shock on your joints as you walk. This makes them ideal for prolonged periods of walking or standing.

The Skechers Work line has specially designed outsoles and advanced insoles for supreme shock absorption. These are great for nurses, restaurant staff and others on their feet all day.

Lightweight and Breathable

Skechers slip-ons weigh 25-50% less than typical athletic shoes thanks to the canvas and mesh materials. This reduce fatigue when walking or standing for long stretches.

The canvas and mesh allow air flow to keep feet cool. The moisture-wicking linen materials help prevent odor and sweat build-up too.

Slip Resistant Soles

Many of the slip-ons like the Work line have outsoles designed to grip all types of surfaces -wet, oily or otherwise. This is critical for work environments prone to slips and falls.

The OSHA-rated slip resistant outsoles provide peace of mind for those walking on slippery floors. Traction lugs and grooves channel liquids away.

Easy On/Off Convenience

Simply slide your feet in and out thanks to the flexible goring panels on the sides. No need to tie laces or fiddle with buckles and straps. The fit adjusts snugly when walking.

This makes them great for trips through airport security, running errands, or anytime you want the quickest shoe change.

Machine Washable Materials

Many Skechers slip-ons have uppers made of canvas or other machine washable materials. Just remove the insoles and toss in the washing machine to freshen them up. Air dry away odors and stains.

This helps keep them looking and smelling fresh with minimal effort. Save money on unnecessary shoe cleanings.

Budget-Friendly Price Point

Skechers slip-on shoes cost $40-$90 on average. This is very affordable compared to designer slip-on brands that typically run $100+.

You get serious comfort and support without the premium designer price tag. New styles and sales offer even better deals.

Fun Prints and Colors

Why settle for boring blacks and browns when you can rock floral prints, tie-dye, camo and other wild designs? Skechers offers dozens of trendy colors and patterns each season.

The fun prints disguise dirt and are easy to match with your favorite casual outfits. They add flair to an otherwise ordinary look.

The Cons of Skechers Slip-On Shoes

Of course, Skechers slip-ons aren’t without some downsides. Here are the most common drawbacks:

Lack Arch Support for Some

If you have high arches or overpronate, you may find the cushioned insoles lack adequate arch support. This can lead to foot pain during long periods of wear.

Adding orthotic inserts can help customize the arch support for your feet. But the standard insoles may not provide enough.

Traction Wears Down Quickly

Several reviews mention the traction lugs start smoothing down within 2-4 months of consistent wear. This causes them to become slick on wet or oily floors more quickly than expected.

Replacing them every 6-9 months can offset this issue. But it’s a headache for those wanting long-term traction.

Toe Box May be Too Narrow

Some say the rounded toe area is too narrow and cramps toes during extended wear. This again can lead to foot pain over time.

Sizing up a half or full size, or opting for a wide width, can help create a roomier toe box. But the shape alone may be too narrow for some.

Limited Arch Support

There’s less arch support from slip-ons in general compared to properly-fitted sneakers or shoes with laces/straps. Customizing the fit is more limited.

If you need firm arch support, you may feel discomfort wearing slip-ons like Skechers for too long. Adding your own orthotic may help.

Can Carry Odor

The cushioned insoles absorb foot sweat and odor over time. And the mesh uppers tend to hold onto smells. Making them less ideal for all day wear.

Washing and air drying frequently helps. But some say slip-ons hold more odor than solid shoes after consistent wear.

Style Not for Everyone

Some find the sporty rounded shape juvenile looking. And the patterned canvas styles are geared more towards casual outfits, not professional wear.

So the style may not suit your preferences if you want a more tailored leather loafer or sophisticated slip-on.

Sizing Runs Large

Many mention sizing runs at least a half size too large. Trying on and taking care with sizing is important for the right snug slip-on fit.

Now that we’ve weighed the pros and cons, let’s see how Skechers slip-ons compare to other popular brands.

