The Top 10 Best Places to Buy Quality Home and Office Furniture in 2023

Furnishing your home or office with high-quality, stylish pieces can really tie a space together and create an inviting atmosphere. However, finding reputable retailers that offer durable, well-made furniture at reasonable prices can be a challenge.

After extensive research comparing reviews, selection, quality, pricing, and buying experience, we’ve compiled this definitive list of the 10 best places to buy home and office furniture in 2023. Whether you’re furnishing an entire house or just looking to update a few key pieces, these retailers offer exceptional value and an enjoyable shopping experience.

Overview of the Best Home and Office Furniture Retailers

Here is a high-level overview of our top 10 recommended furniture stores:

| Store | Description |
| IKEA | Global furniture giant with modern style at low prices |
| Crate & Barrel | Mid-priced contemporary furniture and home decor |
| West Elm | Trendy, urban-inspired furniture and home decor |
| Pottery Barn | Classic, upscale furniture and home decor |
| Room & Board | High-quality modern furniture made in the USA |
| Joybird | Customizable mid-century modern styles |
| Article | Direct-to-consumer modern furniture at lower prices |
| Burrow | Trendy, modular sofas and furniture |
| Design Within Reach | High-end modern furniture from iconic designers |
| Herman Miller | Innovative, ergonomic office furniture |

Below we dive into detailed reviews of each furniture store including their product selection, quality, prices, and overall buying experience. Let’s start with the popular Swedish furnishing giant.


Overview: IKEA is likely the most well-known home furnishings retailer, offering a vast selection of furniture, kitchenware, decor, and more at affordable prices. The company is known for its modular, ready-to-assemble furniture in contemporary, minimalist styles.

Product Selection: IKEA has an enormous catalog of over 12,000 products including living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, outdoor, lighting, rugs, decor and more. Style is generally simple, modern, and minimalist. Their most popular products include Bookshelves (BILLY, KALLAX), desks (MICKE, MALM), dressers (MALM, HEMNES), kitchen cabinets (SEKTION, PAX), and their Poäng armchair.

Quality: IKEA uses cost-focused manufacturing, meaning their furniture won’t last generations, but is decent for the price. Simple construction with fiberboard is prone to some durability issues. Yet the company does rigorously test products for safety and functionality.

Prices: Extremely affordable, especially for the contemporary styles. Dressers start under $100, bookcases under $40, desks around $80, and sofas under $400. IKEA also regularly runs promotions and sales.

Buying Experience: The massive warehouse-like stores display everything, allowing you to test and visualize pieces. But the self-service model also means you’ll need to pick up and haul large items yourself. Online ordering with delivery is available in some areas.

Bottom Line: IKEA is ideal for affordable, temporary furniture and reliably stocks everything you need for an entire home. Just don’t expect heirloom quality.

Crate & Barrel

Overview: Crate and Barrel offers mid-priced contemporary furniture and home decor with clean, minimalist styling. Great for outfitting an entire home.

Product Selection: Crate and Barrel carries living room, bedroom, dining, office, outdoor, kitchen, lighting, rugs, and home decor. Popular picks include upholstered sofas, modern metal frame beds like the Como, clean-lined CHARYN dining table, and trendy cooking tools and glassware.

Quality: Furniture is decently made with attention to detail and on-trend looks, though not at the highest end. Upholstered pieces have resilient foam and frames. Storage pieces tend towards fiberboard. Many glowing reviews of quality and durability.

Prices: Mid-tier pricing starting around $800 for sofas, $200 for chairs, $1200 for beds, $300 for dressers. Sales run frequently both online and in-stores.

Buying Experience: The stores showcase everything in styled room settings, making it easy to find complete looks. Online ordering with delivery and in-store pickup are available. Helpful sales associates can pull additional options.

Bottom Line: Crate and Barrel is a great one-stop source for contemporary furniture and home decor at reasonable prices. The quality stands up better than lower-priced options.

West Elm

Overview: West Elm focuses on urban, modern styles paired with handcrafted details and textural elements. Great for stylish, trendy living spaces.

Product Selection: Furniture, lighting, rugs, decor, and more for living room, bedroom, dining, office, and outdoor spaces. Mixes mid-century, industrial, and Scandinavian influences. Best selling picks include the Peggy Sofa, Orb dining chair, and Mid-Century bed frame.

Quality: Made to keep up with trends rather than become heirlooms, but West Elm still uses better materials like solid wood veneers, durable upholstery, and brushed metals. Most items get good longevity reviews.

Prices: $1000+ for sofas, $250+ for chairs, $800+ for beds, reflecting the strong style focus. Regular promos like 15% off can help counterbalance the higher costs.

Buying Experience: West Elm stores have vignette displays with design inspiration. Online and in-store purchasing are seamless, with free shipping and returns. Styled room ideas provide direction.

