The Best Water Shoes for Safety and Traction Outdoors

Looking for the best water shoes to keep you safe and steady on your feet outdoors? With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to know which water shoe will provide the right combination of protection, traction, and comfort for your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed and compared the top water shoes to help you find the perfect pair. We examine key factors like materials, tread patterns, fit, and extra features. Whether you’re looking for water shoes to wear while hiking, fishing, beachcombing, or kayaking, we’ve got you covered.

How to Choose the Best Water Shoes

When shopping for the best water shoes, there are a few key factors to consider:


  • Neoprene – Provides stretchy comfort and quick drying. Not as protective or durable as rubber and mesh options.
  • Mesh panels – Allows for drainage and air circulation. Lightweight and quick drying. Less abrasion protection.
  • Rubber – Durable water protection. Toe guards protect against stubs. Can get hot.
  • EVA foam – Lightweight cushioning for comfort. Quick drying and waterproof. Less durable over time.


  • Lug patterns – Deep multidirectional lugs provide the best grip on wet, muddy, and slippery terrain.
  • Rubber compounds – Stickier rubber provides more traction than hard plastics.

Security and Fit

  • Heel straps – Prevent shoes from sliding off. Essential for active water use.
  • Adjustable closures – Laces, velcro, elastic cords allow custom, secure fit.
  • Toe protection – Guards shield toes from bumps. Important for trails and currents.
  • Draingage holes – Allows water flow out while keeping debris out. Quicker drying.
  • Compression liners – Integrated stretchy fabrics prevent chafing for active feet.

Extra Features

  • Arch support – Contoured footbeds or supportive midsoles provide comfort.
  • Barefoot feel – Flexible, minimalist styles allow natural foot motion.
  • Antimicrobial treatments – Help control odors and promote healthy feet.
  • Style – From sporty to sleek, choose your preferred aesthetic.

Now let’s dive into the top water shoe options in different categories to find your perfect pair!

The Best Water Shoes for Hiking and Outdoors

If you’ll be hitting the trails and tackling uneven terrain, sturdy water hiking shoes are a must for safety and traction.

Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve

Best Overall Hiking Water Shoe

Merrell water shoe hiking

With its rugged lug sole and secured fit, the Merrell All Out Blaze delivers stellar traction and protection for hiking wet trails and scrambling through streams.

Traction: Deep 5mm lugs with two types of rubber grip varied terrain.

Comfort: Compression lined Neoprene upper molds to the foot. Unlined forefoot for flexibility.

Security: Elastic laces and heel loop lock the foot in place over uneven terrain.

Protection: Toe guard. Underfoot rock plate. Anti-microbial treatment resists odors.

Dry Time: Mesh panels allow drainage and air flow. Medium dry time.

Cons: Runs small. Limited high-impact support for hardcore hiking.

Cost: $$$

If you want a sturdy hiking water shoe that can traverse the rockiest, most uneven trails, the Merrell All Out Blaze excels. It provides unmatched traction thanks to multidirectional lug patterns suited for wet or dry conditions. Unlined mesh allows drainage without sacrificing abrasion protection. With snug elastic lacing, it also stays firmly on your foot through rigorous activity. The Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve rises above other hiking options to deliver rugged traction and security on wet, uneven ground.

Salomon Techamphibian 4

Most Breathable Hiking Water Shoe

Salomon water hiking shoe

The Salomon Techamphibian 4 uses open mesh design to create their most breathable hiking water shoe.

Traction: Wet Traction Contragrip provides steady grip over wet terrain and trails.

Comfort: Mesh upper and lining promote air circulation and drainage. Lightweight.

Security: Lace locker and heel strap ensure stable fit during activity.

Protection: Toe guard. Anti-debris mesh keeps sediment out.

Dry Time: Fast thanks to open mesh design.

Cons: Less durable than solid hiking shoes. Minimal stability features.

Cost: $$

If you want maximum breathability for hiking on hot days, the Salomon Techamphibian 4 delivers. The full open mesh upper allows water flow out while rubber toe caps and heel straps keep your foot protected and locked in. While not as rugged as some hiking options, the featherlight feel and superior drainage make them a great pick for low to medium intensity water hiking.

Keen Clearwater CNX

Most Protective Hiking Water Shoe

Keen water sandal hiking

The Keen Clearwater CNX surrounds your foot with secure protection for clambering over rough wet terrain.

Traction: Multi-directional lug pattern grips slick surfaces.

Comfort: Compression molded EVA midsole. Padded collar.

Security: Bungee lacing. Rear pull tab. Screened eyelets shed debris.

Protection: Encased polyurethane upper. Rubber toe cap.