Skechers vs. Vans Slip-On Shoes

Vans are another very popular slip-on shoe, known for their canvas skate style. Here’s how Skechers and Vans slip-ons compare:

| Skechers | Vans
| More cushioned insole | Thinner insole
| Casual sporty look | Skater/retro look
| Rounded shape | Pointier shape
| Goring panels | Elastic side stripes
| Traction outsole | Vulcanized rubber outsole
| Machine washable | Spot clean only
| $40-$90 | $50-$70

Overall, the extra cushioning makes Skechers more comfortable for all-day wear. But Vans edge out slightly in terms of style and street cred thanks to their classic skate roots.

Skechers vs. Toms Slip-On Shoes

Toms are another popular slip-on option, known for their simple canvas styles. Here is how they differ from Skechers:

| Skechers | Toms
| More arch support| Minimal arch support
| Cushioned insole | Thin canvas insole
| Casual sporty vibe | Boho vibe
| Outsoles for traction | Flat rubber outsole
| Machine washable | Spot clean only
| $40-$90 | $40-$70

The extra arch support and cushioning again make Skechers a winner in overall comfort. But Toms have an undeniable bohemian style that Skechers can’t match.

Do Skechers Slip-Ons Stretch Out?

Thanks to the woven fabric sides and full cushioned insole, Skechers slip-ons will stretch and conform to your feet the more you wear them. They adjust to your foot shape.

The goring panels allow the upper to stretch up to a half size bigger. The insole also compresses to mold perfectly to your footprint.

This custom fit makes them increasingly comfortable. But it can also lead to a sloppy fit if they stretch too much.

Some report having to size down because their usual size stretched a half size too big. Opt for a snug fit initially. Wear thick socks if too tight.

Also, limit wear to 2-3 days a week. Giving them a day or two to bounce back to shape. Rotate 2-3 pairs.

How to Clean Skechers Slip-On Shoes

Regular cleaning keeps Skechers slip-ons looking and smelling fresh. Here are some tips:

  • Spot clean canvas – Use a damp cloth with mild soap and brush away stains. Air dry.
  • Machine wash canvas – Remove insoles and laces. Wash on delicate cycle in a pillowcase. Air dry completely.
  • Disinfect insoles – Remove insoles and spray both sides with disinfectant. Let dry fully before replacing.
  • Freshen odor – Sprinkle baking soda in shoes overnight. Tap out excess in the morning.
  • Scrub soles – Use an old toothbrush with dish soap and water to scrub soles. Wipe clean.

Avoid soaking, heat drying or using harsh cleaners. This can damage the materials.

With frequent cleaning, Skechers slip-ons can maintain their look and odor-free comfort for seasons to come.

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Pair of Skechers Slip-Ons

Ready to try Skechers slip-ons for yourself? Use these pro tips to buy the perfect pair:

1. Size down – They tend to run a half to full size large. Size down for a proper snug fit.

2. Try on with socks – Wear the thickness of socks you plan to wear them with. Ensure toe room.

3. Feel the arch support – Walk around and make sure the arch support feels right for your feet.

4. Assess width – Do your feet crowd the sides? Opt for a wide width if so.

5. Review return policy – Save time by ordering 2 sizes to compare at home.

Skechers Slip-Ons Review Conclusion

When it comes to delivering on both comfort and style, Skechers slip-on shoes shine. The soft woven fabric and cushioned insoles live up to their reputation for cloud-like comfort. And the sporty designs and colors keep you on trend anywhere from work to weekends.

Just be aware that sizing can be tricky, so take care to try on properly. And the standard insoles may lack arch support for some feet. Adding your own orthotic can customize the fit.

For those wanting a budget-friendly slip-on with instant walk-around comfort, Skechers are a solid choice. Just take advantage of sales to offset having to replace them more frequently than pricier brands.

With the right expectations of wear, Skechers slip-ons can become your daily footwear staple for tackling busy days in cozy style and cushioning. Ditch the laces and slip into comfort and convenience!

