The 10 Best Password Managers for Security, Privacy and Convenience in 2023

Passwords are a necessary evil of the digital age. We all have far too many accounts requiring hard-to-remember passwords for security. This leads many people to use weak passwords or reuse the same passwords across accounts. However, these habits significantly compromise your security and privacy. Using a dedicated password manager solves these problems by securely storing strong, unique passwords for all your accounts.

But with so many password manager options available in 2023, how do you choose the right one for your needs? In this comprehensive review, we compare the 10 best password managers across key criteria like security, privacy, platform support, convenience and cost. Read on for detailed analyses and recommendations on picking the best password manager for your security and convenience.

Overview of the 10 Best Password Managers

Password ManagerBest ForSecurityPrivacyPlatformsAutoFillTOTP 2FAOther FeaturesPricing
1PasswordOverall choiceEnd-to-end encryptionZero-knowledgeWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, browser extensionsYesYesPassword sharing, emergency access, travel mode, Watchtower security alertsPremium Personal: $2.99/mo
Premium Family: $4.99/mo
  1. Dashlane | Feature richness | End-to-end encryption | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | VPN, password changer, Breach Alerts, identity dashboard | Premium Personal: $3.33/mo
    Premium Family: $4.99/mo
  2. Keeper | Lifetime license option | End-to-end encryption | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | BreachWatch dark web monitoring | Individual: $34.99/yr
    Family: $59.99/yr
    Lifetime: $174.99
  3. LastPass | Free tier available | End-to-end encryption | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | One-to-many password sharing | Free: Basic features
    Premium Personal: $2.25/mo
    Premium Family: $3.00/mo
  4. Bitwarden | Open source | End-to-end encryption | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | Self-hosting capability | Free: Basic features
    Premium Individual: $10/yr
    Premium Family: $40/yr
  5. RoboForm | Form filling focus | End-to-end encryption | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | Identity management dashboard | Everywhere Bundle: $23.88/yr
    Family Bundle: $47.75/yr
  6. NordPass | Affordable pricing | Zero-knowledge encryption | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | Data breach scanner | Standard: $1.49/mo
    Premium: $2.79/mo
    Family: $3.59/mo
  7. LogMeOnce | Extreme security | XSS protection, MFA | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux | Yes | Yes | CSS login obfuscation, email aliases | Premium: $2.99/mo
    Family: $4.99/mo
    Ultimate: $8.33/mo
  8. Sticky Password | Biometrics support | 256-bit AES encryption | Zero-knowledge | Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | – | Premium: $1.66/mo
    Family: $2.91/mo
  9. Enpass | Mobile focus | 256-bit AES encryption | Zero-knowledge | iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, browser extensions | Yes | Yes | One-time payment model | Desktop: $11.99 one-time
    Mobile: $11.99 one-time

What to Look for in a Password Manager

When picking a password manager, here are the key criteria to evaluate:

  • Security – Does it use end-to-end or zero-knowledge encryption to secure your passwords? What’s the encryption standard (AES-256 preferred)?
  • Privacy – Does it have a zero-knowledge policy forbidding employees from accessing your data?
  • Platform support – Apps for all your devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android at minimum. Browser extensions.
  • Auto-fill and auto-capture – Conveniently fills passwords on sites and apps. Can automatically capture new logins.
  • TOTP 2FA support – Stores 2FA codes for one-tap authentication.
  • Other convenience features – Password sharing, emergency access, password changer, etc.
  • Pricing – Free or freemium tiers available? Reasonable premium pricing? Family plans?

With those key criteria in mind, let’s dive into the detailed comparison of the top 10 password managers for security, privacy and convenience.

1. 1Password – Best Overall Password Manager

1Password is my top overall recommendation for a password manager that excels at both security and convenience. It’s trusted by over 100,000 businesses and millions of individuals worldwide.


1Password utilizes end-to-end encryption for all your data secured by a Secret Key that only you control. Your passwords are encrypted before syncing so 1Password servers never see them. The cryptographic design has been proven via security audits.


1Password follows a strict zero-knowledge policy where no employees can access your encryption keys or see your data. Customer service cannot recover account access if you forget your Master Password.

Platform Support

1Password offers apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and all major browsers. It has excellent platform integration and support.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

1Password seamlessly auto-fills logins, personal info and payments within apps and browsers. You can store one-tap 2FA TOTP codes. Other convenience features include password sharing, emergency account recovery for family members, Travel Mode to temporarily remove passwords when traveling, and Watchtower to flag compromised accounts.