Bottom Line: The go-to for well-made, contemporary furniture from committed designers. The higher prices reflect the on-trend designs and thorough product development.

Pottery Barn

Overview: Pottery Barn is renowned for its classic, timeless furniture crafted from solid wood. Ideal for traditional styling.

Product Selection: Living, dining, bedroom, office, outdoor, decor, and more. Staples include the Benchwright dining table, Shelter Queen sleigh bed, Chatham sofa, and Cumberland line for offices. Vintage inspired.

Quality: Known for exceptional craftsmanship and durability thanks to techniques like dovetail joinery and kiln-dried wood. Natural materials age beautifully over decades of use. Manufactured in the USA, Mexico and Asia.

Prices: Rs.40,000 – Rs.1,00,000 for sofas, Rs.25,000 – Rs.60,000 for dining sets reflects the focus on masterful construction over savings. Regular sales and outlet deals can offer major discounts.

Buying Experience: Warm, welcoming stores have vignettes styled as cohesive rooms. Online ordering is seamless and you can order fabric swatches. In-home design services available.

Bottom Line: Pottery Barn is the premier destination for timelessly styled, heirloom quality furniture made from natural materials by master artisans.

Room & Board

Overview: Room & Board focuses on beautifully crafted, minimalist designs made from sustainable American wood. Great for modern, natural style.

Product Selection: Modern sofas, sectionals, chairs, tables, storage, and desks made from solid wood. Clean lines and neutral tones. Known for quality sofa beds and office chairs too. Made in the USA.

Quality: Obsessed with quality craftsmanship from local woodworkers, like using joined and glued hardwoods for durability. Products are meant to weather beautifully for generations.

Prices: $1700+ for sofas, $400+ for chairs reflects American production with natural materials. But sales can drop prices significantly.

Buying Experience: Hands-on shopping experience where you can relax on sofas and test chairs. Online ordering with fast free shipping. Optional in-home design consultation.

Bottom Line: For those wanting top-notch, minimalist modern furniture handcrafted locally from sustainable wood, Room & Board delivers exceptional quality.


Overview: Joybird sells custom-made midcentury-modern style furniture online. Great option for personalized pieces.

Product Selection: Sofas, sectionals, chairs, tables, storage, and office furniture drawing inspiration from mid-century designers like Eames. Over 200 fabrics and wood stains available to choose from. Made in the USA.

Quality: Bespoke production with hardwood frames, premium upholstery, and handcrafted details yield heirloom quality. Customization allows you to tailor both fit and style.

Prices: $1000+ for sofas, $500+ for chairs given the custom-made nature. But you get to select exactly what you want.

Buying Experience: Browse online or in showrooms to test out designs. Then fully customize dimensions, upholstery, wood stain, and more. Ships quickly.

Bottom Line: The unparalleled ability to tailor fit and style makes Joybird the best for midcentury furniture perfectly designed for your space.


Overview: Article offers design-savvy furniture at accessible prices through online-only sales. Their own designers create pieces.

Product Selection: Modern, fashionable furnishings for living, dining, bedroom, and office. Recent releases include the Timber charme tan sofa and Scout adjustable swivel desk chair. Limited selection but fast-changing.

Quality: Thoughtfully engineered for both visual appeal and sturdiness, like moisture-resistant Amy sectional. Materials like powder-coated steel stands up over time.

Prices: $600+ for sofas, $150+ for chairs. Direct-to-consumer model cuts costs, and sales run frequently.

Buying Experience: Browse online only. Free shipping on orders $999+. Easy returns within 30 days. Sets arrive boxed with simple assembly required.

Bottom Line: The combination of good value, quickly evolving selection, and fuss-free purchasing makes Article a standout for inexpensive contemporary furniture.


Overview: Burrow focuses on high quality, modular sofas and seating shipped directly to you in easy-to-assemble boxes. Their customizable options stands out.

Product Selection: Sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, and couches with modern and mid-century aesthetics. Available in various configurations, fabric options, and sizes including small space designs. Ships fast.

Quality: Durable hardwood frames and stain-resistant, scratch-resistant fabrics hold up well. Modular pieces connect firmly. Responsive customer service. 10 year warranty on sofas.

Prices: $700+ for sofas. But the modular approach allows you to customize both size and cost. Frequent sales drop prices further.

Buying Experience: Completely online. Select fabrics, dimensions, and configurations on the website for made-to-order. Ships in 1-3 weeks. Easy assembly and returns.

Bottom Line: For well-crafted modular sofas available in unlimited configurations and quick shipping, Burrow is the best custom furniture option online.

Design Within Reach

Overview: Design Within Reach exclusively sells iconic modern furniture from renowned designers like Eames, Saarinen, and Noguchi.