Frequently Asked Questions about Skechers Slip-On Shoes

Q: Are Skechers slip-on shoes comfortable for standing all day?

Yes, Skechers slip-ons provide exceptional comfort for prolonged standing compared to regular shoes thanks to the plush, shock-absorbing insoles. Just be sure to get the proper sizing and stand on a supportive mat.

Q: Can you exercise or go to the gym in Skechers slip-ons?

While Skechers makes athletic slip-ons meant for walking, their other styles lack the stability and structure for intense exercise. Opt for properly fitted athletic sneakers with laces for sports and gym workouts.

Q: How long do Skechers slip-ons last?

With near daily wear, Skechers slip-ons typically last 4-6 months before signs of wear like diminished traction. Proper rotation and cleaning can extend their lifespan to 9-12 months. The cost per wear makes them a good value.

Q: Are Skechers slip-ons good for plantar fasciitis?

The moderate arch support and ample cushioning make Skechers a nice slip-on option for plantar fasciitis. Look for their Plantar Fasciitis Relief styles which offer extra arch support. Or add your own orthotic insert.

Q: Are there safety toe or composite toe Skechers slip-ons?

Yes, the Skechers Work line offers steel toe and composite toe slip-on styles that meet ASTM safety standards for protection on the job. They provide a roomy fit for toe comfort along with electrical hazard and slip resistance.

Q: Can you put Skechers slip-ons in the washer and dryer?

You can machine wash many styles on delicate and air dry only. Tumble drying can damage the materials. Always remove the insoles first and use a pillowcase. Let dry completely before wearing again.

Are Skechers Slip-Ons Waterproof?

Most Skechers slip-ons are not fully waterproof since they have fabric uppers. However, some styles like the Skechers Slip Resistant Work Shoes have a water resistant treatment.

While not waterproof, many Skechers slip-ons are made with quick-drying woven fabric. This prevents your feet from getting soaked in light rain or splashes.

For full waterproofing, you can apply a spray treatment like Scotchgard. This will bead up and repel water from the fabric. Reapply after several washes.

Some tips for keeping your feet drier in Skechers slip-ons:

  • Spray with water repellent
  • Wear with water resistant socks
  • Add heel inserts to absorb moisture
  • Seal any stitching holes with clear nail polish
  • Stuff with newspaper after wear to absorb dampness faster

So while not the best for heavy rain or puddles, Skechers slip-ons can handle light wetness well. Just take steps to enhance water resistance.

Do Skechers Slip-Ons Shoes Run Big or Small?

The consensus from thousands of reviews is that Skechers slip-on shoes tend to run at least a half size too large. Many recommend ordering a full size smaller than your regular shoe size.

There are a few reasons for the oversized fit:

  • Stretchy Materials – The woven fabric uppers and goring stretch as you wear them.
  • No Laces – There’s nothing to snug up and customize the fit like laces.
  • Extra Toe Room – Skechers designs most styles with a roomy toe box.
  • Cushion Compression – The thick insoles compress and compact slightly.

To find your ideal Skechers slip-on size:

  • Try them on in the afternoon when feet are largest
  • Wear the socks you’ll normally wear
  • Make sure you have ample wiggle room in toes and sides
  • Order 1/2 to a full size smaller if in between sizes
  • Break them in with thick socks before wearing thin

With the right true-to-size fit, Skechers slip-ons stretch to cradle your feet in slipper-like comfort.

Can You Wear Skechers Slip-Ons All Day?

Skechers slip-on shoes are designed for all-day wear thanks to their lightweight feel, cushioning and stretchy fit. However, some precautions are needed for comfortable wear past 8 hours:

Buy the Right Size

Ill-fitting slip-ons will rub and cause pain. Size down for a snugger fit.

Wear Supportive Insoles

If you need more arch or heel support, add gel inserts or orthotics.