1Password uses a reasonable subscription pricing model with a 30-day free trial available. Premium Personal is $2.99/month billed annually, and Premium Family (5 users) is $4.99/month billed annually. Overall excellent value.

2. Dashlane – Most Full-Featured

Dashlane is an extremely popular and full-featured password manager used by over 15 million people globally. If you want every convenience feature imaginable, Dashlane is hard to beat.


Your data in Dashlane is protected by industry-standard AES-256 encryption during local storage and transit. They have completed security audits confirming no backdoors.


Dashlane follows a strict zero-knowledge policy in their architecture and company practices. Employees have no way to access your encrypted data.

Platform Support

Dashlane offers apps for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices, along with browser extensions. Dashlane supports unlimited devices.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

Dashlane enables auto-fill logins across thousands of apps and sites. You can store secure notes and digital wallet items beyond just passwords. It supports 2FA TOTP codes as well. Dashlane really shines in its other convenience features including a VPN for secure web browsing, dark web monitoring with Dashlane Breach Alerts, a password changer that updates weak passwords across all your accounts, and an account takeover protection dashboard.


Dashlane is affordably priced but does not offer a free tier. Premium Personal is $3.33/month billed annually, and Premium Family (up to 5 users) is $4.99/month billed annually. Very good value given the full feature set.

3. Keeper – Offers Lifetime License

Keeper is a highly-rated, secure password manager used by millions of consumers and businesses. It stands out by offering a lifetime license option in addition to affordable monthly subscriptions.


Keeper uses end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256. Your Master Password is never sent to their servers. There are no backdoors for anyone to access your data.


Keeper guarantees a strict zero-knowledge privacy policy in their architecture and practices. No Keeper employee can access your encrypted data.

Platform Support

Keeper has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and browsers. You can have unlimited devices protected. Offline mode is available on mobile.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

Keeper enables auto-fill of logins, secure notes, identities and payment info across device platforms. You can store TOTP 2FA codes for one-tap login. Keeper also offers BreachWatch which monitors the dark web and alerts you if your info appears in data breaches.


Keeper offers the most pricing flexibility including monthly, 1 year or lifetime license options. Their premium plans are competitively priced and affordable. Individual is $34.99 annually, Family is $59.99 annually, and you can get a Lifetime license for $174.99 as a one-time fee.

4. LastPass – Best Free Password Manager

LastPass stands out by offering a free password manager option alongside inexpensive paid plans. It’s an excellent choice if you want basic password manager capabilities for free.


LastPass uses end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption to secure your vault locally and in transit. Your Master Password decrypts your vault only on your device.


LastPass follows a no-knowledge security model. Your encrypted vault is inaccessible to any LastPass employee. Even customer service cannot recover passwords.

Platform Support

LastPass supports Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices. Browser extensions are available for all major browsers. Free accounts can only use LastPass on one device type.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

LastPass conveniently auto-fills logins, forms and payments within browsers and apps. TOTP 2FA codes can be stored for one-tap logins. LastPass also enables password sharing across accounts.


A free tier of LastPass is available with basic password management capabilities, but can only be used on one device type. Paid plans add multi-device support, advanced 2FA, dark web monitoring and priority support. Premium Personal is $2.25/month billed annually, and Premium Family is $3/month billed annually.

5. Bitwarden – Open Source Password Manager

Bitwarden is a popular open source password manager highly rated for its security and transparent code audits. It offers core features for free while monetizing premium add-ons.


As an open source software, Bitwarden’s codebase is frequently audited by the cybersecurity community. Your data is secured end-to-end with AES-256 encryption, salted hashing and PBKDF2 SHA-256.


Bitwarden follows a strict zero-knowledge policy. The company has no ability to view your encrypted data. Open source audits ensure no backdoors exist.

Platform Support

Apps and browser extensions are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices. Bitwarden supports unlimited devices.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

Bitwarden provides auto-fill for logins across apps and browsers. TOTP 2FA codes can be stored for one-click logins. Bitwarden notably allows you to self-host for advanced users and enterprises.


An unlimited free version of Bitwarden is available with core features like password management and auto-fill. For more convenience features, Premium Individual is $10/year and Premium Family $40/year, making it very affordable.

6. RoboForm – Top Choice for Form Filling

With unique identity management capabilities on top of robust password features, RoboForm deserves consideration from frequent online form fillers.


Your data in RoboForm is secured by industry-standard AES-256 encryption locally and in transit. Their architecture has no backdoors for decryption.


RoboForm guarantees they use zero-knowledge encryption where no employees can view your data. Customer service cannot access your account or data.

