The Farmer’s Dog Review – Fresh Dog Food Delivered to Your Door Worth It?

The Farmer’s Dog is a popular fresh dog food delivery service that ships pre-portioned, custom meals directly to dog owners’ doors. But is it worth the premium price?

This comprehensive Farmer’s Dog review will examine how it works, pricing, ingredients, and recipes to help you decide if fresh dog food delivery is right for your pup.

How The Farmer’s Dog Works

The Farmer’s Dog requires customers to first take a quiz about their dog to determine optimal nutrients and calories for their custom dog food plan.

Questions include breed, weight, age, activity level, sensitivities, and more. This allows The Farmer’s Dog algorithm to design a personalized dog food plan tailored to your dog’s needs.

Customized Meal Plans

After the quiz, The Farmer’s Dog creates a customized meal plan for your dog’s diet. This includes:

  • Personalized calorie amounts based on your dog’s unique needs
  • Pre-portioned meals for convenience
  • Shipping straight to your door on an ongoing subscription

They offer four recipe options to suit different dogs:

  • Beef & Pork: Best for healthy dogs
  • Turkey & Pork: Best for sensitive stomachs
  • Chicken & Beef: Best for picky eaters
  • Pork & Beef: Best for dogs with food sensitivities

You can further customize protein levels and extras like supplements or meal topper additions.

Pre-Portioned Delivery

The Farmer’s Dog pre-portions all meals in personalized packaging with your dog’s name and delivery date.

Food arrives frozen in small trays with the exact amount for your dog’s special calorie needs. This takes out the guesswork of portion sizes.

Boxes ship out on a regular weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule. Food easily stores in the freezer until ready to thaw and serve.

Unboxing The Farmer’s Dog Order

Your Farmer’s Dog box will arrive packed with dry ice to keep food frozen. Inside will be neat personalized packages filled with your dog’s customized diet plan.

What’s Included

  • Precise daily meal portions
  • Biodegradable or recyclable trays
  • Feeding guide card with dates and meal plans
  • Optional food toppers or supplements
  • Plastic scoop for serving

The trays are labeled with ingredient lists and cooking instructions. Thaw each meal in the fridge overnight before feeding.

Rating The Farmer’s Dog Ingredients

The Farmer’s Dog uses human-grade ingredients ethically sourced from independent farmers and ranchers in the United States. But how do the ingredients stack up?

Whole Food Ingredients

All recipes stick to whole food ingredients:

  • Responsibly raised protein sources like beef, pork, turkey, chicken
  • Fresh vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach
  • Whole grains such as brown rice and barley
  • Healthy fats like canola oil and sunflower oil

There are no rendered meats, artificial preservatives, or fillers that provide no nutritional value.


The Farmer’s Dog meets USDA standards for human consumption:

  • Sourced from human food providers
  • Prepared in human-grade facilities
  • Free of additives like artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Stringent food safety protocols

So it’s safe for dogs to eat and nutritionally complete.

Veterinary Developed

The Farmer’s Dog recipes follow WSAVA nutritional standards, developed by veterinary nutritionists to give dogs everything they need to thrive.

This includes precise macronutrient ratios backed by research:

  • 35% protein from animal sources
  • 50% complex carbs and fiber
  • 15% fruits and vegetables

Recipes provide optimal nutrition without excess.

Ingredients Rating: 5/5

The Farmer’s Dog uses the highest quality whole food ingredients to create nutritionally complete, human-grade meals for dogs.

Comparing The Farmer’s Dog Dog Food Recipes

The Farmer’s Dog offers four main recipes to meet different needs. Here’s how the recipes compare:

Beef & Pork

  • Proteins: Beef, pork
  • Best For: Healthy dogs
  • Benefits: Lean red meats provide iron, zinc, vitamins B6/B12 for energy. Pork adds flavor.
  • Price Per Day: $5.49 – $9.49

Turkey & Pork

  • Proteins: Turkey, pork
  • Best For: Sensitive stomachs
  • Benefits: Lower-fat turkey and easily digestible pork.
  • Price Per Day: $5.49 – $10.49

Chicken & Beef

  • Proteins: Chicken, beef
  • Best For: Picky eaters
  • Benefits: Mild chicken and savory beef entice picky pups.
  • Price Per Day: $5.49 – $9.49

Pork & Beef

  • Proteins: Beef, pork
  • Best For: Food sensitivities
  • Benefits: Limited ingredient recipe. Single protein recipes also available.
  • Price Per Day: $5.49 – $9.49

All recipes are nutritionally complete with added vitamins and minerals. Choose based on your dog’s needs and preferences.