Product Selection: The most famous midcentury and contemporary designs on the market. Includes chairs, sofas, tables, lighting, and accessories from designers like Herman Miller, Knoll, and Vitra. Select iconic pieces.

Quality: As the originals made under license from the designers, the furnishings are held to the highest standard of craftsmanship and materials. Built to last generations.

Prices: $2000+ for chairs, $6000+ for sofas and tables reflects these investment pieces. But viewed as artwork for the home.

Buying Experience: Browse expertly curated collections online and in showrooms. White glove delivery and assembly services available.

Bottom Line: For authentic, iconic modern furniture from the most renowned designers that will become an heirloom, Design Within Reach offers the premier selection.

Herman Miller

Overview: Herman Miller pioneered ergonomic office furniture and still leads the industry in comfortable, adjustable, and environmentally friendly designs.

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Product Selection: Office chairs, desks, filing and storage, tables, and accessories. Flagship products include the Embody chair, Aeron chair, and Lino office line. Good variety of materials.

Quality: Unsurpassed quality testing and engineering ensures ultimate comfort and back support. Market leading 12 year warranty. Cradle to Cradle certified eco-friendly materials. Made in the USA.

Prices: $1000+ for chairs, $2000+ for desks reflects extensive R&D and domestic production. But chairs can improve productivity and health.

Buying Experience: Online purchasing available, but try showrooms to experience adjustments firsthand. Quick delivery and easy assembly. Returns accepted within 30 days.

Bottom Line: For the widest selection of ergonomic office furniture engineered to help you feel your best while working, Herman Miller sets the standard for comfort, customization, and sustainability.

What To Look For When Buying Furniture

Keep the following criteria in mind as you shop for home and office furniture to ensure you select pieces that meet your needs and suit your space:

  • Quality Materials: Hardwoods like oak and maple resist wear best. Metal alloys and natural fiber textiles also last. Inspect joinery.
  • Comfort: Test chairs and sofas. Cushioning and proportions should properly support without pressing or pinching. Adjustable features help.
  • Scale: Measure furniture dimensions against your room’s space. Allow for easy passage around pieces.
  • Style: Choose aesthetics that align with your decor. Remember stylish options like modular sofas work in more settings.
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget and only look at pieces in your range. Always wait for sales on higher-priced items.
  • Assembly: Determine if you can handle simple assembly or need white glove delivery. Built-ins often require professional installation.
  • Warranty: Review warranty terms, especially for moving parts like chair casters or power mechanisms prone to wear.
  • Return Policy: Most retailers now allow returns within 30 days, but always verify before purchasing.

By carefully evaluating furniture retailers against these criteria, you can select the one best aligned with your budget, style, and needs to create a living space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Furniture Buying FAQs

Still have some questions about selecting the ideal furniture for your home or office? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Should I buy furniture online or in store?

Buying furniture in store allows you to see, touch, and test pieces before purchasing. However, shopping online can grant access to more selection that’s easy to browse. Try testing products in store then ordering discounted online.

How much should I spend on furniture?

This hugely depends on your budget and existing decor. High-end pieces from iconic designers can be over $10,000. But you can also furnish an entire room quite well for under $2,000 total from budget retailers like IKEA. Set realistic expectations.

What is the most comfortable couch?

For the coziest couch, you want a deep seat with plush cushions, comfortable armrests, and supportive backing. Look for cushions made from high-density foam and frames from kiln-dried hardwoods. Testing out couches extensively before buying is recommended.

How do I choose a mattress?

The right mattress depends on your sleeping style and firmness preference. Side sleepers need softer cushioning for shoulders and hips while back sleepers require medium-firm options. Try out mattresses in your typical sleeping position for at least 10-15 minutes before choosing.

Where can I find used office furniture?

Check office liquidators, used office furniture stores, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Decorplanner. Evaluate condition carefully before buying. Refurbished office furniture from reputable dealers can also be a budget-friendly option.

What should I look for when buying a desk?

Look for a desk with adequate workspace and storage for your needs. Check that dimensions fit your space. Test drawers, doors, and keyboard trays. Ensure the desk is a comfortable height for you. And select durable, high-quality materials and construction that will withstand daily use.

Key Takeaways: Choosing the Best Furniture Stores

  • Evaluate retailers on selection, price, quality, and buying experience to find the right furniture for your needs.
  • Try before your buy when possible by testing products in store.
  • Measure carefully to ensure furniture suits your space.
  • Select durable hardwoods, metals, and upholstery for long-term use.
  • Compare warranties, returns, and shipping when buying online.
  • Wait for sales and promos to get the best deals from any retailer.

With the right furniture from reputable retailers, you can stylishly furnish your home or office for productivity and enjoyment. Follow our tips to find quality pieces tailored for your space and budget needs.

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