Dry Time: Enclosd design slows drainage.

Cons: Less ventilation. Heavier.

Cost: $$$

When you want full coverage protection from rocks and debris, the Keen Clearwater CNX is the best water hiking shoe. The sturdy rubber enclosure and toe guard provide a barrier against abrasion. Secure lacing and a heel loop prevent slippage when forging through mud and water. While not as lightweight or quick-drying as mesh designs, the Keen Clearwater CNX provides the most comprehensive protection.

The Best Water Shoes for Beach Use

Heading to the beach? Protect your feet on shoreline scrambles and ocean dips with these top rated water shoes built for beaches.

CIOR Quick Dry Slip On

Best Beach Walking Water Shoe

CIOR water shoes beach

The CIOR Quick Dry Slip On provides easy wear and breathability for beach walkers who don’t intend to fully submerge their shoes.

Traction: Unique sole pattern prevents slips on wet surfaces.

Comfort: Stretchy upper material allows easy on/off without rubbing. Breathable lining.

Security: Slip on style. Heel tab aids entry.

Protection: Reinforced toe guard protects from stubbing or scrapes.

Dry Time: Holes on bottom drain water out quickly. Fast dry fabric.

Cons: Minimal protection if fully submerged. Loose fit.

Cost: $

For casually strolling beaches and wading in the surf, the CIOR Quick Dry Slip On is a great affordable choice. The stretchy upper slides on easily while the anti-slip sole keeps you steady on wet sand. With quick drainage and a reinforced toe, they provide protection during light beach use. Those wanting a tighter secure fit or full water coverage may need a more heavy-duty option.

Speedo Surfwalker 3.0

Best Beach Water Shoes for Swimming

Speedo water shoes swim

The Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 gives you a barefoot feel during swimming while protecting feet from ocean debris.

Traction: Dot patterns improve grip on wet pool decks and beaches.

Comfort: Flexible sole allows natural foot motion. Four-way stretch upper.

Security: Pull tab aids in entry. Adaptive closure compresses upper.

Protection: Reinforced toe guard. All-around protection.

Dry Time: Mesh insets and quick-drying materials.

Cons: Thin sole not optimal for extended wear. Runs small.

Cost: $$

Those who want maximum mobility for swimming and beach play will love the Speedo Surfwalker 3.0. The flexible construction moves with your foot for comfortable barefoot feel while guarding from abrasion. Snug adaptive closures prevent slippage even while kicking vigorously. While thin and minimally lugged, the Surfwalker 3.0 excels for water play, making it one of the best beach water shoes.

Aleader Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

Most Lightweight Beach Water Shoes

Aleader water shoes beach

The Aleader Mesh Slip On uses lightweight open mesh design to create their most breathable beach walking and swimming shoe.

Traction: Multi-directional outsole pattern.

Comfort: Flexible and stretchy open mesh upper. Smooth interior lining.

Security: Slip on style. Pull tab at heel.

Protection: Reinforced toe guard.

Dry Time: Open mesh allows rapid drainage. Quick dry interior materials.

Cons: Minimal coverage for abrasion protection. Loose fit.

Cost: $

When lightweight comfort is your priority, the Aleader Mesh Slip On is one of the best beach water shoes. The full open mesh construction keeps them feathery light even when submerged, while providing ventilation when on shore. With smooth stretchy fabrics that move with your foot, they are comfortable for extended wear. Those wanting more coverage and a secure fit may want a more enclosed design.

The Best Water Shoes for Boating and Fishing

Heading out on the water for a day of boating or fishing? Protect your feet and prevent slips with these top rated fishing and boating water shoes.

Dreamcity Water Shoes

Most Versatile Fishing and Boating Shoe

Dreamcity water shoes

The Dreamcity Water Shoes strike the optimal balance of grip, protection, and drainage for versatile boating and fishing use.

Traction: Lugged multi-directional outsole for wet/dry surfaces.

Comfort: Light and flexible. Smooth fabrics don’t chafe.

Security: Slip on style with heel tab. Elastic cinch lacing can tighten around foot.

Protection: Reinforced toe guard. Enclosed upper for coverage.

Dry Time: Mesh drainage ports. Quick dry lining.

Cons: Not as breathable as full open mesh.

Cost: $$

Whether you’ll be scrambling on slippery docks or wading ashore to cast your line, the Dreamcity Water Shoe performs admirably. Just enough coverage and traction to handle activity while still rinsing debris easily. Secure enough for active fishing, while easy to slip on when running errands on the boat. For those wanting an amphibious boating and fishing shoe, the Dreamcity Water Shoes make an ideal choice.

Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Shoes

Best Open Mesh Boat/Fishing Shoe

Zhuanglin mesh water shoe

The Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Shoe uses open mesh design to create a featherlight feel and fast drainage ideal for boating and wading.

Traction: Hexagon shaped lug pattern provides grip on slick wet surfaces.

Comfort: Open mesh upper is cool, flexible, and quick drying. Smooth interior.

Security: Bungee laces cinch upper around foot snugly. Rear pull tab.

Protection: Reinforced toe bumper protects against frontal impact.

Dry Time: Full open mesh rids water quickly. Fast drying interior lining.

Cons: Minimal abrasion protection with open design.

Cost: $

Those who prioritize ventilation and quick drainage will appreciate the Zhuanglin open mesh aqua shoe. The lack of extensive materials means they shed water incredibly fast, keeping your feet cool while fishing or when hopping in and out of the boat. A rubber toe guard protects from bumps. While less coverage than closed models, the Zhuanglin excels at fast drying performance.

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Simari Quick Drying Water Shoes

Most Protective Fishing and Boating Shoe

Simari protective water shoe

The Simari Quick Drying Water Shoe provides the most complete coverage and protection for active fishing and boating.

Traction: Anti-slip rubber sole with deep lugs.

Comfort: Soft stretchable fabric lining. Lightweight feel.

Security: Slip on design with heel pull tab. Drawstring for snug fit.

Protection: Enclosed upper. Rubber toe cap. Anti-collision insole.

Dry Time: Drainage holes help shed water quickly.

Cons: Less ventilation than open mesh.

Cost: $$

If you want rugged protection from barnacles, slippery decks, and occasional underwater bumps, the Simari Quick Dry protects. The durable rubber upper shields from abrasion while anti-collision insoles absorb impact. Deep lug traction prevents slips even on wet angled surfaces. With its snug secure fit, the Simari is ideal for active fishing, diving, and boating that exposes feet to risky terrain.

Water Shoe FAQs

Still have some questions about finding and using water shoes? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are water shoes really necessary?

Water shoes provide traction, protection, and drainage that regular shoes or sandals lack. On slippery docks, rocky shores, uneven trails, and other wet terrain, water shoes greatly reduce your risk of slips, stubbed toes, and abrasion. Even on boat decks, their grip and quick drying abilities make them a safer choice than flip flops or casual sneakers. For moderate to high intensity water activities, water shoes qualify as an essential gear investment.

How should water shoes fit?

Water shoes need a snug fit, especially at the heel and instep, to prevent them from sliding off during water immersion. At the same time, they shouldn’t pinch your toes or feel constricting.

Many water shoes include features like stretchy fabrics, cinch laces, or adjustable closures to customize a secure fit. When trying on water shoes, test their grip when wet before deciding. Breaking them in sockless can also help them form to your feet. Select the right water shoe size and use adjuster features to fine tune fit for optimal performance and comfort.

Can I machine wash water shoes?

Most water shoes can be machine washed, but check the brand’s instructions. Use cold water and a mild detergent. Remove the footbed insoles first if possible. Some shoes must be air dried instead of machine dried to prevent damage to certain materials.

To help limit smells after use, rinse shoes in clean water before drying. Let them air dry fully before storage. Inserting antibacterial shoe powder or spray can also help prevent odors in water shoes used for activities like kayaking or fishing.

Are water socks or swim shoes better?

Water socks made of thin spandex offer minimal insulation and traction. They’re intended mainly for pool activities. Swim shoes have sturdier soles and closures for swimming laps in lakes or oceans where footing is required.

True water shoes have thicker soles with grip, reinforced protection, and drainage features tailored for active water sports (hiking, boating etc.). Water socks and swim shoes lack these key performance features found on purpose-built water shoes. So opt for water shoes if you want footwear optimized for traction and security in wet conditions.

Can I use water shoes for exercise classes?

Yes! The cushioning, support, and grip of water shoes makes them ideal for exercise classes with wet elements, like aqua aerobics. For hot yoga, pilates, barre, or general cross-training, their breathable materials and flexible fit also performs better than soggy socks or stiff gym shoes.

Just avoid heavy hiking or rugged water shoes for indoor studio classes. Opt for a lightweight mesh or knit water shoe that moves easily with your foot when exercising. Consider antimicrobial treatments to help minimize odors in sweaty workout shoes.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Water Shoes

Finding the right water shoes lets you traverse slippery docks, scramble over shoreline rocks, and hike soggy trails with surefooted confidence. Keep feet protected and terrain sure with the best water shoes for your needs. We hope this guide leads you to a pair that excels for your adventures!

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