Average Cost of The Farmer’s Dog Food Per Month

How much does The Farmer’s Dog cost compared to other dog food delivery brands? Here are the monthly costs:

Small Dogs (5-15 lbs)

  • 2 meals/day: $115-$155 per month
  • 1 meal/day: $85-$100 per month

Medium Dogs (15-50 lbs)

  • 2 meals/day: $185-$250 per month
  • 1 meal/day: $90-$125 per month

Large Dogs (50-90 lbs)

  • 2 meals/day: $225-$310 per month
  • 1 meal/day: $110-$155 per month

Average Monthly Cost: $100-$250

Pricing depends on your dog’s weight, personalized calorie needs, meal frequency, and any additions like broth concentrates or probiotic sprinkles.

The Farmer’s Dog costs more than traditional kibble, but offers fresh human-grade meals customized to your dog.

How The Farmer’s Dog Compares to Other Brands

Here’s a comparison of how The Farmer’s Dog stacks up to competitors:

BrandTypeCustomizationPrice Per Month
The Farmer’s DogFreshFully personalized$100-$250
NomNomNowFreshLimited recipes$90-$170
OllieFreshSomewhat personalized$95-$185
PetPlateFreshPre-set options$60-$140

Key Differences

  • Only The Farmer’s Dog fully personalizes recipes based on a dog’s unique nutritional needs.
  • The Farmer’s Dog has a wider range of customization like protein levels and supplements.
  • Average monthly pricing is similar across top fresh dog food brands.
  • The Farmer’s Dog uses human-grade kitchens to prepare recipes.

For complete personalized fresh meals, The Farmer’s Dog is a top choice. But other brands can also be a good option depending on your priorities.

The Farmer’s Dog Review: Pros & Cons Breakdown

Here is a full overview of The Farmer’s Dog’s advantages and disadvantages:

– Fully customized meals for your dog’s needs– More expensive than kibble
– Human-grade ingredients– Must store in freezer
– Vet-developed recipes– Auto-ship required
– Pre-portioned meals– Limited protein options
– Delivered frozen to your door– Need to wash trays
– Improved digestion/energy in dogs

Key Takeaways

  • Customization to your dog’s needs is The Farmer’s Dog’s biggest advantage.
  • The higher price tag pays for fresh, high-quality ingredients and nutrition.
  • Convenience of auto-shipped pre-portioned meals adds value for busy owners.
  • Limited proteins and freezer storage require some compromise.

For dogs that benefit from customized fresh food, the pros seem to outweigh the cons.

The Farmer’s Dog Alternatives

Here are a few alternative brands to consider if The Farmer’s Dog isn’t a perfect fit:


  • Offers pre-made fresh meals for delivery
  • Choose from a few recipe options
  • Starts around $90 per month


  • Customized with some recipe flexibility
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Starts around $95 per month


  • Choose from pre-made fresh meal options
  • More budget-friendly
  • Starts around $60 per month

DIY Homemade

  • Make your own fresh dog food
  • Fully customized ingredients
  • More time/effort

Do some comparison shopping to find your best fresh dog food fit!

FAQs About The Farmer’s Dog Food Delivery

Still have some questions about fresh direct-to-consumer dog food and The Farmer’s Dog? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Is The Farmer’s Dog worth the high price?

The Farmer’s Dog costs significantly more than mass-market kibble, but you’re paying for ultra-fresh human-grade ingredients tailored to your dog’s needs. For many dog owners, the benefits are well worth the premium price.

Is it safe to feed dogs fresh/raw dog food?

Yes, The Farmer’s Dog meals are perfectly safe due to strict food handling protocols. Raw food has natural enzymes and proteins not damaged by cooking. Just be sure to thaw in fridge to avoid any bacteria growth.

How long does The Farmer’s Dog food last in the fridge?

Once thawed, The Farmer’s Dog food trays last 4-7 days in the fridge. Discard any uneaten portions instead of re-freezing to avoid spoilage.

What are the shipping costs for The Farmer’s Dog?

Shipping is free! The Farmer’s Dog offers free delivery anywhere in the contiguous U.S. with auto-ship subscriptions. There are extra shipping fees for Alaska and Hawaii.

Can I customize recipes if my dog has allergies?

Yes, you can fully customize protein sources and remove problematic ingredients like chicken, grains, eggs or specific veggies. Limited ingredient recipes are available too. Just note it on the questionnaire.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

The Farmer’s Dog offers a full money-back guarantee. If your dog doesn’t love the food, you can get a full refund on unused boxes. Reach out to their customer service team.

Should You Try The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog offers an excellent solution for owners seeking customized fresh meals delivered to their door. The superior ingredients and nutrition focus make it a great choice for many dogs.

However, the high cost and frozen format won’t work for everyone’s budget and lifestyle. Be sure to fully consider your dog’s needs, your preferences, and your financial situation to decide if it’s right for you.

If the pros outweigh the cons, give The Farmer’s Dog a try! But also test out some alternatives to find your perfect fit. With so many options now available, you can feel good knowing your dog enjoys nutritious food tailored just for them.

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