The 13 Best True Wireless Headphones for Sound and Convenience in 2023

True wireless headphones have come a long way in recent years. With advanced Bluetooth technology and improved battery life, they offer outstanding sound quality and wireless freedom without all the cords and wires of traditional headphones.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review the top true wireless headphone models on the market for superb sound, comfort and convenience. We’ve researched and tested the latest offerings from leading audio brands like Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, Apple and more.

Key Factors in Choosing the Best True Wireless Headphones

When selecting a pair of true wireless headphones, here are some of the most important factors to consider:

Sound Quality

This is likely the top priority for most buyers. How good does the audio sound during music, calls and other listening? Top models offer clear highs, punchy bass and a wide, balanced soundstage. Advanced codecs like aptX and AAC often deliver better quality.

Comfort and Fit

With no wires, true wireless headphones must feel comfortable when worn. A secure in-ear fit ensures the buds stay put. Look for multiple tip options and an ergonomic design customized to different ear shapes. Ideal for long listening sessions.

Battery Life

Early true wireless models struggled with short battery life. The best headphones today get 5-10 hours per charge, with an additional 15-30 hours from the compact charging case. Quick charging support is also useful.

Controls and Connectivity

Onboard controls for music, calls and volume are a must. Touch controls or physical buttons both work. Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable wireless connection up to 30+ feet from your device. Some models offer multipoint pairing.

Noise Isolation

For blocking ambient noise, active noise cancellation (ANC) is highly effective but costs more. Passive isolation from snug-fitting earbuds can also mute noise fairly well, especially with music playing. Important for travel and work environments.

Voice Calls

Headphones with built-in microphones make it easy to take calls hands-free. Call quality varies however, so look for models with beamforming, noise reduction and sidetone technologies for the best voice clarity on both ends of calls.

Water and Sweat Resistance

For active lifestyles, sweatproof and water-resistant construction ensures the headphones keep working during workouts and weather exposure. Ideal for sports, running and fitness activities.

Smart Features

Higher-end true wireless headphones add smart options like always-on voice assistants, customizable EQ, motion sensors for auto music pause, “hear-through” ambient sound modes and companion apps with extra features. Convenient but not essential.


True wireless prices range widely from under $100 to $250+. In general, you get what you pay for in terms of better sound, comfort, battery life and features as you go up in price. Our picks cover great options at all budget levels.

Now let’s dive into our picks for the top true wireless headphones across these categories and factors. We’ll summarize the standout strengths and tradeoffs of each model.

The 13 Best True Wireless Headphones for 2023

1. Sony WF-1000XM4

Best Overall

  • Superb sound quality with LDAC and active noise cancellation
  • 8 hour battery life, 24 extra hours with case
  • Excellent call quality with beamforming mics
  • Wireless charging case and multi-device pairing

Sony’s flagship WF-1000XM4 earbuds top many “best wireless earbuds” lists, and for good reason. They deliver elite noise-cancelling performance to block distractions. Sound quality is bright and well-balanced, with deep punchy bass. Battery life reaches a full 8 hours per charge. Call quality is remarkably clear in noisy environments. The Sony Headphones app unlocks EQ customization and access to 360 Reality Audio tracks. If you want the pinnacle of true wireless sound and features, the Sony WF-1000XM4 is hard to beat.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Best for Apple Users

  • Seamless connectivity and user experience for iPhone/iPad
  • Very good sound with adaptive EQ
  • Excellent noise cancellation and transparency mode
  • Sweat and water resistant design

Apple’s AirPods Pro bring the Apple magic to true wireless headphones. Setup and connectivity couldn’t be easier for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch users. The H1 chip enables hands-free “Hey Siri” access to Apple’s voice assistant. Active noise cancelling is very impressive for the size. Audio adapts to each user’s ear shape for richer sound. The pressure-relieving design offers a comfy fit. While expensive, AirPods Pro deliver a uniquely Apple user experience.

3. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Best Noise Cancellation

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation performance
  • Signature Bose sound with customizable EQ
  • Weather/sweat resistant for sports
  • Excellent for voice calls
  • Wireless charging case

With benchmark active noise cancellation leading the industry, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are perfect for blocking out the world. The tight earbud seal contributes to the ANC quality. Bose’s excellent sound delivers deep bass and clear treble. The Bose Music app provides adjustable EQ, Find My Buds and firmware updates. Battery life reaches 6 hours per charge. If noise cancellation is the top priority, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds deliver the quietest experience.