Platform Support

RoboForm offers Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and all major browser extensions. Support for unlimited devices is included. Offline access available.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

RoboForm specializes in form filling across platforms, with stored identities, logins, payments and documents. Convenient auto-fill for apps and browsers is supported. RoboForm also offers an identity dashboard to monitor your security.


RoboForm is affordably priced for the extensive form filling features. It’s $23.88/year for RoboForm Everywhere and $47.75/year for 5 device family plans.

7. NordPass – Most Affordable Paid Plans

If affordability is your top priority, NordPass offers robust password manager features at the lowest paid prices, starting at just $1.49/month for their Standard plan.


NordPass uses zero-knowledge encryption to secure your passwords both locally and in transit via XChaCha20, Argon2, ECC 256-bit and other robust ciphers.


With zero-knowledge architecture, no NordPass employee can view your encrypted passwords or personal data at any time.

Platform Support

NordPass has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. Main browser extensions are available too.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

NordPass provides seamless auto-fill for logins across devices and browsers. You can store secure notes, card details and 2FA TOTP codes inside your encrypted vault as well. A password breach scanner is included.


NordPass is cheaper than most competitors while retaining robust features. It’s just $1.49/month or $17.99 per year for their Standard plan. Premium is $2.79/month billed annually, and Family (6 users) is $3.59/month billed annually. Hard to beat these low subscription prices.

8. LogMeOnce – Best for Extreme Security

LogMeOnce caters to the ultra-security focused with maximum password protection, obfuscation and encryption capabilities that go far beyond typical password manager offerings.


LogMeOnce employs multiple layers of highly advanced cryptography like AES-256, salted PBKDF2-SHA512, XSS-protected MegaMasked passwords, and more. Your credentials are encrypted end-to-end.


With a strict zero-knowledge policy, no LogMeOnce staff can ever access your encrypted passwords or personal information at any time.

Platform Support

LogMeOnce offers apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and browsers. Core features work offline as well.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

LogMeOnce auto-fills credentials across platforms and browsers to enable easy logins. It can also autofill complex payment forms and identity info. LogMeOnce uses enhanced UX techniques like CSS login obfuscation against visual hacking. Other advanced security options include multi-factor authentication, email aliases and emergency access.


Due to the enhanced security and features, LogMeOnce is priced higher than competitors. Premium is $2.99/month, Family is $4.99/month, and Ultimate has additional identity protection for $8.33/month. Worth it for paranoid security experts.

9. Sticky Password – Best Password Manager with Biometrics

Sticky Password sets itself apart by deeply integrating biometric authentication like fingerprint scanning or face unlock to auto-fill passwords and logins on mobile devices.


Sticky Password uses the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to secure your vault both locally and when synced across devices. No backdoors exist.


With zero-knowledge architecture, no Sticky Password employee can ever view your encrypted vault or password data.

Platform Support

Sticky Password supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the major browser extensions. Offline access is available.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

Sticky Password’s biggest advantage is using biometric unlock on mobile devices to auto-fill logins and passwords into apps and browsers. This is more convenient than copying one-time passwords. It also handles TOTP 2FA codes and form filling.


Sticky Password offers reasonably priced subscriptions. Premium Personal is $1.66/month billed annually, and Family covers 5 users for $2.91/month billed annually. Free trial available.

10. Enpass – Best One-Time Payment Model

If you prefer a one-time payment over subscriptions, Enpass is one of the few robust password managers that offers a lifetime license purchase after a free trial.


Your encrypted vault of passwords in Enpass is secured using 256-bit AES encryption locally on your device and when synced via the cloud.


With zero-knowledge architecture, Enpass guarantees no employees can view your encrypted data, and not even customer service can recover account access.

Platform Support

Enpass offers apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and browser extensions. You can use Enpass offline as well.

Auto-Fill, TOTP and Convenience Features

Enpass provides auto-fill of logins, identity info and payments across apps and websites. It can handle secure notes and 2FA TOTP codes too. Enpass enables sharing your passwords securely with other users.


Enpass uses a desktop + mobile one-time payment model. You pay $11.99 once for desktop

access, and $11.99 once for mobile access. No subscriptions needed after purchase. For individuals who want a lifetime license option, Enpass is a top choice.

Which Password Manager is the Best for You?

All of the top 10 password managers reviewed excel at securely storing your passwords and logins while offering robust convenience features. But which one is right for your needs? Here are some quick recommendations based on key criteria:

  • Best free password manager – LastPass
  • Best for families – 1Password
  • Best security for businesses – Keeper
  • Most features & convenience – Dashlane
  • Best lifetime license – Keeper
  • Best for extreme security – LogMeOnce
  • Best pricing – NordPass or Enpass (one-time fee)

For most individuals and families, I suggest 1Password or Dashlane for the complete package of security, convenience and affordability. But review the pros and cons and pricing for each to decide the best password manager matching your priorities.