Choose Moisture Wicking Socks

This prevents odor, blisters and fungal infections.

Take Regular Breaks

Rotate pairs and give feet a break from any shoe after 4+ hours.

Keep Them Clean

Wash regularly to stop bacteria growth causing foot issues.

Watch for Wear

Replace once cushioning compacts or traction wears down.

With smart precautions, Skechers slip-ons can be worn from work to weekend with cloud-like comfort. They become customized to your feet over time.

Do Skechers Slip-Ons Stretch with Wear?

Yes, Skechers slip-on shoes will stretch and form to your feet the more you wear them. The woven fabric uppers and full cushioned insole mold to your exact shape.

The goring panels on the sides allow the upper to stretch up to a half size bigger after consistent wear. And the insole compresses and flattens to match the shape of your foot.

This custom molding effect makes them increasingly comfy. But it can also lead to a loose, baggy fit if they stretch too much.

Some must size down because their usual size stretched a half size too big. For the best fit, opt for a snug size initially. Wear thick socks at first if tight.

Also, limit wears to 2-3 days a week. Letting them fully rebound to shape before each wear. Rotate 2-3 pairs to prolong their lifespan.

Do Skechers Slip-Ons Run True to Size?

Skechers slip-ons tend to run large by a half to full size based on the consensus of customer reviews. So most recommend ordering a size smaller than your normal shoe size.

There are a few factors that contribute to the oversized fit:

  • Stretchy upper materials and goring
  • Roomy toe box shape
  • Compression of the cushioned insole
  • Lack of laces to customize fit

To find your ideal size, be sure to:

  • Try them on late afternoon when feet are swollen
  • Wear the socks you’ll normally wear
  • Walk around to test toe room and support
  • Size down if in between sizes for a proper snug fit
  • Size up for wide widths if your feet spill over

With the right true-to-size fit, Skechers slip-ons will flex and support your feet all day long in cushioned comfort.

What to Wear with Skechers Slip-Ons?

Skechers slip-on shoes have a relaxed sporty style that’s versatile for casual daytime outfits. Here are some tips on what to wear with Skechers slip-ons:

For Women

  • Leggings or skinny jeans
  • Maxi dress or skirt
  • Shorts or skorts
  • Culottes or gaucho pants
  • Tunics or oversized tee
  • Crop top and cardigan
  • Romper or jumpsuit
  • Joggers or track pants

For Men

  • Jeans or khakis
  • Cargo shorts or joggers
  • Polo shirt or henley
  • Hoodie or windbreaker
  • Lightweight bomber jacket
  • Canvas jacket
  • Graphic tee or tank
  • Drawstring pants

The casual vibe pairs well with lots of sporty, relaxed apparel. While the patterned canvas styles add flair to basic outfits.

Dress them up with chinos and blazers. Or go laid-back with sweats and tees. Skechers slip-ons transition seamlessly from running errands to strolling around town in cool comfort.

Do Skechers Slip-Ons Run Wide or Narrow?

Most Skechers slip-on shoes run slightly wide through the toe box and forefoot to accommodate swelling and splaying toes. However, some styles do fit narrower than average.

Wider fitting Skechers slip-ons include:

  • Bobs
  • On the Go
  • D’Lites
  • Skech Air

Narrower fitting options:

  • Work shoes
  • Go Walk slip-ons
  • Stamina athletic styles

If you have wide feet, stick with their casual lines in a wide width. For narrower feet, size down in their performance slip-ons.

Always try on in store first since sizing varies across Skechers vast selection. Review sizing charts online as well before ordering.

Do You Wear Socks with Skechers Slip-Ons?

You can wear socks with Skechers slip-on shoes, but it’s not required since most have a smooth canvas or jersey lining.

Here are some tips on socks with Skechers slip-ons:

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  • Opt for moisture wicking socks to keep feet dry and stink-free
  • Cushioned socks add extra padding for arch and heel support
  • No show socks maintain the slip-on ease
  • Thick socks can help fill excess space and snug up the fit
  • Barefoot is also fine since the interior lining is smooth against skin

In colder weather, socks add warmth. Year-round they help wick sweat and reduce odor issues.