4. Beats Fit Pro

Best for Fitness

  • Secure comfortable fit for sports and workouts
  • Sweat and water resistant (IPX4 rated)
  • Punchy sound with adjustable EQ presets
  • Quick charging provides 1 hour of use from 5 minutes
  • Hands-free “Hey Siri” access

With sporty flexible ear wings for a customizable secure fit, the Beats Fit Pro excel for active lifestyles. The IPX4 rating makes them sweatproof and water resistant. Sound has powerful bass that energizes you during sports and exercise. The Apple H1 chip enables easy pairing with Apple devices and always-on Siri access. Battery life reaches 6 hours and quick charging is convenient. Active noise cancelling helps block gym background noise. Overall, the Beats Fit Pro are versatile wireless headphones tailored for fitness and activity.

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Best for Android Users

  • Streamlined connectivity for Android phones/tablets
  • Impressive sound with 24-bit audio support
  • Effective adjustable active noise cancellation
  • Wireless charging case with Bixby voice controls
  • Seamless switching between Galaxy devices

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are designed to maximize compatibility with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android. Initial pairing is fast and easy with these earbuds optimized for Galaxy devices. Sound quality takes advantage of high-resolution 24-bit audio for rich detailed sound. Active noise cancelling uses two microphones to block ambient sounds. Wireless charging, Bixby voice assistant access and a stylish compact design make the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro a seamless audio upgrade for Samsung users.

6. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3

Best Sound Quality

  • Audiophile-grade 7mm dynamic drivers
  • Customizable EQ sound in Smart Control app
  • Active noise cancellation with transparency mode
  • Wireless/USB-C charging case
  • 7 hour battery life per charge

Renowned German audio brand Sennheiser lives up to its reputation with the Momentum True Wireless 3. These exceptional sounding earbuds feature large 7mm dynamic drivers for lively, well-balanced audio. Bass has plenty of detail and punch. The Smart Control app provides a great EQ for customizing the sound signature. Noise cancelling is highly effective. With class-leading sound, premium materials and good battery life, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 appeal to discerning listeners.

7. Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Best Call Quality

  • Excellent call and voice quality for calls/meetings
  • Advanced noise filtering and sidetone technologies
  • Active noise cancellation up to 40db
  • Fun lively sound with punchy bass
  • IP57 rated for dust and water resistance

Jabra earbuds are prized for outstanding call and voice quality, and the Jabra Elite 7 Pro is no exception. Six microphones employ bone conduction sensors and advanced digital signal processing for remarkably clear call audio that removes background noise. Music listening is also enjoyable with bright vivid sound in a tiny ruggedized package. The Jabra Sound+ app provides EQ adjustment and noise cancellation options. For frequent voice calls, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro are easily our top pick.

8. JLab Go Air Pop

Best Budget Pick Under $50

  • Impressive well-balanced sound for the low price
  • Compact pocketable charging case with USB-C
  • Touch controls and EQ presets via app
  • IPX4 water resistant rating
  • 32 hour total battery life

As an affordable entry point to true wireless audio, the JLab Go Air Pop punch well above their weight. Sound over Bluetooth 5.0 or cabled connection exceeds expectations with crisp highs and punchy bass. The earbuds auto connect to paired devices. Onboard buttons control music and volume. An IPX4 rating makes them sweat resistant. Including the charging case, battery life reaches a whopping 32 hours total. At this bargain price, the JLab Go Air Pop are truly hard to beat.

9. 1More ComfoBuds Pro

Most Comfortable Fit

  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable ergonomic shape
  • Stable fit with proprietary QuietMax ANC technology
  • Crisp, balanced sound quality with EQ app
  • 25 hours total battery life (6 per charge)
  • Waterproof and sweatproof IPX5 rating

Living up to their name, the 1More ComfoBuds Pro feature a supremely comfortable contoured design that disappears completely when worn. At only 4.7 grams per bud, they are super lightweight and customizable with different sized tips. Active noise cancellation uses 1More’s QuietMax technology with multiple microphones to block noise effectively. Sound impresses with tight bass and nice clarity. Touch controls work reliably. For all around comfort, the 1More ComfoBuds Pro deliver.

10. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Best Value Pick Under $150

  • Impressive noise cancellation for the price
  • Customizable EQ in mobile app
  • Clear voice call quality with cVc 8.0 tech
  • Excellent 26 hour total battery life
  • Wireless and USB-C fast charging

Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro punches above its weight class for features and performance. Active noise cancellation uses two microphones to reduce ambient sound very well, rivaling more expensive models. The customized HearID system tailors the sound to your hearing. EQ adjustment and presets in the app allow audio customization. Battery life is excellent. For an awesome combination of great noise cancelling, sound and battery life at a wallet-friendly price, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro shine.