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No matter which solution you select, using a dedicated password manager is essential to security and convenience in 2023. The top password managers allow you to use long, randomized, unique passwords for every account while easily auto-filling them when needed. This block you from having to remember tons of passwords or foolishly reusing the same ones.

So don’t put it off any longer – pick one of the best password managers from this review today and start living a password stress-free life! Your online security and convenience will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Password Managers

Q: Are password managers secure?

Yes, top password managers like the ones reviewed use robust encryption and zero-knowledge architecture to keep your passwords secured and private. The top services have undergone independent security audits as well. Your Master Password decrypts your vault locally so your passwords stay safe.

Q: What are the benefits of a password manager?

Password managers provide many security and convenience benefits including:

  • Securely storing an unlimited number of unique, complex passwords for you
  • Auto-filling passwords into sites, apps and forms so you don’t have to remember them
  • Generating strong random passwords for new accounts
  • Adding two-factor authentication (2FA) capabilities
  • Alerting you to password breaches or insecure passwords
  • Syncing passwords encrypted across all your devices

Q: Are browser password managers sufficient?

Built-in browser password managers like Chrome’s have limited capabilities compared to dedicated password managers. They only work within that browser, have fewer security mechanisms, weaker forms auto-fill, lack advanced features like shared passwords or emergency access, and are missing robust apps for mobile devices.

Q: Can password managers auto-fill sensitive info like credit cards?

Yes, top password managers allow you to securely store encrypted credit cards, financial accounts, identities, secure notes and documents in your vault, which can then be auto-filled where needed. Sensitive info is secured behind your Master Password and encryption just like your other passwords.

Q: How do I choose the best password manager?

Important criteria to evaluate when choosing a password manager include the security protocol, zero-knowledge privacy, platform support across devices/browsers, auto-fill capabilities, 2FA support, convenience features and pricing options. This review covers the top options across all those standards. Consider your priorities to pick the best fit.

Q: Is there really a difference between the top password managers?

While the top password managers all excel at core password security, there are differences across factors like specific encryption methods, platform support, unique convenience features, pricing models, customer support and ease of use. Review those factors in this guide to choose the password manager that aligns best to your needs and priorities.

Q: Can I share passwords securely with a password manager?

Yes, most of the top password managers provide convenient options for securely sharing certain passwords or access to your entire vault with trusted family members, partners or colleagues. This is safer than using weak shared passwords. You maintain ownership and can revoke access.

Q: Are open source password managers like Bitwarden secure?

Yes, open source password managers like Bitwarden have their code transparently reviewed by the security community and are considered highly secure. As a tradeoff, they may lack some proprietary convenience features or platform support of closed source options. But their core security is rock solid.

Q: Can I try password managers for free first?

Many of the best password managers offer free trials or limited free tiers so you can evaluate them firsthand before paying for premium features. For example, LastPass has an unlimited free option, while 1Password offers a 30 day free trial. Taking advantage of a free trial is recommended so you can test drive the password manager across your devices before committing.

Q: What if I forget the master password to my password manager?

This is why master password recovery options are important to consider. Some password managers like 1Password allow you to set up trusted emergency contacts or recovery methods in case you ever forget your master password. Others like LastPass have no recovery options – if you forget your master password your vault is inaccessible, so keep backups.

Q: Can I use a password manager across all my devices?

Yes, a benefit of the top password managers is offering native apps for all major platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux so you can securely access your encrypted vault from any device. Browser extensions also allow easy auto-fill. Syncing your vault across devices is seamless.

Q: How do password managers auto-fill logins?

When you first sign into a website or app using a password manager, it will offer to save that login to your vault. Later when you revisit, the password manager recognizes the site and asks if you want to auto-fill the login using the saved credentials. Biometric unlock on mobile makes this even more seamless.

Q: Should I pay for a password manager or rely on a free version?

Free password manager options are available, but paid versions offer additional features and conveniences that improve the experience. For most individual users, the annual subscription to a premium password manager like Dashlane or LastPass provides compelling value for the money to enhance both security and convenience.

Q: Can password managers fully protect me online?

While password managers are extremely helpful for managing passwords, certain other good security practices are still recommended such as installing antivirus software, using two-factor authentication when available, avoiding public WiFi for sensitive logins, keeping software updated, and being cautious of phishing emails or texts. Think defense-in-depth.

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