Always wear the socks you intend when trying on Skechers slip-ons to ensure the proper fit. Size up if feet feel cramped with socks.

Do Skechers Slip-Ons Have Arch Support?

Most Skechers slip-on shoes have light to moderate arch support from the cushioned insoles. However, the exact amount of arch support varies by style.

Those with the most built-in arch support include:

  • Skechers Work shoes
  • Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit styles
  • Skechers with high rebound insoles
  • Skechers Stamina athletic slip-ons

Styles with less inherent arch support:

  • Skechers Bobs
  • Skechers On the Go
  • Skechers D’lites
  • Skechers yoga foam styles

If you need extra arch support, adding gel inserts or orthotics can help customize the fit. Also opt for lace up Skechers which allow you to adjust the fit better.

Are Skechers Slip-Resistant Shoes Actually Slip Resistant?

Skechers makes specialized slip resistant shoes and clogs designed for workplace safety. Many meet the highest OSHA traction standards for grip.

Key features make their slip-on work shoes truly slip-proof:

  • Oil and Water Resistant Soles – Made of nitrile rubber to resist liquids.
  • Deep Lug Treads – Multi-direction gripping lugs channel liquids away.
  • Rigid Platform – Provides stability on unstable surfaces.
  • Electrical Hazard Rating – Protects against static discharge.
  • Algae Resistant – Stops slips on wet surfaces.
  • Marked Slip Resistant – Displays safety ratings like SATRA MA/MH.

Just note traction wears down over time. Replace slip-ons when lugs appear smooth or fluids no longer bead up on the soles.

With proper precautions, Skechers slip-resistant shoes live up to their name in keeping workers on their feet safely.

Are Skechers Slip-Ons Good for Walking?

Skechers makes several slip-on lines designed specifically for walking and all-day wear:

Skechers GOwalk – Extremely lightweight with high rebound cushioning.

Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit – Added arch support.

Skechers GOwalk Joy – Memory foam insole.

Skechers Summits – Rugged outsole and stability shank.

Skechers GOga Max – Yoga Mat cushioned insole.

These styles have ample shock absorption and arch support for extended walks. Reviewers praise their comfort mile after mile.

Other Skechers slip-ons work for quick trips but lack the structure for all-day walking comfort. Stick to their athletic walking shoes for serious walking.

Do Skechers Slip-Ons Stretch Out?

Yes, Skechers slip-on shoes tend to stretch out and form to your feet the more you wear them.

The soft woven fabric uppers contain elastic goring panels that stretch up to a half size. And the cushioned insoles compress to mold to your foot’s shape.

This custom fit makes them increasingly comfy. But sizing down initially ensures they don’t get too stretched out and sloppy.

Rotate between pairs and limit wears to 2-3 days to allow them to rebound back to their original form.

You can also remover the insoles periodically to help them retain their cushioning. Air drying upside down further helps them hold their structure.

With the right sizing, Skechers slip-ons flex perfectly to your feet while still feeling fresh for years.

Skechers Slip-Ons Review Conclusion

Skechers has earned their reputation as the ultimate feel-good shoes thanks to their slip-on styles. Soft against your skin yet still supportive underfoot, they deliver on easygoing comfort and sporty style.

Just be prepared to size down in most pairs, and watch for stretched out fits over time. Consider adding your own orthotic for arch support as the basic insoles may compress excessively.

Minor comfort concerns aside, Skechers slip-ons embody laidback versatility. Their ease suits busy days where you want to slip in and out of shoes in a flash.

With the right pair, you’ll want to kick off your shoes the second you walk through the door and step into the all-day coziness of Skechers slip-ons. They drive home that comfort truly starts from the ground up. Or should we say, from the slip-on up!

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