11. Jaybird Vista 2

Most Durable and Rugged

  • Extremely durable IP68 waterproof/dustproof rating
  • Secure comfortable fit for sports and exercise
  • Punchy energetic sound with EQ customization
  • Fast charging provides 1 hour from 5 minutes
  • 16 hours total battery life (8 per charge)

With a fully waterproof IP68 rating, the Jaybird Vista 2 can withstand dust, dirt, sweat and submersion without skipping a beat. The twist-to-fit earbuds stay securely in place for even intense workouts and activities. Jaybird’s signature punchy sound has customizable EQ in the easy-to-use app. Active noise cancellation filters lower frequencies like traffic and airplane rumble. For super rugged durability, the Jaybird Vista 2 are designed for action.

12. Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen

Best Smart Assistant Integration

  • Always-ready hands-free Alexa access
  • Active noise cancellation and passthrough audio
  • Wireless charging case with fast charging support
  • Good sound quality with dynamic EQ
  • Compact comfortable fit for all-day wear

Amazon’s second generation Echo Buds boast excellent integration with Alexa for convenient voice commands on the go. Say “Alexa” at any time to play music, set reminders, check information and more without touching your phone. Sound quality benefits from Amazon’s dynamic EQ technology. Active noise cancellation helps hush noisy environments. The wireless charging case provides up to 15 hours additional runtime. For True Wireless buds under $120 with full Alexa integration, the Echo Buds deliver helpful voice access.

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13. JBL Reflect Flow Pro

Most Versatile Fit

  • Unique flexible earfin and tip options
  • Powerful sound with adjustable EQ
  • Excellent noise cancellation and transparency
  • 30 hours total battery life (10 per charge)
  • IP68 rating for waterproof/dustproof durability

JBL’s Reflect Flow Pro stands out with six pairs of customizable eartips and secure-fit earfins to get the ideal sporty fit for every ear. Sound satisfies with solid bass impact and sculpted EQ adjustment in the app. Three mics actively cancel noise up to 40dB. Smart ambient allows hearing surroundings as needed. At 10 hours per charge, battery life is outstanding. With incredible personalization options, the Reflect Flow Pro can dial in the perfect fit and sound.

Frequently Asked Questions About True Wireless Headphones

What are the main benefits of true wireless headphones?

True wireless headphones offer complete freedom of movement without wires or cables limiting you. Their portable size makes them super convenient to use and carry anywhere. Sound quality has improved tremendously as the technology has advanced. Top models today rival traditional headphones.

How long does the battery last on true wireless headphones?

Early true wireless models struggled with battery life, but current versions last 5-10 hours per charge. Compact charging cases provide an additional 15-30 hours of power. So you can use models like the Sony WF-1000XM4 for 8 uninterrupted hours, then get 24 more hours from the charging case – extending usage to 32 hours.

What about taking calls with true wireless headphones?

Call quality used to be an issue on true wireless, but many current models now work exceptionally well for voice calls and video chats. Technologies like beamforming mics, noise reduction, bone conduction sensors and sidetone improve clarity by isolating your voice from background noise. Models like the Jabra Elite 7 Pro offer best-in-class call performance.

Is active noise cancellation worth it on true wireless earbuds?

It depends on your listening environment and noise sensitivity. Models with effective ANC (like Bose QuietComfort Earbuds) can nearly eliminate ambient noise, making them awesome for travel and work. Others rely on a tighter earbud seal to passively mute noise. ANC does add cost, but provides a major benefit for frequent use in noisy spaces.

How do I get the best sound quality from true wireless headphones?

A better Bluetooth codec like aptX, aptX HD or LDAC will get you higher fidelity sound, so look for models that support those standards. Also consider headphones with larger speaker drivers, customizable EQ presets in a companion app, and rich, high-resolution audio codec support.

Which headphones are best for sports and working out?

Look for true wireless models with an IP waterproof/sweatproof rating (ex. IPX4 or higher), secure over-ear hooks or wings, fins/tips for an active fit that stays put, and punchy sound to energize your workout. Jaybird, JBL, Beats and Jabra all make great options purpose-built for fitness.


True wireless headphones have evolved into a convenient audio solution that rivals traditional headphones for sound quality and features. With our picks spanning great options for sound, comfort, battery life, noise cancellation and smart features, you’re sure to find the ideal true wireless model to suit your listening lifestyle.

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